Locker Hook Pattern: Welcome Home Rug

locker hook rug
Told you that I haven’t got enough with locker hooking. This craft is really hooking me up. If you haven’t known how to do this, I have the tutorials for it, from basic preparation, locker hooking and finishing touch. Hover over to the tutorials now and get started with this fantastic craft.

This Welcome Home Rug / floor mat measures 78cm x 52cm (30 11/16”  x 20 1/2“).

As for the material, I used 4 solid colors of poly jersey interlock, dark brown (1 meter), turquoise (2 meters), olive green (1/2 meter), and baby pink (1/2 meter), cut them into 2cm wide strips. I specially love jersey interlock because both sides of the fabric are the identical, and it frays very little. Thus, it will give a fresher color and neater look to the project.

Let’s get ready for this project…..

{CLICK HERE to get the Locker Hook Pattern: Welcome Home Rug.}

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  1. Hola: Me encanto el proyecto y super facil de hacer. Muchas gracias.

    Translation (by google):
    Hello: I love the project and super easy to do. Thank you very much.

  2. Hi! I absolutely love this tutorial! I’ve never done any lock hooking before but want to start right away with this welcome home door mat, it’s so adorable!
    I have a question though…I have been doing some research on lock hooking canvas and they have a whole bunch of mesh sizes (squares per inch), what is the size you used on your rug? Also, can I use a plastic canvas?

    Thank you and LOVE your website! 🙂


  3. How interesting! and cute!
    I’ve been researching for a craft my 13 year old can start.
    I crochet, and I can’t seem to pass that along to her. lol
    This seems like something she can do, and have fun with, without
    taking a long time to finish a project.

    Also I noticed you used jersey to make your rug, and I thought it
    had to be cotton. It’s wonderful that you can really use any material
    you like to make projects. Since I saw this rug, I’ve seen other projects
    with whispy yarn added, beads, buttons, and ribbon.

    Thanks for your ideas and tutorials!!

  4. my question is if i cut up t shirts , how wide do i cut them? do they work well? thank you .

  5. Hi.. I recently found your website and I think it is really cool.. I really love this rug and would like to try making it. You have mentioned that you’ve used poly jersey interlock fabric. I’m not familiar with fabrics and tried searching on internet but not able to find out much. I live in Los Anelges, CA area. Would you be able to let me know where I would be able to get this fabric kind of fabric from? Thanks in advance.

  6. How pretty! You so inspire me! Will have to try this during the cold wet winter months in Pacific NM area.

  7. I would really like to do this to make a Nintendo Controller rug for our spare bathroom. Do you know how to make patterns?

  8. I have been doing locker hooking for two yrs, my favorite projects are hot pads 9×8 inches I’ve made 40 of them! I just completed a 24×35 rug in multiple colors,very fun! I have used graph paper to create patterns, hearts, trees, apples, the possibilties are unlimited! I prefer cottons for the hot pads as other fabrics may scorch when something hot from the stove is placed on them. The rugs work well with wool, denim, and flannels as they are stronger fabrics. I wash them in cold water and line dry them. I hope this is of help to those that want to try Locker Hooking, it’s fun and portable for those long road trips!!

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  10. Thank you for posting these great tutorials. I want to start making locker hook rugs but was wondering if there is anything I can use to make the back of the rug non-slip. The only thing I’ve found online is a liquid rubber material that is brushed on and then dries to make a non-slip surface on the rug. Is there anything else you could suggest?

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