No Sew Tea Towel Pillow

no sew pillow
While my old sewing machine was off for a service and repair, I was handicapped. Which in turn, inspired myself to think of how to make a pillow without using a sewing machine. Here it is, a no-sew tea towel pillow was created especially for you, both sewer and non-sewer. Now, everyone can make pillow cover with just some simple tools and materials.

make laced pillow

There could be some other techniques for no sew pillow, have been seeing some using fusible web to “glue” the edges, but I wonder if it is only for no wash pillow. Here, I am using “lace and fasten” method, by lacing through eyelets at the edges, draw the edges together and fasten them to form a pillow cover. When you are tired with the pillow, you can always take out the ribbon lacing and return the tea towel back to its original flat form.

This is a cheap and quick no-sew tea towel pillow, just need a tea towel, some single-piece eyelets and it’s installation tool, ribbons to fasten, plus other supporting tools, you can make the no-sew pillow that has ribbon-lace and bows at the sides.

Hope you like it. Well, obviously my sister’s puppy loves it a lot 🙂

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no sew ribbon laced pillow

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  2. Love this tute! Where did you buy the tea towels? I can never find anything other than plan white where I live.

    • I bought it from a local home improvement and decoration shop. I am not sure where are you residing, if you have Ikea at your area, perhaps you can get something similar. I presumed you are from USA, here is the link.

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  4. What a great idea! We have several really pretty linen tea towels from Europe which would be perfect for this project.

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