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Antique Pocket Mirror

Antique Pocket Mirror

July 10, 2016 /

antique pocket mirror

Have you started planning what to make as a gift for this coming year-end greeting seasons? This Antique Pocket Mirror is one of the perfect gifts that you can DIY. It is quick to make and presentable as a gift for lady friends and relatives. I have made a few and keep them until the end of this year. Some lucky friends or relatives will have it in their Christmas stocking soon 🙂


pocket mirror diy

I am using a high quality folding compact pocket mirror case that has two mirrors inside, a regular mirror on one side and a close-up mirror on the other. It comes with a plastic plate that we can craft on it, therefore, I covered the plate with fabrics that have beautifully felt decals on it and some with needlepoint craftwork made by my sister.

Antique Pocket Mirror – How To Make

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beautiful pocket mirror

Felt Decal design is quick to make but the needlepoint craftwork gives a precious touch to the pocket mirror. Likewise, you may also use some beautiful printing fabrics to embellish the pocket mirror. How about adding some rhinestones or iron-on decal instead? Ribbon embroidery could be another precious one to make.

For a more intricate design, you may cross stitch a small pattern for the pocket mirror. If your favorite cross stitch pattern is too big for the pocket mirror, use higher thread count of Aida fabric to scale down the size so that they fit into 2 1/2″ diameter. My sister cross-stitches them for me and I really like them a lot.


pocket mirror

I just can’t help but keep one to myself.

Time for me to touch up my make-up.



touch up mirror

Antique Pocket Mirror

Difficulty: Easy
Dimensions: 7cm (2 3/4″)diameter

Materials And Tools:
to make 1

1. Compact Pocket Mirror Case with a plastic plate, 1
2. Needlepoint craft or fabric of your choice
3. Batting or thick soft felt
4. Sewing Needles, preferably long needle
5. Strong thread
6. Selleys Epoxy Adhesive or equivalent
7. White PVA Glue or Mod Podge
8. Rubber bands
9. Glue applicator, I used toothpicks
10. Round template, 2 1/2″ internal circle, 3 1/3″ external circle
11. Scissors


Heat Transfer Felt Decal Option
12. Heat Transfer Felt Decal of your choice (the pattern should be smaller or equal to 1 1/2″ diameter)
13. Iron
14. Stash fabric (for ironing)

Needlepoint Craftwork Option
12. Needlepoint Craftwork of your choice (the pattern should be smaller or equal to 1 1/2″ diameter)
13. Lightweight fusible interfacing
14. Iron
15. Stash fabric (for ironing)


pocket mirror materialsGather all the materials and tools needed for this craft.
This tutorial is a demo with heat transfer felt decal, you may skip the first part if you are not using the decal.
If you are using needlepoint craftwork on Aida fabric or lower thread count (looser weave) fabric, attach a layer of fusible interfacing on the wrong side of the craftwork to strengthen the fabric.


heat transfer felt decalPlace the Heat Transfer Felt Decal on the fabric, with right side facing down.


iron-on decalHeat up your iron to medium heat (dry and no steam) or as stated in the iron-on material instruction.
Cover the decal with stash fabric.
Press with medium pressure the iron to adhere the decal for 20 seconds. Make sure to press the iron on the entire decal.


peel decalLeave the decal as it is until it is cool to touch, peel off the decal backing.
Cover the decal with stash fabric and press with iron again to further enhance the adhesion.


fabric coverTrace the round template on batting and the main fabric; small circle on batting, bigger circle on fabric.
Cut them out.


battingApply craft glue on the plastic plate and glue the batting on it.


pocket mirror fabricSew running stitch along the edge of the round fabric, pull the thread to curl up the fabric.
Place the plastic plate into it, pull the thread further and gather the fabric onto the plate snugly.
Turn to the front and adjust the position if needed. Knot the thread.


cover plateSew another round of running stitch next to the first round, pull the thread tight to further tighten the fabric to the plate.
Knot the thread securely.


felt decal fabricThe beautifully decorated plastic plate is now ready to be glued on the pocket mirror case.


selleys epoxy fixMix the 2-part epoxy glue as instructed in the instruction section of the package.
Since the glue is a quick-dry type, mix a small portion that is enough for 1 mirror.


glue pocket mirrorApply the glue on the edge of the plate.


glue coverApply the glue on the edge of the pocket mirror.


fix cover pocket mirrorPlace the plate to the mirror, position it nicely, hold it for at least 30 seconds or until it is secured.


securely tight circleTight the mirror with rubber bands and set aside for overnight.


A beautiful Antique Pocket Mirror is done and you may use it anytime when you need to touch up your make-up.

DIY pocket mirror


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