Shirred Sundress Sewing Pattern

shirred sundress pattern
Sewing a shirred sundress is very easy, I swear!!!! It looks complicated than the actual work, don’t let it frighten you off. If you haven’t tried one, you should try soon after reading this how-to. This summer dress is also a quick sewing project, I completed it in less than 2 hours, a great project when your loved one is taking her nap.

shirred sundress

The fabric I sewed is knit or poly- jersey, it is stretchy like T-shirt, but you can use just any light weight cotton fabrics to achieve the same result. Thick fabric like denim is not suitable for shirring, the elastic thread just can’t get the gathers come close to each other.

Wonder where is this place? I brought my daughter to the beautiful and famous beach in Penang, Batu Ferringhi, for these photos shots. The weather is good and sunny, the sea is clear, the sands are golden and the air is breezy. We blew bubbles and it was a pleasant moment just me with my daughter 🙂 At the end of the photography session, we picked some shells (see picture 4) and we are going to make something nice out of them!!!!

shirred sundress pattern

collect seashells

{CLICK HERE to get the Shirred Sundress Sewing Pattern.}

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  1. Great tutorial…! Looks really easy, I am inspired to sew for my little nieces. 🙂

  2. really pretty!!

  3. Very nice!

    I will try something for me, cause I have only a boy 🙂

  4. That’s such a pretty dress! I’ve scheduled a post at Craft Gossip to go live tomorrow morning (Sunday) that points to your tutorial.


  5. Excelente!!!!! Adore el tutorial. Muy lindo trabajo.
    🙂 🙂
    Muchas gracias.

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  7. this looks fairly easy to make, and yet it is very pretty!

  8. Great tutorial I will try it out soon to make a mini sundress for my little girl.

    Sertyan from Sabah

  9. Hi….this is an adorable sundress. I would like to make the dress for a 6 year old. Would you please explain the pattern? Did you cut out 36″ by 20″ and I guess it was not on the fold of the material. I just can’t seem to grasp the pattern that you have….please help….what is the swirl in the pattern picture?

    • Hi Ann, you are right, it is just 1 piece of 36 x 20. Ignore the “swirl” symbol, I put it on the pattern since I can’t draw the pattern in scale. The “swirl” just say that the actual width should be wider than as shown in the picture, just in case some people judge the pattern by the scale (36 x 20 can’t be as squarish as the picture shown, right!).

  10. I am a bi confused with the pattern fr he shirred sundress. I don’t understand the curves in the middle. Wouldn’t I just cut 2 pieces the same for he front and back?
    Looks a great pattern and i would appreciate your recommendations for the cutting out. many thanks liz in New Zealand

    • The curve at the center means that the drawing is not scaled and it should be wider than the drawing. The measurement is 1 piece (include front and back) and there is only 1 side seam.
      If you would like to sew a loose fit, change the measure from “chest + chest/2” to “2 x chest”.

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  12. Fantastic, clearly explained project. This was my first shirred dress and following your instructions, and using a scrap piece, I quickly got the hang of it. It was fun to see it come together. My dress was for my 11-year-old daughter so I did 14 rows of shirring for a larger version, and also a slightly more grown-up look. Thanks for this great pattern!

  13. Thanks for the refresher. I made these many years ago for my daughters and now have neicettes to sew for. I remember I was able to wind the elastic by machine by holding the elastic thread in my hand. Also, on any machine I have ever had, “lower is looser” when It comes to tension. 9 would be the tightest. I am not sure if you meant to say tighten the tension, or if it is just a photo of a 9. I will check it on my test dress.

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