Weekender Short Pants Sewing Pattern

short pants pattern

This probably is the most “luxurious” & comfortable weekend shorts I have ever made for myself –  “The Weekender“. It is a fully lined above-the-knee shorts with elastic waistband. The underlining makes the shorts so stable that it prevents the tendency of “seating” through wear and also hiding away underwear lines. I love the structure it gave because I find the “seat” is very “unsightly” and “untidy”, just imagine, excessive crumples across the thigh-line, not mentioning the “view”of underwear lines, yucks!!!!

shorts sewing pattern

The master copy of this short pants sewing pattern came from a shorts I bought many years ago, a famous 4 letters brand that starts with a “N”. It was just an ordinary 1 layer shorts without underlining but priced sky-highly (oh yeah, I know I know, I have to pay for the brand name too). One thing I like about it is, it’s comfortable with nice cutting…. at least my tummy looks “flat” when wearing it (this is why I bought it in the first place… LOL). With some modifications to add in underlining, hidden pockets and decorative hems, it is now my most favorite weekend shorts of all. I wouldn’t stop at making only one!

adult weekend shorts sewing pattern

{CLICK HERE to get Weekender Short Pants Sewing Pattern.}

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  1. Those are really nice shorts- you thought of everything! Thanks so much, I’ll be linking.

  2. could you also print the patterns on a4 paper?? your tutorials are amazing!!

    • Hi Jessie, printing on A4 is possible, just remember don’t scale the printing. Also, depends on printer printing margin, you might encounter some lost on the pattern on the edges but it can be traced back when you glue the pattern sheets side by side.

  3. I love this pattern – it’s well written and clear. But sadly, the 8-10 sizing is not me. Is there a trick to enlarging the pattern without distortion?

    • Sad to say that I am not good in grading. What I will do is check the measurements and enlarge the pattern according to suit our size, especially the hip (stand and sit), crotch curve etc. Expand the hip width and extend the crotch curve accordingly.
      Do a google search on “grading pants pattern” and you will find some entries and ways to grade the pants.
      Good luck!

  4. Отличная выкройка! Спасибо большое. Муж остался очень доволен новыми шортами 🙂

    Translation (by Google):
    Great pattern! Thank you very much. The husband was very pleased with the new shorts:)

  5. Thanks so much for this great pattern. I’ve made some for my daughter….and plan to make some more. So easy.

  6. thanks a lot coz it helps us to do our work easily..

  7. Hi,

    Thanks for this short pants pattern, now I will have a guide for my short pants. I dont have any idea about sewing garments, but with your clear basic pattern, I know I can make my own beautiful short now. Again thank you and God Bless you more and more.

  8. I am so happy to know that 🙂

  9. Why do I keep thinking that Kenley from Project Runway made this? 🙂 Must be the polka dots.

  10. thank u for sharing… its very helps me as beginner to start sewing… ^^

  11. w0w nice shorts

  12. Can knits be used for this or boxer pattern? Thanks!

  13. Hello! Just to be sure, I cut or fold along the dashed line on each page of the pattern??

  14. thank you i know how to make a short now

  15. i got a project on makeing a short and now i know how to so thank you sow much

  16. This is the very first time I’ve come your website page and
    thus far? I am

    surprised with the research you’ve done to write this
    particular article amazing. Magnificent job!

  17. Hi There, can these be boys shorts too? Is there anything different that needs to be made to the pattern for boys shorts? Want to make some for my brothers and this is such an easy and clear guide! 🙂

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  19. Ow…i loved your tutorial very much. soon i’m gonna try one !! thanks for this lovely tutorial :-)<3

  20. I like it. and it is lovely shorts.
    nicely described too.
    Is there any boy shorts pattern for men ?

  21. hi would love to get this pattern as i am making childrens clothes for donation for the local hospital thanks in advance

    • Hi Helene,
      There are free patterns for all the short pants shown here. The pattern page is usually on page 2, if you refer to the link at the browser, it is ended with “/2”, then search for the pdf document to download the free pattern.

  22. Hi, I love your shorts pattern. Have printed it but I don’t think my printer scaled properly. I didn’t scale it per the instructions but it seems too small. Could you provide one benchmark measurement for checking to make sure it’s printing properly? Thanks!

    • Hi Zana, You will need to open the document in Adobe PDF reader. If the pattern opens in browser, please save it to your computer and open it in the pdf reader for an accurate size. Some browsers will shrink the document without you knowing it.

  23. While I appreciate that this sewist is talented at creating garments for herself that apparently fit her well, and the concept of a double layer with pockets and cute hem finishes are inspired, I do not recommend this pattern. For me, it was a very poor fit. There’s not enough depth through the crotch so the shorts pull down in the front, and the fit is much baggier than I prefer. Also, the instructions are somewhat elusive, as no measurements are given for important elements such as seam width, or the depth of the waistband fold. I wasted six hours and more than two yards of lovely fabric, so I’m very disappointed.

    • I am sorry that this pattern doesn’t fit you well, but I find it very comfortable. So far, I have not heard any negative feedback about this pattern and tutorial. All details are in the downloadable pattern, did you miss out something there?

  24. Yes, I did download the pattern. Have you noticed that no where does it say what width the seam allowance is? Nor how far to fold down the top, to make a waistband? I’m sorry this pattern didn’t work for me. I hope it does for others.

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  26. im sorry i didnt understand how the pocket works at all? why is there only 2 z and 4 y? is it so there’s double layer of y compared to z? how does it work?

    • z is the white piece and y is the color piece of the pocket. There extra 2 color pieces of y are for the cover-up of the white lining at the opening of the pocket. You may leave it by having 2 y and 2 z, but your pocket will show the white lining when the slot is slightly open.

  27. how big arw the seam allowances?

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