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Mini Pom Pom

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This is a rather quick and easy tutorial to make mini pom-pom with your own 2 fingers, some yarns and a pair of scissors. If you need some mini pom-pom to make, this is a quick tutorial to refer to.

mini pom-pom

It started when I need some mini pom-pom urgently for a crochet craft and I was lazy to drive tenths of miles just to get to a shop that sells them.

Just in case you are like me and have some stash yarns at home, you can easily make your own mini pom pom with just 2 of your fingers. If you use the same yarn to make the mini pompom, it matches perfectly to your project.

These mini pom pom are perfect for hot gluing on to just about any of your little girls’ things… hair clips, hats, belts, etc. These would be SO cute attached to a string as a garland or as ornaments for Christmas time… or Valentine’s tree. Or, how about making them into cute cartoon character… Angry Birds, for example.

Mini Pom-Pom

Material & tool:
1. Stash yarn
2. Scissors

mini pom-pom

Wrap a significant amount of yarn onto your 2 fingers. The more yarn you wrap, the fuller the pom-pom will be. But, be moderate and don’t go beyond what your 2 upper part fingers can take.

mini pom-pom

Tie the yarns in between your 2 fingers. Tie it strongly and securely. If you need someone to help, please ask, but I can do it just with my other hand and my teeth.
Take out the yarns from your fingers, cut the loops and trim it to a round shape. Trim a little at a time so that you won’t over trim it. Gauge the roundness of your mini pom-pom from all angles.


Apply this mini pom-pom to make Angry Birds crafts.

Angry Birds Pom Pom
Photo and tutorial from Make And Takes


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Tuesday 15th of April 2014

I saw another tutorial which uses a fork to make mini pom pom but I like your idea better. Thank you.


Friday 2nd of September 2011

Thank you for the tutorial, I will make some soon.


Monday 22nd of August 2011

Love the mini Pom Poms :)