Sew Boy Shorts With Cargo Pocket

2 Compartment Cargo Pocket Boy Shorts

2 Compartment Cargo Pocket Boy Shorts

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This is the 4th shorts I sewed for my kids and it will be the last one until I sew this shorts pattern again from my old blouse. Though, I still have some new ideas in making them a little different with some re-styling from the basic pattern, but, I have to make a temporary halt and proceed with my other crafts. Well, it won’t be too long for me to sew them again :)

This cargo pocket boy shorts has the same basic sewing pattern of my recent published toddler jersey shorts (for 3 year old) and kid shorts (for 6 – 8 year old), the different is… just add a cargo pocket on it. Since this shorts is using fabric recycled from my old long sleeve blouse, I utilized one of the sleeve’s cuffs to sew the cargo pocket. It is a straight corners cuff and not the normal rounded corner cuff, you can adapt this method for the rounded type just that the height and the corner will look different.

Get the sewing tutorial on how to add a cargo pocket to shorts after this jump.

1. Cotton fabric, 3/4 yard or a woman long-sleeve blouse with straight sleeve cuff (at least a USA size 10 or UK size 12)
2. Denim fabric or coordinating print, fat quarter
3. Prong snap buttons or equivalent
4. Embroidery iron-on patch (optional)

1. Sewing machine with matching thread
2. Serger/overlock machine or zigzag stitch
3. Printer, letter size (8.5″ x 11″) paper 2 pcs. & glue
4. Pencil & ruler
5. Carbon and tracing wheel
6. Scissors
7. Sewing kits
8. Iron
9. Safety pin
10. Prong snap installation tool.

[Note: If you have missed the basic kid/toddler shorts sewing pattern & tutorial, click here to go to the post and download the free sewing pattern. For younger kid / toddler size, click here for the post to download.]

sleeve cuff cargo pocketCut near the seam of the sleeve cuff and clear out the sleeve’s seam allowance inside the cuff.
Cut a denim fabric to 10″(L) x 3″(W) or follow the width of your cuff add 1/2″ for seam allowance.

sew cargo pocket out of sleeve cuffChoose the side you want your cuff to be the right side of your pocket.
Place the cuff on to denim piece with right side facing each other. Align the centers and you should have a 1/4″ extra on the sides for the denim to be the seam allowance.
Starting at 1/2″ from corner, sew 1/4″ from edge, stop at 1/2″ of another corner.

tracing wheelTrace side seam lines on the denim fabric with carbon and tracing wheel.

sew denim seamFold the denim piece into half with right side facing each other.
Adjust the cuff corners so that the side seam of denim piece can be aligned and sewn.
Sew side seam of denim piece.
Repeat the same to the other side seam.

sew cargo pocket bandTurn the denim piece right side out. Adjust corners so that they are at right angle.
Fold the seam allowance to inside and make sure it aligns with the seam of the cuff. Press and pin.
Top stitch with denim color thread.

sew on foldI made the pocket into 2 compartments, a narrow pocket with 2″ wide, and a bigger side of 7″.
Make a 3/4″ folds on the bigger pocket and stitch 1/2″ down from top edge to shape a deep pocket.

sew cargo pocket to pantsPlace the pocket onto the side of the shorts.
Align the center of the bigger pocket to the side seam of the shorts. Top edge just at the bottom of the shorts pocket.

sew dual cargo pocket to pantsSew 2 lines around the 3 sides of the cargo pocket with about 3/16″ spacing.

cargo pocket with prong snap buttonInstall prong snap buttons and attach your kid’s favorite iron-on embroidery patch.
Complete the rest of the shorts sewing.

Sew cargo pocket from a sleeve cuff

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  1. Love the pocket variation!! I linked to your tutorial on Craft Gossip Sewing:


  2. Thanks for this tutorial…

    I loved it so much I have featured it on my blog.
    You can see it here….
    … if you like.
    Thanks for taking the time to put it together and for sharing it with blogland.
    Ally on harrysdesk

  3. Thanks for this tutorial. I guess just double the measurements for adult size shorts?

  4. Hi,
    I have just found this tutorial but don’t want to keep it open as it has some music that just keeps going and going, the same line over and over and over again, to the point my husband asked me to close the page before I could even read through it…
    If there is anything you can do PLEASE I really want to read this tutorial.

  5. Would have love to get the pattern for the shorts. But I spent an hour push buttons that said it would down load and nothing….what a waste of time….

    • I am sorry to hear this, Maryann. The basic pdf patterns are at another tutorial, please choose the right size (3 years old or 6-8 years old). I have checked that I have no problem to open all the pdf by using Mozilla Firefox, Chrome and Safari browsers. If you are using Internet Explorer, it could have the problem you mentioned as IE browser is slow for big files. Please try again, and let me know if the problem persist. I will get technical stuff to check on the root cause.
      Thank you for the feedback.

  6. Hi, i found out about your blog recently and kept returning to find more stuffs. your blog is so inspiring especially this tutorial, makes me want to grab a sewing machine right away after this month’s pay day. btw, what type of sewing machine that u use?

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