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Owl Macaron Coin Purse Sewing Pattern

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Hoot, Hoot, Hoot… Craft Passion has created a new species of the owl,  “The Macaron Owl”, the Owl Macaron Coin Purse. They are a sewed from pear-shaped macaron purse case and zipper. Akin to the original design concept, the Macaron Coin Purse, these Macaron Owls are tiny little zipper coin purses (about 3″ tall) with narrow storage space. It is good enough to place some small pieces of jewelry like earrings and rings; maybe to keep some small coins, folded money; a place to keep a small piece of note that wrote your shopping list and reminder, etc. Or, simply use it as a key chain, hanging ornament, or locket.

owl macaron coin purse

After spending some long hours designing and sewing the first Owl Macaron Coin Purse, I am excited about the outcome. Though it is a bit tedious in the patchwork process, it is a total “craft satisfaction” project to sew. Similar to any new craft you are trying, the first one is always taking a long time to complete. As you have gained the experience from the first one, the following pieces will be much faster.

The Owl Macaron Coin Purse is just too adorable, and I can’t help myself from sewing more. With a little tweak on the fabric, I have sewed up 5 of them in different colors. Please meet (from the bottom, clockwise): Sky, Sun, Grass, Rose, and Night. Which one do you like the most?

owl locket

Owl Macaron Coin Purse Pattern

scroll ⬇️ to get the free sewing pattern & tutorial

To sew these owl macaron coin purses, you will need the pear-shaped case, some fabrics in different prints and materials, yarn, brad pins, zipper, etc. You may get the full list below.

This cute little macaron coin purse is a fully hand-sewn project, no sewing machine is needed. I have prepared the printable pdf pattern for you to download instantly. Just print it out, and you are ready to go.

owl mini jewelry case

They are great to sew as a gift for girls; for your mom, aunties, daughters, girlfriends, nieces, cousins, neighbors, colleagues, etc… Aside from its adorableness and charming looking, the owl also symbolizes wisdom, foresight, intuition, and keeper of sacred knowledge.

owl mini purses

Often, I received feedback from loyal crafters that they couldn’t find the materials needed in my pattern and tutorial. I really feel bitter at the bottom of my heart as I understand the hopeless feeling that one devoted crafter cannot create something she desires to make due to the lack of appropriate materials. For this reason, Craft Passion has opened an online shop to support the materials I am using here in my pattern.

owl diy kit set

I have prepared the DIY Kit for this Owl Macaron Coin Purse in 5 different color sets, each set comes in a limited quantity. The DIY kit includes all the materials you need to sew this owl macaron coin purse except sewing threads and tools. The kits are at Craft Passion Shop; click here for more details or to purchase. {SOLD OUT}

What’s Next:

Happy sewing!

Owl Macaron Coin Purse Sewing Pattern

Owl Macaron Coin Purse Sewing Pattern

Yield: 2″ x 2 3/4″ x 1 1/4″ Coin Purse
Active Time: 6 hours
Total Time: 6 hours
Difficulty: Intermediate /Advance Level
Estimated Cost: $10 - $12

Hoot, Hoot, Hoot… Craft Passion has created a new species of the owl “The Macaron Owl”, the Owl Macaron Coin Purse. They are a sewed from pear-shaped macaron purse case and zipper. Akin to the original design concept, the Macaron Coin Purse, these Macaron Owls are tiny little zipper coin purses (about 3″ tall) with narrow storage space. It is good enough to place some small pieces of jewelry like earrings, and rings; maybe to keep some small coins, folded money; a place to keep a small piece of note that wrote your shopping list and reminder, etc. Or, simply use it as a key chain, hanging ornament, or locket.

Enjoy sewing them!

Download and print separately: SEWING PATTERN


  • Macaron Coin Purse Case, Pear Shaped, 1 pair
  • Fabric A, 1 piece (for front body), 3 1/2″ x 4 1/2″
  • Fabric B, 1 piece (for wings & back body), 5 1/2″ x 5″ or 3 1/2″ x 7″
  • Fabric C, 1 piece (for forehead, belly, zipper end wrap & inner plate), 7″x7″ or 5″x9″
  • Fabric D, 1 piece (for the head), 3″x2″
  • White Felt, 1 piece (for eyes), 1″x2″
  • Beige Felt, 1 piece (for eyes), 1″x1″
  • Yellow / Brown Felt, 1 piece (for beak), 1″x1″
  • Yarn (for eyebrows), 2 yards
  • Ribbon (3/8″ width), 2″
  • Metal Zipper, beige, 7″, 1 piece (If needed, use this tutorial to shorted your metal zipper.)
  • Black Brad Pins, 5mm, 1 pair (for eyes)
  • Foam Interfacing or thick batting, 1 piece, 4 1/2″ x 7″
  • Stiff Woven Interfacing, 1 piece, 4″x3″
  • Freezer Paper, 1 piece, 5″x4″
  • Nylon Thread or strong sewing thread for upholstery
  • Sewing Thread, beige color
  • Printed Pattern Template
  • Card stock to print out pattern template


  • Sewing Needles, preferably long needle
  • Pins
  • Pen, pencil, Water Erasable Fabric Marker
  • Scissors to cut paper and fabrics
  • Awl or a sharp pointy tip tool
  • Long nose plier and a wire cutter (use them to shorten metal zipper)
  • Iron
  • Printer



  1. Preparation:
    Gather all the materials and tools as listed above. Get ready for the template by downloading it from here, printing it on card stock, and cutting them out.owl macaron 1
  2. Trace Templates:
    1 & 2. Trace Body template on Foam Interfacing or thick batting and its respective fabrics A & B. Trace all the markings on Fabric A. Mark center lines for the rest of the pieces.
    3 & 4. Trace and cut felt pieces according to their respective templates.owl macaron 5

    1 & 2. Trace forehead, belly, wings, and eyes on the non-shiny side of the freezer paper. Cut them out. Note, flip the wings to get the mirror image for the left and right sides since they are not in a symmetrical shape.
    3 & 4. Trace 2 Inner Plate templates on the Stiff Woven Interfacing. Cut them out.owl macaron 2
  3. Fuse Backings:
    Iron to fuse them on the wrong side of their respective fabrics.
    Cut 1/4″ from the edge of the template.
    Trace the Zipper End Wrap and cut it out too.owl macaron 3
  4. Sew Owl:
    Sew running stitch along with the seam allowance at places where you will sew slip stitch to the owl body. Take note of the tiny markings on the template to get the correct position. Pull thread to gather the seam allowance and hence fold it in. Iron to set the shape.
    Baste the Body pieces to the foam interfacing. Iron to fuse the foam interfacing to the fabric.owl macaron 4

    By referring to the markings, align the Belly and Eye templates to the front Body piece of the owl, and trace the outlines.owl macaron 6

    1. Place the belly fabric piece and slip stitch the folded edge onto the body. Stitches must go through the foam interfacing or the batting. The thread must be pulled tight enough so that it is not visible when you stretch the fabric.
    2 & 3. Peel off the freezer paper and take it off the fabric. If the freezer paper is hard to peel off (which usually will not happen), lightly spray some water on the paper to weaken the bond.owl macaron 7

    Sew running stitch at places outside the body's inner border.owl macaron 8

    Sew to attach the beak.owl macaron 9

    Place the Eye fabric piece and slip stitch the folded edge of the owl body. Peel off the freezer paper and take it out. Sew running stitch for the top, which is outside the inner border.owl macaron 10

    Align and trace the body, wings, and forehead templates on the body.owl macaron 11

    Sew the wings onto the body with slip stitches at the folded edge and the running stitch at the outside. Remember to take out the freezer paper before sewing the running stitches.owl macaron 12

    Place the eye felt pieces of the eye area, you may do a small tiny stitch to secure them in place. Use an awl to poke a small hole at where you want to put the black brad pins. Install the brad pins as the black of the eyes.owl macaron 13

    Fold the yarn into 8 strands or more if you want thicker eyebrow hair.
    Place it on the forehead area, spread them nicely, and sew.owl macaron 14

    Place the Forehead fabric piece on the head, sew slip stitches at the folded edge and sew running stitches on the outside. Again, please don’t forget to take out the freezer paper.owl macaron 15

    Bring a few strands of yarn at the side upward and deviate to the side, and make a few stitches near the edge of the forehead to secure the yarn in an upward direction. You may use a little PVA white glue to do this too.
    This completes the patchwork of the front part of the owl macaron coin purse.owl macaron 16

    Sew running stitches along with the seam allowance of the front piece with nylon thread or strong sewing thread.
    Pull to curl up the owl body.owl macaron 17
  5. Add Macaron Coin Purse Case:
    1. Insert a Pear-Shaped Macaron Coin Purse Case into it. Pull the thread and gather the fabric onto the cover snugly. Turn to the front and adjust the body's position so it is symmetrical. Knot the thread.
    2. Sew horizontally across the sides, lacing through in a zigzag pattern, pull tight to stretch out the fabric, and bring it close to the macaron case.
    3. Repeat the same vertically.
    Inspect the edges and ensure they are nice and neat without any bumps or overlap.owl macaron 18

    This is what the owl will look like after completing all the above steps.owl macaron 19

    Cover the macaron case with the fabric and foam interfacing of the back body as well.owl macaron 21

    Mark the edges of the macaron case, this is where we are going to stitch the zipper on.
    Set them aside.owl macaron 20
  6. Prepare Zipper:
    We need a 7″ zipper for this owl macaron coin purse, and we need to shorten the zipper from 8″ to 7″. If you are using a normal nylon coil zipper, please omit the following few steps, just cut away the extra length with scissors. The zipper shortening steps are applicable to both metal and plastic zippers.
    Measure and mark 7″ from the bottom stop of the zipper.owl macaron 22

    Pull out the metal teeth from the zipper until the mark, about 8 teeth from each side. Place back the top stop of the zipper.
    Click here for more details on how to shorten a metal zipper.owl macaron 23

    Sew to join the zipper tape together above the top stops.
    Cut away the extra zipper tape.owl macaron 24

    1. Fold the ribbon into half and sew it below the bottom stop with ends facing zipper end.
    2. Fold the zipper right side together and sew to join it into a ring. Trim the end to about 1/4″ from the stitching line.
    3. Fold the Zipper End Wrap fabric in half then fold a seam allowance of 1/4″. Sew to wrap the zipper end.
    4. Bend the binder to the top stop side and sew it onto the zipper. Clip away the extra fabric at the side of the zipper.owl macaron 25

    Mark the sewing line of the zipper tape, it is about 1/8″ after the teeth or 3/8″ from the center of the teeth. You can do the marking in advance, before sewing up the zipper to form a ring.owl macaron 26

    Mark the center of the zipper length, it is going to align with the bottom center of the owl.owl macaron 27

    If you feel the yarns are messy to handle, tie them up before proceeding with the zipper sewing.owl macaron 28
  7. Sew Zipper:
    Align the zipper with a ribbon loop to the top center of the owl. Sew the zipper to the edge of the owl body with a slip stitch. The stitching must get into the foam interfacing or the batting as well.
    Eyeballing the distance of the center markings of the zipper and bottom center of the owl, adjust the stitching distance in order the 2 markings are able to meet as close as possible.
    Repeat the same to the back body of the owl.owl macaron 29
  8. Final Touch:
    Trim away the yarn of the owl’s eyebrow.owl macaron 30

    The Owl Macaron Coin Purse before stitching up the inner plate.
    Important: Since the shape of this macaron is in a pear shape, you will need to pay attention to the center lines alignment of the owl and the zipper. If they are not meeting the center lines near enough, the front and back bodies of the owl will not be matched.owl macaron 31

    Align the inner plate to the zipper, slip stitch it to the stitching line of the owl body.owl macaron 33

    The inside of the owl macaron coin purse.owl macaron 34

    The completed owl macaron coin purse.owl macaron 35

Play around with different fabric color choices to sew up the macaron owl in a different color theme.

owl macaron coin purses

Hope you enjoy sewing a bunch of them up.

Happy sewing!


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