Kanzashi Christmas Tree

Kanzashi Christmas Tree

Congratulation to the 3 winners who’ve won the Green, Red and White trees during the Kanzashi Christmas Tree Giveaway Draw recently!!! For those who didn’t win or have missed the boat, please don’t be disappointed, here is the tutorial with the complete step-by-step photos and videos to guide you all the way to make the Kanzashi Christmas Tree!!!

fabric christmas tree

Though it looks tedious but if you get your hands on it, it is pretty simple!!! Try it out!!!!

The Kanzashi Christmas Tree is made from 2 types of Kanzashi fold (or TsuNami) petals, round tip and pointy tip. Watch these 2 petals making videos which I made to show you how to fold it. Perhaps you need to practice first before you can get a perfect fold for a start. Trust me, it is not as difficult as you may anticipate 🙂

pretty red christmas tree

white kanzashi christmas tree

kanzashi christmas tree


{CLICK HERE to get the Kanzashi Christmas Tree Tutorial.}

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  1. Oh man Joanne after looking at the tudorial on making the leaves it is very tedius work. You are absolutely amazing. I would show you mine but we will wait until I perfect which will probably be never! lol

  2. thanks SO MUCH for the tutes.

  3. I’m so happy I won! They are so beautiful and I wouldn’t have the patience to make one myself! I’m jealous of what you can do! It’s fantastic!

  4. Thanks so much for sharing this I really love it. xx

  5. I absolutely LOVE these trees! They are fabulous. Thanks so much for sharing and for the tutorial. I think I’ll try to make one because I just have to have it!! Beautiful job!

  6. :O wow! This is awesome! I would love to try it but just too lazy…. hahaha…. your tutorial is great!

  7. Wow! This is such a comprehensive tutorial post! You must have put a lot of efforts to complete it. Well done and keep up the good job!

  8. I love them. They are so cute.

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  10. I love this.Thanks for sharing.

  11. Wow, you’re dedicated! I think I would get frustrated folding the fabric alone! 😛

  12. Hola: Buscaba la tecnica para hacer flores y me mandaron para aca. Estoy gratamente sorprendida. Precioso el arbolito me encanto. Solo que ahora tengo que ir a You tube para ver como se hacen los petalos.
    Muchas gracias.

    Translation (by Goolge):
    Hello: I was looking for the technique to make flowers and they sent me here. I am pleasantly surprised. Lovely little tree charm me. Only now I have to go to You tube to see how the petals are made.
    Thank you very much.

  13. Great tree!!!! I will be trying it. I would love a picture of how to make the petals? But I will still try to do them!!!!!!!!!

    Still a GREAT TREE!!!!!!!


  14. This is truly beautiful! Wonderful job and I would love to try it. What type of fabric is best please?

  15. Thanks for sharing this. I love Kanzashi’s flower and now I love this precious Chritmas Tree.

    God bless you for this!

    Catherine from Dominican Republic

  16. Beautiful ! I wanna do this. What is it made a base? This is ordinary tissue paper/paper ribbon or what ? Please comment, because I love it and I can’t wait to making this.
    Sorry for mistakes, I’m from Poland and it’s Google translation 😉

    • Do you mean the base of the pot? I don’t quite get your question, sorry!

      • I don’t mean circle base/tube. I wanna know what is it on this pot. What for small cable tie ? Did you wrap in paper ribbon on the base ? Sorry, but I don’t know how to explain it.

        • Yes, it is paper ribbon which you can find that most florists like to use.
          The cable tie is to stop the cone from coming down to the pot.
          No paper ribbon on the base but you can cut a felt circle and glue it there.
          Hope this explain your question.

  17. Thanks so much for the tutorial! I’m in the process of making mine and it’s turning out awesome. Your description has been perfect in helping me do it! 2 quick questions for you. First, do you have a good/efficient way to cut out all the squares? Folding them and gluing them hasn’t been bad, but cutting them all out was torture! Also, I’ve been having a problem with being able to see the cardboard cone through the fabric. I’m thinking next time I could spray paint it green, and that would help, but maybe you have another good suggestion? Thanks again, I really appreciated your tutorial!

    • Glad to get the feedback from you 🙂
      I folded the fabric into a few layers and used roller cutter to cut them out, it is quite painful too because I need to press quite hard to reach all layers.
      Another way is to get it done with tooling, like square puncher but it is expensive for low volume “production” because customization of the square size is going to hurt your pocket. So….. I still think using roller cutter is the best way.
      You can wrap the cone with the same fabric and glue it on.
      Please share with us your photo 🙂 I am setting up a reader gallery soon, so you can upload your photo of your handmade done by using pattern and tutorial found in Craft Passion. It will take a while for me to get that gallery section done, so if you have any photos that you would like to submit, please email to me at craftpassion @ live . com (take away all the spaces in between).

      • Hi Such a sweet lovely tree. May i know the measurements of the cloth squares and the cone card board pls? Thank you

        • There is a downloadable pdf document in the post, please find the link and click to download. All information you needed to make the tree is there.
          Happy making 🙂

  18. I am so doing this o.o.

  19. Can you please let me know a better description of what type of material to use? I’m not sure I know what you mean by poly jersey? Doesn’t the material need to be stiff? thanks Diane

  20. Hi! Thanks for sharing such an amazing tutorial! I can’t wait to give it a try! I bought all my supplies yesterday, hopefully I can get started today 🙂

    I have a quick question, what is the height of the cone used for the of the tree? I want to make sure I’m printing the pattern the correct height.


    • In order to check if the printed dimension is correct, just use a ruler to measure the small square petal, it should read 25mm or 1″.

      • I made a smaller version to try it out first and it turned out beautifully. Now, I want to make a bigger tree using paper cone bought from Art Friend (craft store in Singapore). I used fabric glue but I got frustrated because it didn’t glue well. The petals kept falling off. So I decided to use UHU glue. It kept the petals in place and I was able to complete the whole tree in a relatively short time. Thanks for the detailed tutorial and please keep many more coming.

  21. Hola gracias por el maravilloso tutorial, es perfecto y el arbolito maravilloso. Sobre el pdf con la informacion necesaria, yo no lo puedo descargar, hay tres enlaces en todo el tutorial, y no puedo descargar ninguno, seria tan amable en enviarmelo, gracias por su atencion, y disculpe que la haya molestado

    Hay un documento pdf para descargar en el mensaje, por favor, encontrar el vínculo y haga clic para descargar. All information you needed to make the tree is there. Toda la información que necesita para hacer que el árbol está ahí.

    Translation (by Google):
    Hey thanks for the wonderful tutorial, the tree is perfect and wonderful. On the pdf with the necessary information, I I can not download, there are three links throughout the tutorial, and I can not download any, would be so kind as to send it to me, thank you for your attention, and sorry that has bothered

    There is a pdf document for download in the message, please find the link and click to download. All information you needed to make the tree is there. All the information you need to make the tree is there.

  22. Thank you so much!

  23. I do a lot of crafts and really like the table tree.
    I would very much like to know what kind of material you used and how much it takes
    Thanks in advance.
    you rewaly made a betiful tree

  24. Did you use card stock for the cone??
    Would cotton or poly/cotton fabric work well -I have spray starch which would make it stiffer.
    Do you think that would work??
    Thanks for a beautiful tree!!!

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  27. I’m confused how tall is the cone in inches thanks

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