Triangle Coin Purse With Zipper

Triangle Coin Purse - How to sew

Triangle Coin Purse - How to sew

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After being inspired by the wrapped glutinous rice dumpling (粽子, Zòngzi) of a Chinese traditional festival, DuanWu Festival (端午節), I sewed some triangle coin purses recently. In fact, today is the actual date of DuanWu Festival which falls on every 5th day of 5th month of the Lunar calendar. If you are new to this rice dumpling, scroll down to see the one my mom made… yummy delicious….. may be I should start a food blog for my mom with all her delicious cookings & recipes that I am lucky to eat & grew-up with. [To read more about DuanWu Festival, click here. To read more about Zongzi, click here. Related sport for the festival: dragon boat competition. Source: Wikipedia.]

For the detail of how to sew a triangle coin purse with zipper closure, read more after this jump:

This 3-D triangle purse is actually in the form of tetrahedron shape with 3 triangles on the sides and 1 triangle on the base, other name of tetrahedron is “triangular pyramid”. The tetrahedron shape makes good coin purse that it suitable to keep small change and also for the ease of getting the correct coin in a quick glance. I used brown as main color for the purses to resemble the color of the cooked bamboo or reed leaves of the wrapping. And, add a cord or ribbon to mock the tying string to hold the filling in the wrapping. To mimic it even further, I quilted diagonally on the purse to make it looks similar to the reed leaf grain.

If you look closer to the main photo, I sewed 2 different positions for the zipper, one on the triangle slope (left) and one at the center of the triangle (right). Both of them are basically made from the same method, the only different is how to sew the sides of the purse (step-by-step photo #14).

1. Fabric – 2pcs. of 5″ x 5″
2. Lining fabric – 2pcs. of 5″ x 5″
3. Zipper end covers – 2pcs. of 2″ x 1 1/2″
4. Batting – 2pcs. of 4″ x 4″
5. Zipper – 3″ (I used 4″ metal zipper shorten to 3″)
6. Decorative cord or ribbon, approx. 18″

1. Sewing machine with normal presser foot
2. Zipper foot
3. Sewing kits
4. Erasable fabric marker
5. Ruler
6. Knitting needle or something blunt but pointy for adjusting the corners

Material To Sew Triangle Coin PurseCut fabrics & batting according to the dimension above.
For fabric & lining, 5″ x 5″ size is already included 1/2″ seam allowance. Draw sewing lines on the wrong side of the fabrics with fabric marker or pencil.

Sew Diagonal QuiltDraw a diagonal line on the center of the fabrics with ruler and erasable fabric marker.

purse with battingPin batting on the wrong side of the fabrics. Trim the batting to follow the fabric sewing lines if necessary.

sew diagonalStitch diagonally on the right side of the fabric with sewing machine.
Use the presser foot as a guide, sew parallel lines across the entire piece.

diagonal quiltFinished diagonal quilting on both sides of the purse fabrics.
Set aside.

bind zipper endCover both zipper’s ends with the 2″ x 1 1/2″ fabrics.
Fold the raw edges on the 1 1/2″ side and sew a narrow hem before covering the zipper’s end.
Fold the 2″ length into half and cover the end (trim the raw edges on the zipper end if necessary), pin to secure the position.

cover zipper endChange your presser foot to zipper foot, sew on the other 3 sides, except the one across the metal zipper.
Repeat the same to the other end.

quilted purseNow you have 2 pcs. of quilted purse fabrics, 2 lining fabrics and a zipper ready for sewing into triangle purse.

install zipperPin the zipper on the purse fabric with right side together.
Normally, I don’t draw any sewing line on the zipper, I use the grain line on the zipper as a guide, which is normally between 3/8″ to 1/4″ from the center.
Sew on the seam allowance to secure the zipper in place. Remove pins.

attach lining on purseNow, pin the lining on the zipper and purse fabric, with right side together.
Sew on the sewing line with zipper foot. Remove pins.

how to sew zipper on purse with liningTurn the purse fabric and lining down, and zipper up. One side is done.

zipper with both sidesRepeat the above 3 steps to the other side of the zipper.

zipper position on purseBring the purse fabrics together with right side facing each other, do the same to the lining.
Bend the zipper’s edge down to the lining’s side.
Pin both sides of the purse’s fabric and lining.

sew purse sides with openingCut 3″ cord as a purse loop and place between the purse fabrics, on the zipper head side.
Sew both side and leave a 2 1/2″ opening on the lining for turning the purse right side out.
Tip: if you want to do make the one on the right hand side of the main photo, sew base and zipper head side. Instead of 2 parallel sewing, it becomes a ” ] “, aka base-side-base.

sew base of triangle coin purseGrab the unsewn side (which is the base for this instance), turn the purse with sides meeting at the center. Pin to secure.
Do the same to the lining and bring the lining to the purse fabric.

sew coin purse with liningSew both purse fabric and lining fabric together, with lining opening facing up.

turn purse right side out from openingTurn the purse right side out from the opening. It may seems a little too chunky to go through the small opening, as long as you turn each fabric through one by one, you will be fine.
Use knitting needle or something pointy but blunt to shape the corners.

attach decorative cordFold the balance of the cord into half and stitch the center to the center of the purse bottom.

rice dumpling triangle pouchTie a knot or ribbon to the purse loop. Trim the cord to your liking.
A triangle coin purse that looks like a wrapped rice dumpling is completed!

DuanWu zong zi 粽子These are some of the rice dumplings my mom made yesterday. Look yummy, right? It taste even yummy, trust me!

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  1. Happy Dumpling Festival! This is an ingenious idea. Thank you for the tutorial.

  2. Both the purse and dumpling looked so nice! :)

  3. Amei o PAP, apesar de não entender inglês, mas ficou bem explicadinho pelas imagens. Obrigada e tenha uma linda semana

    Translation (by Google):
    Loved the PAP, despite not understanding English, but was fine well explained by the images. Thank you and have a beautiful week

  4. Love your ideas!

  5. thanks for sharing that nice idea. i really love it, looks so cute! and thank you for your good tutorial on your blog full of so many good projects! – always worth a visit!
    I hope you had a fine festival.
    many greetings from Austria!

  6. I will be making one of these tonight – LOVE them! :) Question – where do you get your zipper pulls? I’ve never found a place where I can get something more than just your basic one.

    thanks! :)

  7. What a lovely festival to celebrate with your family ! Shame I’m far too old to ask your mum to adopt me….
    Again, I think your idea is just great and I will love to try and make a purse like that. Your tutorials are so clear and easy to follow ! x

  8. Oh thank you so much, I just love these little purses! mmm .. I had similar little dumplings when I lived in Toronto, such good food there! :-) You did a great job on the tutorial, I think I may actually be able to make one of these purses, my mother would find it very handy for her quick trips to the store. Thank you for sharing with us and I hope you had a joyous Dumpling Festival. Julie Andrea

  9. It is really fun. The purse I did is so cute. Love it and bring it on my handbag.

  10. Me encanta ese monedero,pero no se si las medidas son en pulgadas o centímetros,estoy un poco liada con eso.
    De todos modos lo haré, a ver como me sale.
    Un saludo

    Translation (by Google):
    I love that purse, but not if the measurements are in inches or centimeters, I’m a little tied up with that.
    Anyway I will, to see how I get.
    a greeting

    • Hola, Adi, las medidas son en pulgadas, lo que nos lo hace un poco más complicado a los europeos… De todas formas, te recomiendo que te compres un tapete o base de corte, que para estos trabajos pequeños es fantástico, y viene por un lado con medidas en centímetros y por otro en pulgadas. Un saludo.

      Translation (by Google):
      Hello Adi, the measures are in inches, which makes us a bit more complicated to Europeans … Anyway, I recommend you buy a table or cutting table, which for these small jobs is fantastic, and comes on one side with measurements in centimeters and the other in inches. A greeting.

  11. I’m going to try this tomorrow! A friend gave me a big handful of 3″ and 5″ zippers……what do you do with e” zippers??? Maybe you make lots of these!! Thanks for the great tutorial! ~karen

  12. How do I print the instructions? Would love to make these for the kids going back to school

    • You can print it from your browser’s printer setting. If you are using Internet Explorer, you can select the section you want by click and drag then click “print selection” in the printing setting.

  13. This may sound like a stupid question, but HOW exactly do you get the zipper to be on the center of the triangle?
    I must be a bit dense, because I couldn’t really comprehend how you were saying to do it?
    Please, enlighten me a bit more, if you don’t mind? Much appreciated! :’D

    • I didn’t get it either, I counted down to picture 14 but I didn’t see anything about how to move the zipper

  14. complimenti !!!
    bellissimi capolavori !!!
    sarai immediatamente inserita nel mio blog !!
    grazie per condividere i tuoi segreti !!
    un grande abbraccio

    Translation (by Google):
    beautiful masterpieces!
    you will be immediately added to my blog!
    Thanks for sharing your secrets!
    a big hug

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  18. I use unused chopsticks for pushing out corners, works great! I order chopsticks from Chinese food delivery even though I don’t use them to eat. Thought I’d share that with you.

  19. Thank you very much for this amazing tutorial. I’ve made a couple of coin purses, and I’ve linked you in my blog. Thanks to help me make some cute and useful gifts for my sisters!

  20. Great tutorial! You’ve been featured on the Quality Sewing Tutorials blog.

    We hand select only the best free tutorials and patterns for the home sewist.

    Grab a brag button!

  21. Thanks for sharing this tutorial. I will try to make one for myself.

  22. This a great pattern. However I can not figure out how to sew the purse with the zipper on the flat face(the one pictured on the right). Please show some photos/diagram and some further instructions. ( I did read what you had written at photo 14 but cannot understand)

    Thank You, it will be much appreciated.

  23. I am a newbie in sewing.
    your projects are marvelous.
    i wish to try out this one soon.
    The most pretty thing is that u share all of them free.
    thank you so much.

  24. That is the cutest bag. So creative and inspiring. Can’t wait make some for my girls they will love it.

  25. This was an awesome project, thanks for sharing!!! I was able to make the one on the left, but i didnt understand how to make the one on the right with the zipper in the middle. Can you please explain it again? Or, if u have pictures of that step, may i ask you to share the tip with me?

    Thanks, love your blog!!!

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  28. Thanks soooo much for sharing the process with all of us!

  29. Merci beaucoup pour ces explications. Je vais essayer.

    Translation (by Google):
    Thank you very much for these explanations. I’ll try.

  30. I loved your tutorial. I had to make a dance bag for my neice and so I “grew” your pattern a bit. I quilted some swirls and used my home embroidery machine to add some designs and voila! a dance bag pyramid! Thanks for the inspiration! (I have a pic of it if you want me to send it to you)

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  32. Thank you for the tutorial, i sewed them yesturday and i had so much fun! I’ve started sewing this year and it s become a real passion!

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  34. Thank you so much for sharing your pattern. I am going to make them as favors for a baby shower. I am using charm pack squares since they are already cut to the correct size and they are all coordinated.

  35. Many many thanks for this wonderful tutorial, I’m very happy of what I sewed thanks to you, I think to sew a lot of them now, this little purse is so nice !

  36. Hi!
    This is Alicia Joy from ajoyworthhaving. I wanted to let you know that I’ve nominated your blog to receive the Most Inspiring Blogger Award! You can read all about it and pick up your award here:
    Thanks for the inspiration!

    Alicia Joy

  37. Hello!

    In the spirit of zhang, I’d love to make these for my sisters. Thank you for sharing your tutorial with lots of pictures! I’m a visual learner and absolutely CRAP with written instructions. :D Also… absolutely crap with zips. :( Could you tell me:
    1) how long the zip was, when you added the fabric ends to it, and
    2) when the fabrics are RST, do you sew onto the zip fabric ends?

    Thank you!! I look forward to making a successful zhang coin purse! :)

    • Hi jojo,
      This is the answer for your question 1.
      1) 3″ (from top stops to end stop) before sewing fabric ends, after sewing it is approximately 4 1/2″ (including the fabric ends}.
      As for your question 2), can you please tell me what is the meaning of RST?

      • Hi again,

        Thank you for your reply! 2) RST means Right Sides together. :) So the question now is… It looks like I have to sew the zip fabric ends because of the 1/2″ seam allowance?


        • Now I learned a new sewing abbreviation, RST! Thanks!
          You are right, the zipper ends are sewn together with the fabrics when they are RST.

          • Yay! We learn something new everyday! You’re welcome. :) Oh, and WST is Wrong Sides Together. So RST and WST. hehe Great, I will give the zhang coin purse a whirl soon.

            Enjoy your zhang when your mum makes you some! Yummy! :)

          • Enjoy your sewing too :) I will remember WST and RST from now on.

  38. :P Love it. I just made a 7 inch one as that was the only zipper I have. It makes a great standup makeup bag. I will post it later.

  39. Yay! I made a cute little purse to match my daughter’s new dress and it turned out magical! I had no idea how this would make a triangular purse until I turned everything out. I want you to see it. Please visit my fb : Sarah sew

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  41. Hi Joanne!
    I’m trying to make the one to the right on the main photo – the one with the zipper in the middle of the front. But I really don’t get it how I’m supposed to sew it together. I don’t understand how the ] is supposed to be situated on the fabric. Do you possibly have a photo with the lines drawn that way, or can you explain it in another way? Please?

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  44. I’ve bought zips like this from a company called Euro Japan Links in London. She also stocks lots of other lovely things! Great tutorial, I love this little coin purse and the idea of sizing it up for cosmetics. Thank you for sharing.

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  46. Hallo! Thank you for your tutorial very much! I’ve done this project and both my children 3 and 5 years old want to have it :) So I have to repeat and make one more purse right tommorow :)

  47. Thank you for the wonderful tutorial and clear easy to access instructions. Bravo!

  48. what a lovely coin purse. Do you have the tutorial video? It’s kinda hard to understand the instruction by picture only.. :D

  49. I love all your crafts, you are really talented. I have a question as I can’t find info on whether I’m allowed to make and sell your crafts on a small scale basis, mostly in flea markets and such. I’m not going to mass produce, it’s just to make some pocket money. If there is any issue about copyrights etc, please let me know. Thanks so much for all your wonderful ideas. Cheers!

  50. Hi! Last year I made 6 or 7 of these to give to friends, and they were all highly appreciated!
    Thanks for the clear tutorial. It was very easy to make.
    Now I have my own blog and would like to show these little coin purses. My idea is to mention where I got the pattern and instructions from. I hope you don’t mind. And if you don’t mind me doing so, I’ll let you know when I’ll mention you.

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