DIY Shamrock Bokeh Lights

shamrock bokeh
I promised that I will show you how to do shaped-bokeh lights effect in this post and I didn’t forget! Here is the tutorial with a shamrock pattern in a green ambient. You may adapt the tutorial for any shaped-bokeh lights you like.

Happy St Patrick’s Day to whom who celebrate!

Remember the beautiful morning dew drops at the tips of the wheat grass I woke up to see and adore 3 years ago? Which I took the photos with my little point-to-shoot compact camera? Recently, I planted some wheat grass that meant for an upcoming Easter cum St Patrick’s Day craft. Again, I woke up to see some beautiful dew drops setting at the tip of the grass, so pretty that I can’t resist to take some closed-up photos on them.

morning dew

Overs the years, I have earned and saved enough to invest in an affordable and good DSLR camera. Now, I am back to take another round of dew drops photos. Previously, I need to do some photo editing to crop on a big photo in order to show the tiny dew drops. But today, I am not just able to take a real closed-up macro photo but also able to have a lovely bokeh effect out of the dew drops light reflections with my Canon EOS 60D. After a few shootings and reviewing the greenery photos, an idea struck through my mind that I can do it with shamrock bokeh since St Patrick’s Day is just around the corner, and also to keep my promise, one stone two birds, why not! πŸ™‚

morning dew

One last thing before you jump to the tutorial, look what I have found in the wheat grasses… a tiny little visitor resting on the wheat grass. Ok, this is a cropped photo, my economical macro lens can’t get so close to it yet. May be I will invest in an expensive professional macro lens if I am going for the assignment of tiny world photography that I love to do. Who knows, may be another 3 years from now…. lol

tiny insect with dew drop

{CLICK HERE to get the DIY Shamrock Bokeh Lights Tutorial.}

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  1. this is so useful, thanks !:)

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  3. This is so smart, thanks for sharing the tutorial!
    I linked it in a serie I’m writing for my blog (, I hope you don’t mind! πŸ™‚

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