Sewing: Owl Key Chain Holder {Pattern & Tutorial}

Sewing: Owl Key Chain Holder {Pattern & Tutorial}

Sewing: Owl Key Chain Holder {Pattern & Tutorial}

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This Owl Key Chain Holder is a great idea to sew as a gift for friends & relatives in any occasion. The used of contrasting color for the lining gives a funky feel, however, to make it look more harmony, you can choose coordinating color for the fabric/lining choice. Keep you keys in the cozy holder of the owl’s belly by pulling the leaves, not only prevent the keys from scratching your bag’s lining, when you are back, just hang it on the wall or cabinet {click here or next to see the photo}. NEAT!!!

This keychain holder is one of my best selling handmade in the recent charity sales, just like the pencil holder, they were all sold out during the pre-sale. Hope you like it and sew one soon. Please share your handmade photos in the Facebook page.

Recently, I found a word call “Zakka” which derived from the Japanese “zak-ka” (雑貨) that means “many things”. Wikipedia quoted that “Zakka refers to everything and anything that improves your home, life and appearance”.  Well, aren’t we who handmade little on this and that called zakka too? If you google “Zakka image” then look at the piggy pillow, turtle pincushion, pom-pom’s, bags & purses , this owl keychain holder & many more that I have created, compare them, you will relate :) Are you one of the Zakka crafters too?

Don’t worry about being zakka or not, as long as we are happy with what we are making and keep on improving it, we are progressing everyday!!!

Let’s get the pattern which was co-designed with my sister Estee, and the step-by-step instruction on how to sew it after the jump.

Happy sewing!!!!

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

Dimension: 3 1/4″ (W) x 5 1/4″ (H)

1. Printed Fabric 5″ x 8″
2. Lining 5″ x 8″
3. Beige fabric 3″ x 3″
4. Felt: White, Beige, Dark Brown & Green
5. Cotton cord, 10″
6. Key Ring
7. Black button, 3/8″, 2 pcs.
8. Fusible web, eg. heat ‘n bond
9. Matching sewing threads

Sewing Owl Key Chain Holder Free PatternPrint the pdf pattern in letter size paper. To get the actual size, select “none” for the page scaling or uncheck the box of the “scale to printable area”, depend on which printer you are using.

Sewing Owl Key Chain HolderCut the fabric and the felt based on pattern layout and get all the materials ready.
Remark: don’t forget to leave a 1/4″ seam allowance for the fabric.

Sewing Owl Key Chain HolderPlace lining to the body fabric with right side facing, sew around but leave an 1 1/2″ opening on the side for turning over.
Clip curve near to sewing line, be careful not to snip the stitches.
Tip: Keep the seam allowance to the minimum at the ears so that you can turn better.
After turning right-side out, it will look like the one on the top.
Now, you have 2 sets of identical owl bodies.

Sewing Owl Key Chain HolderHeat fuse one side of the fusible web to the owl’s belly and facial features.
Peel the paper backing and heat fuse them to the respective positions on one of the owl body.

Sewing Owl Key Chain HolderSew the black buttons to the eyes. Try to keep the knots and sewing threads behind as little as possible for neater finishing. Anyway, if you can’t, don’t worry, one can hardly see the inside after you attach the back of the owl body. ;)
Sewing Owl Key Chain HolderAlign both front and back bodies together with lining facing each other. Topstitch near to the edge, take note on the stitching ends (refer to pattern).

Sewing Owl Key Chain HolderTie the cotton cord to the key ring, measure the length by placing the cord on top of the owl key holder. Mark.

Sewing Owl Key Chain HolderSlide the ends through the top opening, check the length again. I suggest that only half of the ring expose to the outside, provided you have other reason and want it to be longer.

Sewing Owl Key Chain HolderSandwich the cord ends with the leaves. Zig Zag stitch to keep them in place.

Slip your keys into the ring, pull the cord to keep the keys cozy in the owl’s belly.
Sewing Owl Key Chain Holder

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  3. I came across your website about a year ago by accident and I am so happy I did. I just love your creations. I am currently working on the crocodile stitch purse; this is my first attempt at crocheting. Your tutorials are awesome and give me confidence that I can do it.Im going to try the owl key chain next.
    Thank You

  4. Love it. Will be making one for myself and my kids. Thanks for sharing it.

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