Sewing Tutorial: Felt Holly Berries

Someone said: “it is not Christmas without Holly Berries”. I couldn’t agree more, it is one of the traditional symbols representing Christmas, how can I miss it out on this?

This year I made my own Holly Berries as I am not going to use any plastic holly leaves and fake-looking berries to ruin my Christmas decorations. I am using felt to make the leaves and combining it with artificial, but real-looking berries I found in a florist shop. This particular holly berries is for a wreath that I am giving away to my friend. It is not only limited to wreaths, you can make these berries to decorate your Christmas Tree, Stocking, on the wall or just anywhere you like.

Stocking sounds like a good idea to me as I am going to make them for my kids, so I might decorate them with these holly berries as well… Will show you the stockings later once they are done. Let’s come back on how to make this Felt Holly Berries.

1. Green and White felt
2. Artificial red berries
3. Fabric Glue
4. Sewing thread and needle
5. Some ribbons
6. Scissor
optional (only if you want to glitter the leaves)
7. Green glitter powder
8. Sharp end tooth pick
9. Tea spoon
Cut the green felt with holly leave’s shape of your style, 2 pieces. Apply fabric glue at the border.

Holly-Berry-WIP2Attach the green felt to the white felt. Reserve at least 10mm of space in between them. Wait 5-10 minutes until it is tacky and the joint won’t shift.
Cut them out from the white felt with 5mm border.
Pinch one of the ends and sew it with thread and needle.
Do the same to other leaves.

Holly-Berry-WIP3Sew both pinched sides together. Sew in the artificial berries just like the photo.
If the joint is not stable. Put a few drops of glue behind the joint, leave it to dry.

Holly-Berry-WIP4Tie a ribbon and attach on it. The basic holly berries is done!
….You can also add some glitters on the leaves….

Holly-Berry-WIP5Prepare and get ready the optional material and the holly leaves before sewing it.

Holly-Berry-WIP6Carefully drip a few small drops of fabric glue onto the leaves where you want to glitter it.
Use the tooth pick to smooth out the glue evenly to create the pattern.

Holly-Berry-WIP7Sprinkle green glitter powder onto the glue area.

Holly-Berry-WIP8Use your spoon or finger to spread it if it doesn’t cover up nicely. Press a little so that the glitter powder sticks better.

Holly-Berry-WIP9Shake off the excessive glitter powder away.
Turn it to the wrong side and lightly knock it with your finger for the stubborn glitter powder to come out.
Use a tooth pick to brush them out if necessary.

Holly-Berry-WIP10All the none glue area should be clean with no glitter powder left.
Follow the sewing instruction above to continue with the making.

Voila!!! Holly Berries!!!

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  1. You’re absolutely correct! Your own creation of berries looks very outstanding!

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