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Tiger Coin Purse Sewing Pattern

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This Tiger Coin Purse is the original idea of what I want to design and make instead of the kitty coin purse!!!! The test purse turned out too gentle and cute, so I made it into a kitty purse. This one, with the ferocious look, it resembles more like a tiger now 🙂

tiger zipper coin purse

This purse is 11cm W x 8cm H (11 cm from tip of ear) / 4 1/4″ x 3 1/8″. Nice enough to keep some loose coins, notes, credit cards, or you can use it to keep your keys, or cosmetic for touching-up while out.

Just like the kitty coin purse, I used buff color polar fleece to fake the tiger’s fur. This time, I embroidered some branch stitches on the forehead and temporal points to mimic the tiger stripes. I also added a big muzzle on the tiger, sewed some black beads there to exaggerate the expressions. I gave it a pair of black button eyes, so it looks like it is staring at me (roar… I want to eat you, lol!!!). The nose bit is a piece of small black felt.

cute purse

[In the background is the crochet-tote I made many years ago, but I gave it a makeover last year by embellishing it with a daisy, put in a lining and a zippy pocket, plus some elastic bands to hold contents in place.]

Let’s get the instruction on how to put the pattern together and sew the tiger coin purse.

The method is similar to sewing a kitty coin purse, you might want to go to the tutorial for some step by step photos for a complete reference.

What’s Next

tiger zipper coin purse


Yield: 4 1/4″ x 3 1/8″ TIGER COIN PURSE
Active Time: 4 hours
Total Time: 4 hours
Difficulty: Intermediate /Advance Level
Estimated Cost: $5 - $8

This Tiger Coin Purse is the original idea of what I want to design and make instead of the kitty coin purse!!!! The test purse turned out to be too gentle and cute, so I made it into a kitty purse. This one, with the ferocious look, resembles more like a tiger now 🙂

Enjoy sewing them!

Download and print the SEWING PATTERN TEMPLATE separately for the eyes, ears, and pattern for drawing the fabric.


  • Pattern A – 2 pcs of polar fleece, 2 pcs. for lining
  • Pattern B – 1 pc of beige or light color fabric (muzzle)
  • Pattern C – 2 pcs of polar fleece, 2 pc of pink polka-dot fabric (ear)
  • Pattern D – 1 pc of flower fabric (mouth)
  • Pattern E – 2 pc of white felt (eye white)
  • Pattern F – 1 pc of black felt (nose)
  • 6 short length of black bristles for the whiskers. Cut them from a black brush if you can find it from the store.
  • 10 cm / 4″ zip or longer (you can cut to correct length)
  • Short length of ribbon (optional)
  • Small pieces of fabric for the zipper end (optional)
  • Small quantity of poly-fill
  • 6 pcs 3mm black beads
  • 2 pcs 10mm black button
  • Small Embroidery floss, brown and pink


  • Hot glue or fabric glue




Tiger Coin Purse

Download and print the free pdf pattern by clicking the photo above.

Cut out the fabrics as following (with seam allowance if it has red dash line, without seam allowance if it doesn’t have). If you don’t have the material stated below, you can always substitute it with other suitable fabric of your choice.



  1. Mark the placement of all the components of the purse on 1 side of Pat A polar fleece.
  2. Sew the eye white (pat E) to pat A.
  3. Sew the mouth (pat D) to pat A. Embroider a line with branch stitches 1-2mm above the bottom curve of the mouth with pink floss (3 strands).
  4. Position the 6 black bristles and glue it one pat A. Make sure they extended into the muzzle marking and left a length of 12-15mm outside the muzzle. Once the muzzle is sewn, it will cover up the glue mark.
  5. Sew the muzzle (pat B) to pat A, stuff in some poly-fill before completely sew-up.
  6. Sew the nose (pat F) to pat A.
  7. Sew 6 black beads to the muzzle tightly so they look like sunken into the muzzle.
  8. Sew a brown floss (3 strands) from the bottom tip of the nose to the top tip of the mouth to make a septum.
  9. Sew the black buttons to the eye white area, you can place it anywhere within the eye white to make it look elsewhere instead of looking straight.
  10. Embroider brown floss (4 – 6 strands) with branch stitches for all the stripes.


  1. Sew 1 pc of polar fleece with 1 pc of fabric of ear (pat C) together with right side facing each other. Do the same for another pc.
  2. Turn it inside out.
  3. Sew a line of running stitch just about 1-2mm from the border of the ear.

Zipper (optional)

  1. Cut the zipper to 10cm (4″) length if you have a longer zipper.
  2. Fold 2 pieces of fabrics and sew them to the ends of the zipper respectively if you don’t want the zipper goes all the way from corner to corner.
  3. Fold a short length of ribbon to half and sew it in place to make a tongue or hook for the key chain.

Sew Up

Please go to the Kitty Coin Purse, scroll down to the bottom 1/2 portion of the post for the detail of sewing the purse.

Tiger Coin Purse

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Cookie Sauer-Jordan

Monday 23rd of March 2020

Thanks for sharing the patterns and ideas! Will try some of the fun projects after I finish the masks I am making for my son-in-law to wear on his plumbing jobs.


Tuesday 14th of April 2015

Cute. I like it ;)

Maria Ignez

Thursday 2nd of June 2011

Muito linda esta bolsinha, estou simplesmente encantada

Translation (by Google): Very beautiful this bag, I'm just delighted

Heather - Dollar Store Crafts

Saturday 26th of June 2010

This is such a cute project!


Thursday 1st of April 2010

Love cute. Looks fun to make.

Craft Passion

Thursday 1st of April 2010

It sure is :)

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