No-Sew Tea Towel Pillow

No-Sew Pillow

No-Sew Pillow

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While my old sewing machine was off for a service and repair, I was handicapped. Which in turn, inspired myself to think of how to make a pillow without using a sewing machine. Here it is, a no-sew tea towel pillow was created especially for you, both sewer and non-sewer. Now, everyone can make pillow cover with just some simple tools and materials.

There could be some other techniques for no-sew pillow, have been seeing some using fusible web to “glue” the edges, but I wonder if it is only for no-wash pillow. Here, I am using “lace and fasten” method, by lacing through eyelets at the edges, draw the edges together and fasten them to form a pillow cover. When you are tired with the pillow, you can always take out the ribbon lacing and return the tea towel back to its original flat form.

This is a cheap and quick no-sew tea towel pillow, just need a tea towel, some single-piece eyelets and it’s installation tool, ribbons to fasten, plus other supporting tools, you can make the no-sew pillow that has ribbon-lace and bows at the sides.

Hope you like it. Well, obviously my sister’s puppy loves it a lot :)

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no sew ribbon laced pillow

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  3. Love this tute! Where did you buy the tea towels? I can never find anything other than plan white where I live.

    • I bought it from a local home improvement and decoration shop. I am not sure where are you residing, if you have Ikea at your area, perhaps you can get something similar. I presumed you are from USA, here is the link.

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  5. What a great idea! We have several really pretty linen tea towels from Europe which would be perfect for this project.

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