Sun Hat Crochet Pattern

crochet sun hat

Isn’t it summer hot and sunny? Some of you enjoy the sunbeam but I am not, too bad huh~~~ I need a sun hat to cover and protect my head and face… in fact, I need this all year round over here… lol!!!

This straw wide brim sun hat matches the straw beach bag perfectly (click the link to go to the tutorial on how to crochet the beach bag). Upon finishing the beach bag, I have to buy extra rafia (raffia) yarn to make this sun hat, love the finishing that the rafia yarn gave. The flower brooch on the hat is from the left over rafia yarn from this hat, and I also bought some green yarn to make the petal (pattern  and tutorial coming soon here).

sun hat pattern

The crochet technique is the same as those in straw beach bag, a 2 layer crochet by using the back loop and front loop of a stitch respectively for each layer. You may refer the tutorial on how to crochet it in the straw beach bag.

crochet sun hat pattern

{CLICK HERE to get the Sun Hat Crochet Pattern.}

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  1. Wow what a great hat! Your talent and creativity amaze me. Thanks for sharing with all of us. Now to get making both the tote and the hat. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

    • Thanks…. coming up next will be the daisy brooch that’s on the hat 🙂

      • Hi there! i love this hat! i try to do it but i had some problems whit the start of the hat looks funny to me 🙁 like a cow udder or something 🙁 any advice?

        • Cynthia , make sure you are making all of your increases and you crocheting to tight .Loosen up your tension and give the circle a little tug as you go .. Iff still comes out ‘funny lightly steam the top on a flat bottomed bowl when it’s done.Good luck!

          • Sorry, I have missed this out. Thank you Deborah for helping answering the question. The tips of steaming sound great. Thanks.

  2. Simplemente fabuloso!!! adoro sus tutoriales,muy bien explicados.
    Muchas gracias.

    Translation (by Google):
    Simply fabulous! I love your tutorials, very well explained.
    Thank you very much.

  3. Fantastic! Simply loved it, you sure are very talented. 🙂

    Waiting for the tut on that flower which on hat.

  4. This is so beautiful, thank you for sharing!

  5. Oh my gosh- thank you so much for this! I’ve always wanted a straw hat. It never occurred to me that I could make one. You’re so good at this! I’ll be linking.

  6. This hat is AMAZING! I want one! I am going to make one ASAP!!!! YAY!

  7. Where can I find rafia yarn? I’m looking online and I can’t seem to find anything??? HELP!

  8. Hi Joanne,

    I’ve finished my first pair of Kasut Manek. I am not too happy with my beading though. Anyway, do you have a cobbler I can go make my shoes?

    Would appreciate if you can help.


  9. Hi, I just run into your beautiful rafia hat. Could you please tell me where to get it on line. Thanks a lot.

  10. I am having trouble finding rafia yarn. Could you give me a reliable source. thanks

  11. Another beautiful creation. You’re so talented.

    Do you sell the raffia yarn? I’d love to purchase it.

    I noticed that Judi&Co. has raffia yarn. Is it the same thing? Theirs is not measured by grams, but is sold by the yard so if it is the same thing I wouldn’t know how much to purchase. They say it’s 100% Rayon. Is that what your raffia is made of?

    Thanks for any help.


    • I don’t sell it here but if you want the exact one like mine, I don’t mind buy then ship them to you. I am not sure what material mine are as it is re-packed here locally.

  12. I like the Raffia hat and would like to make one but do not know where to get the Raffia. I checked on Etzy and found Raffia but do not know which one to get for the hat.

    There was a Beige one on the third page of the search but it looked to wide.
    Could you please check on Etsy and see which one to use for the hat.

    Thank You Wanda

    • Wanda, I have sent you an email, please rely me with the link of the etsy search so that I can take a closer look of the product. I can’t 100% sure if it is suitable without touching and feel it with my finger.

  13. I’m trying to decide if as a beginner I’m going to be able to make this hat. When I’m doing the 2nd layer, where you have an increase in the 1st I’ll be doing a decreasing stitch, is this correct?

  14. Hi, I am a beginner crocheter and found this wonderful hat on a search.I hope it comes out as nice as yours but I intend on using yarn is that all right?

  15. Love the look. If I use a cotton yarn, what size is comparable to your rafia so I can get the same gauge? DK? Worsted? Thanks lots.

    • Hi Susan, I don’t have an absolute answer for you but I would guess that DK should work, using a 3.75mm or 4mm crochet hook instead of 3.5mm. The reason being that the raffia is rather stiff too crochet compare to normal yarn, so, even I used 3.5mm hook, the tension is loose and it is similar to about 3.75mm hook.
      Please try a test piece to gauge the band size of your head (row 10 to 25) by crochet 72 sts (or portion of it) and 3 to 4 row, then do the slst around on the front loop.
      Hope this help.

  16. Thanks so much!

  17. Love love love this hat. This is first on my list for things to make for myself this summer. I blogged about it this morning. 🙂

  18. This hat is just beautiful! I would love if you would link it up to my new link party for the fiber arts!

  19. Where can I get rafia yarn, can’t locate it.

  20. Would love to make this hat but can’t find directions for the brim
    Can you tell me how to do the brim? Thanks

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  22. My head is rather small (19 or 20 inches)- I’m assuming the pattern will work if I just do less increase rounds? Is there anything else I should keep in mind?

    • Hi Loni, you could crochet the base round until it fits loosely around your head’s circumference then continue with the band and brim. Please check your tension, different tension will result in different measurement.
      Happy crochet!

      • My tension is usually spot on with patterns, but I actually had to ADD increase rows for this to fit my itty bitty head!

        I did not do the second step with the slip stitches yet- is it supposed to look kind of ruffly around the brim until you put the slip stitches in? Right now it looks super sad. I’m assuming the slip stitches add in some stiffness and make the brim come out straighter?

  23. Hi, I loved the hat and I would like to make one, but I am wondering how much rafia did it take you to make it?? So I can estimate how much rafia to buy.
    Thanks for this wonderful pattern. 🙂

  24. Hi! Im getting 8 stitches evenly for each round. I know how to increase but its starting to fold on me. please help! Does that mean increase every 8 stitches or in the first 8 stitches of each row?? im so confused

    • Hi Jasmine, you need to increase only 8 stitches in each round. If you still not sure, please count the total stistched you have at each round, they should be:
      round 1 – 8 sts,
      round 2 – 16 sts
      round 3 – 24 sts
      round 4 – 32 sts
      round 5 – 40 sts
      round 6 – 48 sts
      round 7 – 56 sts
      round 8 – 64 sts
      round 9 – 72 sts

      Hope this helps.

  25. I was wondering does the chain 1 count as a stitch so chain 1 and then 7 stitches or is it chain 1 and 8 stitches?

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  27. I am one trying to find rafia yarn. I found some on Etsy but there is only 4 colors and they only have 1 available of each color.

    I live In Florida. I found some other but it was in another country
    and could not figure out how to order for here.

    Thank you

  28. Love this hat. It’s gunna be perfect for my holi’s =]. But HELP! I’m struggling with r28. Am I right in thinking this doesn’t divide exactly and we’re going to have a couple extra stitches at the end? Like sc in next 12 sts 2sc in next st etc will leave 4 sts at the end? Or sc in next 13 then 2sc but this would only work 7 times then I’d have to sc in the 10th st? If this is right will it work using the same pattern for the following rows or is it best to move the position of the 2sc?

    • Yes, you are right, so what you can do is do the increment stitch at 12 and 13 alternatively, that translate into pattern as:
      *sc in next 12 sts, 2sc in next st, sc in next 13 sts, 2sc in next st, repeat * 4 times.
      Enjoy crochet and enjoy your holiday 🙂

  29. Brilliant thank you! So excited to finish it, I love raffia yarn it’s so nice to work with! X

  30. Hello
    I made this hats in madagascar
    If you like it give me your mail

  31. I’ve never crocheted with raffia before. In fact I’m not even sure I got the right stuff but it’ll be perfect for my needs. I was wondering how big it should be by the end of r9, do you have approximate measurement for that part? I’m guessing I need more rounds but not sure.

    • Hi Alesha, I didn’t measure but it should be bigger than the real hat at that area. Since there is another slst round on the 2nd layer, you can adjust the tension to get the right size for your head. Hope this helps.


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