Sew A Rompers From An Old Sweater

Recycle unwanted old sweater into rompers

Recycle unwanted old sweater into rompers

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I sewed another clothes for my daughter and this time it is a rompers with ribbon shoulder straps. The main material of this rompers is from my old knitted sweater, my once favorite clothes before it shows some signs of wears on the neck’s ribbing. Instead of donating it away to the needed1, I think it is better that I recycle the material into something wearable for my daughter.

The approach on how to sew this romper out of an old sweater is pretty straight forward. The top of the rompers is the body of the sweater. The shorts of the rompers are made from the sleeves. Just add some ribbons and elastic bands to complete the rompers.

Rompers, the one-piece garment for kids and adults, has been in trends for the recent years. Be wearing it as it is for the hot weather or add a cardigan and a stocking or tights during the colder weather.

[1] Those needed won’t want to wear a long warm sweater under this crazily hot and humid climate. Those can afford to stay in an air-conditioned room won’t want this worn-off sweater because they can afford to buy a new one.

1. Woman knitted Sweater
2. Ribbons, 4 yards
3. Fabric scraps for waistband and chest band lining, 2″ wide, 2 x sweater width plus some allowances.
4. Elastic band 1″, waist + chest length + some allowance.
5. Elastic band 1/4″, short length for shorts side seams.

1. Sewing Machine
2. Over-locking serger
3. Matching color sewing threads
4. Carbon and tracing wheel
5. Pins and needles.
6. Safety Pin

Measurement needed:
1. Low waist line
2. Upper chest at under arm level.

Sew a rompers from this sweaterI found this burgundy purple machine-knitted sweater in my wardrobe which I haven’t been wearing for quite some times.

Recycle sweaterLay the sweater on a flat table, adjust and smooth out according to seam lines and hem.
Cut across chest line at the under arm level.

recycle a sweaterCut out sleeves and slit open their inseams with a pair of scissors. We only need the sleeves and body part of the sweater.
Keep the rest for other projects. I think the knitted rib on the neckline should be nice for make a rosette brooch.

Trace a shorts pattern from a pair of pants or shorts, or download a 7 year-old & 3 year-old shorts from this post and this post respectively.
Lower the waist-line 3″ below the shorts pattern. Shorten the shorts length to your like or able to fit in the sleeve area. Mine is about 1 1/2″ from the crotch point. Adjust the shorts width to fit to the sweater width.
Pin paper pattern and cut the shortened low waist shorts pattern from the sleeves with 1/2″ seam allowance.
Trace seam lines with carbon and tracing wheel.
Remove pins.

rompers shortsSew front and back of the shorts at the side seams, neaten the raw edges with 4-thread over-lock stitch.

sew rompers shortsInsert right-side pair into the wrong-side pair of the shorts, sew and serge the center seam and inseam.

Join rompers top and shortsSew and attach ribbons to the hems of the shorts. Leave enough length for tying a bow at the side.
It is fine if the shorts is slightly bigger or smaller than the width of the body, since it is a knitted material, you can stretch a little to get them fit together.

Insert shorts into the body, with right side facing each other. Pin and sew together with the waistband lining, with 3/8″ seam allowance.
Leave a side opening on the waistband lining for elastic band entry.

Fold the waistband lining up and fold the raw edge in at the level of the ribbed edge. Sew.

Measure the wearer’s under waist and add about 2″ for loose fit low-waist rompers.
Insert the elastic band by using a safety pin, through the lining opening, into the pocket an come out from another opening. Zig-zag sew the elastic ends by overlapping them 1″.
Close the opening.
Sew some short vertical lines on the elastic band to set it in place so that it won’t fold inside the pocket.

Sew the chest lining to the chest line of the rompers, add a pair of ribbons about 7″ apart at the center of the front rompers and 6″ apart at the back.

Turn the lining to the wrong side of the rompers, fold in the raw edge, and sew about 1″ wide of pocket for the elastic band installation.
Leave a side opening for elastic band entry.
Measure the wearer’s upper chest at under arm level, add 1″ for elastic band joining.
Insert the elastic band into the pocket, join and sew like you did for the waistband.

Cut 2 short lengths of 1/4″ elastic bands, around 1/2 the length of your shorts side seam.
Pin them on each side of the shorts’ seam lines with ends align to the top and lowest point of the shorts seam.

Stretch the elastic to match the side seam length. Sew it on the seam to create a gather effect on the shorts’ sides.

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  1. This is soooo fabulous!!! I linked to your tutorial on Craft Gossip Sewing:
    (link will go live later tonight)

  2. Wow,wow,wow! That is ingenious and your daughter looks so cute in the romper!You have the most amazing ideas! Thanks for the beautiful tutorial.

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  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you! This project opens up enormous opportunities for thrifted sweaters. Your model is precious! she has great style.

  5. I like your creations, it is fantastic what beautyful clotes you can make from old clotes. :-)
    I like to follow your blog.

    Mia in Denmark ♥♥♥

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  7. My Goodness that is so creative and such a great idea! I would definitely need a pattern piece for the shorts though. It looks great.

  8. Woooww, lovely! The modella is so beautiful! Love the rompers! Such a great work!

  9. i need to stich a romper for 0ne year baby boy .i can provide you the image.
    if yes then what meaurements are required? what it costs in rupees?
    i am from india.

  10. Wow, great work, i’m amazed as inspired. I love creative work and this is so great. Keep it going, it’s awesome.

  11. with the way the economy is going it is fantastic that you come up with ways of economizing thanks you are very talented.

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