How To Sew Sock Penguin

sock penguin

Inspired by the little penguins I encountered in Australia, here is my version of sock penguin. This penguin measures about 7 1/2″ tall and it can stand firmly on a flat surface by itself. It is a great gift to sew, be it as softie toy, hanging ornament, or merely for display. Get the pattern and tutorial to sew one soon. More sock toy, click here.

sock penguin

During my recent visit to Australia, I stopover at Philip Island, a penguin conservation centers with a viewing area to watch the penguin parading back to their burrows after the sunset. I was really impressed by this little penguin’s amazing willpower after I was told that they could walk up to a few miles from their burrows to reach the coastline right before sunrise, the walk back again after they come back for a long haul fishing trip in the sea after sunset. Many of the burrows are build on the slope, I wonder how could they walk up the steep slope with their pair of very short leg, a stomach full of fish and with no hand to grab on? Imagine yourself walking in the gunny sack, not easy to walk fast without a few tumbles and fall. My salute to the little penguin. By the way, the adult little penguins measure just about 13″ tall, only merely over a foot tall.

sock penguin

Cheers to the little penguin, I missed you badly after I returned home. Now, I have sewed these little sock penguins to accompany, hope to see the real one again soon.


sock penguins

sock penguins

{CLICK HERE to get pattern & tutorial of Sock Penguin.}

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  1. Preciosos!!!!!

    Translate (by Google):

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  3. Wow, Joanne! You made so many of them. Too cute! 🙂

  4. These are so adorable! One of the cutest I’ve seen, you are so talented! I love penguins and hope to make some that will look as nice as yours. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  5. I am in LOVE with these sock projects!

    Now I have something to do with all those single socks in my laundry basket!

  6. I thank you for sharing your knowledge with me. You have great tutorials and the pictures help a great deal.
    Now I have to look for pretty socks to make them for my grandchildren.
    May G’d bless you and keep you safe. Again thanks. Evita

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  8. HIya! Do you sell any sock monkey or penguin?

  9. Thank you so much for this! I sewed one pink and one blue for my boyfriend and he loved them! They’re soooo cute :)! The only thing is mine don’t really stand on their own but they’re still adorable haha 🙂

    • So happy to know this, Denise, Do you mind to share with us some pictures of your penguins, I am sure others will love to see them.
      Did you place the beans pack at the foot area? The bean pack will help to let them stand on their own.
      Looking forward 🙂

  10. Hello! Such a great tutorial. I’ve bookmarked your website and am really excited to have stumbled across it. I’ve been searching for a small diy project for Christmas–and I think I’ve found it. 😀 What brand of sock do you use? Do you know of where socks could be purchased in bulk?

    • Hi Rebekah, Thank you for liking the sock animal in Craft Passion. I bought most of my socks from a local shop called Sox World, I heard that they import the socks from Taiwan or China, that’s all I know. Hope this piece of information helps.

  11. Hello! These little penguins are so cute! I’m putting together a roundup of penguin crafts and was wondering if I could include an image from your post along with a link back to your site. Thanks!

  12. Hi! We have recently discovered sock/glove animals and since my little one loves pinguins, I will start with your tutorial above. Thanks for such a great ideea! We will come back to you with pics of our (hopefully adorable) little fellow 🙂

    • I am so looking forward.
      Can’t wait to see your sock penguin pictures 🙂

    • It’s done! 🙂 A rather colourful pinguin, which makes it much cuter than expected! I can’t upload a picture here, I will put one on my personal blog with a link back to your tutorial, if that’s ok with you! As for us, we continue our journey with the owl tutorial, we can’t get enough of your sock projects:)) Talk soon!

  13. My daughter and I made penquins from a very similar pattern when she was in high school. We made at least two dozen to give to her friends and co-workers. The main difference was we used black socks for the body and striped socks for hats and scarf. Everyone loved them and it was a great opportunity for quality mom/daughter time. Thanks for sharing your pattern!!! Adorable!

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  15. Love the Penguin pattern. Planed to make them for Christmas gifts. So I bought 12 colored pairs with stripes ready to go, but ran into a problem. because the pattern didn’t say to buy socks with block toes,so I ended up with pink and orange stripes for the face. I should have noticed that from your pictures, but missed it. I had to use a black sharpie marker to blacken the face, and will return the rest of the socks. I’m not sure were to buy black toe socks with colorful strips, which is so adorable. But I will make these somehow, Thanks for the pattern, Barbara

  16. Love these though mine turned out a bit funny too much of a gap between the bottom of the belly and thee feet, used women’s size 5 socks…. Any idea where I went wrong?

  17. trop mignons!!!!
    merci infiniment

    Translation (by Google):
    so cute!!!!
    thank you so much

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