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/Amigurumi/Fur Bird Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Fur Bird Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Fur Bird Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

August 31, 2017 /
bird amigurumi pattern

My inspiration this time came from the colorful furry balls of birds in The Angry Birds Movie, so this time my craft is a crochet bird pattern. Meet the cozy, cutie-pie Fur Bird amigurumi. 

If you have watched the movie, you would remember how the little offsprings at the end of the movie simply melted everybody’s hearts away. With their little yellow feet, they had huge, innocent-looking eyes that makes them look like they could never get into trouble, no matter what they do. Their expressive faces are adorable even when their eyebrows furrow with anger. 

Just like these cutie-pie offsprings, Fur Bird amigurumis are also colourful and expressive. What is fun is you can create your very own little fur birds with the free crochet pattern in this blog. Be fully creative in any way you want with multi-coloured yarns and felt. 

crochet bird pattern

Fur Bird Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

scroll ⬇️ to get the free crochet pattern & tutorial

Fur Bird amigurumi is about 4.5” tall and crocheted with 1 strand of fur yarn and 1 strand of acrylic yarn. Then, brush and groom them to create a thick fur appearance. Its beak is attached to the body by needle felting while the feet are crocheted with acrylic yarn.

This crochet bird pattern uses colored-iris safety eyes as their eyes so you can choose to use different colors for the different birds. You can attach them on the far sides of the eyes, and for different expressions, on the insides close to each other or the tops. The whites of its eyes are made of felt fabric and the edge is needle felted so a big round eye is created.  

baby fur bird amigurumi

To make this amigurumi bird gender-specific, add long eyelashes to your fur bird amigurumi to make them look feminine and more adorably innocent. Cut a piece of fake eyelashes in half, trim them to suit your own amigurumi bird, and glue them onto their eyes.

amigurumi bird

A set of super cute twin Pink and Cyan Fur Bird amigurumi as a set, perfect as a gift for 2 siblings or best friends.

amigurumi bird crochet pattern

Make a triplet set of fur birds, just like the 3 blue angry birds Jay, Jake and Jim. 

baby angry bird crochet pattern

This crochet bird pattern can be a way to brighten up the surroundings. Whether it is a craft room, study room, working desk, or window sill, Fur Bird amigurumi is a happy little bird toy to have around. 

Use different colors of yarn for each crochet bird pattern and soon, you’ll have an army of cute stuffed birds decorating your craft room. Due to their size, each fur bird can be made into a different bird-themed project – a key chain, or a bag, and baby mobiles, which would brighten up anyone’s day. This makes the Fur Bird amigurumi versatile as a crochet bird stuffed toy, suitable as more than just one kind of gift. 

Tweet tweet, tweet tweet, do you hear that? 

Tweet, tweet, tweet tweet, they are calling out to you.  

They were loitering around, looking for a craft family to join, and they found yours. Now they are chirping at your door, asking to be let in because they love making new friends. 

Will you be their new home? 

little bird amigurumi crochet pattern

Check out other bird-themed crafts on the Craft Passion, how about trying to crochet Mr. Murasaki, the popular purple sleepy amigurumi owl. Besides, you may find Browie. the sock owl and needle felted birds are easier to do if you’re more comfortable with a needle and felt. Both patterns & tutorials come with free bird craft patterns which will help you figure out how to sew birds into your craft family. 

For more free amigurumi crochet patterns, click here.

Happy Crochet!

bird amigurumi pattern

Fur Bird Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Yield: 4 ½" Stuffed Bird
Active Time: 3 hours
Total Time: 3 hours
Difficulty: Intermediate
Estimated Cost: $3 - $10

Have you ever wanted the little offspring of Angry Birds? Inspired by the colorful furry baby birds in The Angry Birds Movie, here is the free crochet pattern of my version — Fur Bird Amigurumi.

The Fur Bird Amigurumi is crochet by using 1 strand of fur yarn and 1 strand of acrylic yarn, it is then brushed and groomed to create a thicker fur. The white of the eye is made of felt fabric, the edge is later needle felted to create a big round eye. The beak is attached to the body by needle felting too. The feet is crochet using acrylic yarn. The fur bird is about 4.5″ tall.


  • Yarn: Eyelash Fur Yarn (a ball of yarn can make about 5 birds) 
  • Yarn: Ami-Acy Acrylic Yarn (a ball of yarn can make about 3 birds)
  • Safety Eyes – colored iris, one pair of 12mm size
  • White felt, 1.25" circle, 2 pcs
  • Yellow felt, 0.5" semicircle


  • Crochet hook: 3.0mm and 3.5mm
  • Pet slicker brush
  • Felting Needle, Clover, Heavyweight
  • Tapestry needle
  • Fiberfill



ch: chain
sc: single crochet
inc: increment stitch / 2sc in a stitch
dec: sc2tog to decrease
inv dec: invisible decrease

(Crochet Pattern is written in American Crochet Terms)


With 1 strand of fur yarn and 1 strand of matching color acrylic yarn, crochet both yarns together in the back loops only. Use a 3.5mm hook
Round 1: sc 6 in magic ring {6}.
Round 2: [inc] around {12}.
Round 3: [inc, sc] around {18}.
Round 4: [inc, sc 2] around {24}.
Round 5: [inc, sc 3] around {30}.
Round 6: [inc, sc 4] around {36}.
Round 7-15 (9 rounds altogether): sc around {36}.
Round 16: [dec, sc 4] around {30}.
Round 17: [dec, sc 3] around {24}.
Install eyes at Round 14, 2 sts apart, and stuff body.
Round 18: [dec, sc 2] around {18}.
Round 19: [dec, sc] around {12}.
Round 20: [dec] around {6}.
Round 21: Sc around {6}.
Fasten off and weave in ends.

Make 2. With 1 strand of fur yarn and 1 strand of matching color acrylic yarn, crochet both yarns together in the back loops only. Use a 3.5mm hook
Round 1: sc 6 in magic ring {6}.
Round 2: [inc] around {12}.
Fasten off and leave a long tail for sewing.

Make 4. With 1 strand of acrylic yarn. Use a 3mm hook
Round 1: Sc 4 in magic ring {4}.
Round 2-4 (3 rounds altogether): sc around {4}.
Round 5: [inv dec] around {2}.
Fasten off and leave a long tail for sewing.


  1. When working with fur yarn, it is always easier to pair it up with another strand of acrylic yarn of a similar color. Crochet both yarns in the back loops only.fur bird ami 1a
  2. This is the body after completing round 17, before installing the eyes.
    To create thicker fur, brush the fur with a slicker brush before installing the eyes.fur bird ami 1
  3. Cut white felt into 2 circles of 1.25″ diameter each.
    Mark 8mm (5/16″) from the edge as the point to insert the safety eye.
    Snip the felt a little to make a small hole, big enough for the leg of the safety eye to go in.fur bird ami 2
  4. Insert the eyes (together with the felt) at Round 14, 2 sts apart. Rotate the white felt pieces to have more white on the top than the bottom. Install the backplate of the safety eyes to secure their positions.fur bird ami 3
  5. Continue with the body pattern. Brush the fur with a slicker brush from top to bottom. Then brush the top upward to create a spike, or, a quiff if it is long enough.fur bird ami 6
  6. Crochet the feet and cut the yellow felt to a semicircle of 0.5″.fur bird ami 4
  7. Crochet the wings then brush the front to create a thicker fur.fur bird ami 5
  8. Fold the wing in half and sew to make it into a semicircle.
    (it is not obvious to show in the picture due to the fur)fur bird ami 7
  9. Sew the wings and feet to the fur bird, hide all yarn ends.fur bird ami 8
  10. Bend to arch the semicircle yellow beak and needle felt the beak (the curve side) to the bird between the eyes.
    Be careful while piercing the needle and do it slowly to prevent needle breakage.
    You may also sew or glue the beak instead of using needle felting.fur bird ami 9
  11. This is how the beak looks like after needle-felted it in place.fur bird ami 10
  12. Needle felt the edge of the white felt to make the big round eye.
    Again, be careful while piercing, especially those edges near the safety eyes. The backplate of the safety eyes could get in the way of the needle. Do it slow and once you feel the backplate is blocking the way, pierce it with a slight angle to avoid the backplate.fur bird ami 11
  13. The little blue crochet fur bird is done! It is such a cutie!fur bird ami 12
  14. If you wish to add long eyelashes to the fur bird, cut a piece of fake eyelash into a half, trim away some lashes in between, glue them onto the eyes.fur bird ami 13

The happy get-together time of the fur bird amigurumi.

fur bird amigurumi

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