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Needle Felted Birds

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Look, what have I made from the plain mini felted Easter eggs? I have turned them into little needle felted birds [tweet tweet] and some other cuties. Hope this will get you into the mood for spring and Easter.

how to felt bird

Previously, you have learned how to make a felted egg with wet felting, now, you go one step beyond to decorate the eggs into some cuties with the needle felting method. This needle felting tutorial is showing little needle felted birds by adding wings, beaks, eyes, and tails with felt and wool. You can adapt the method and make them into little needle felted chicks or embellish the eggs with polka dots and stripes just like those at the back. It is all up to your creativity, try to make something out of the box from the eggs.

How-To Make Needle Felted Birds

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The supplies and tools you need to make these little needle felted birds are:
Wel-Felted Easter Eggs (click here for the tutorial to make) or you can needle felt them
Felting Wool – the same color as the egg and black (for eyes)
Felt – red (as beaks), various color (as the heart-shaped wings)
Felting needle – small
Felting sponge/foam block

Watch the “How-To-Make” video tutorial

Needle Felted Birds

Watch on Youtube

Again, to show you how I made the little needle-felted birds, I made a short video to show you the process with my speeding bionic-women hands. I used ready-made felt mostly for the birds plus a little wool roving for its tail and eyes. It is a lot faster and easier to use pre-cut felt to needle felt to the birdie than jabbing the wool into the desired shape.  I hope the subtitle or caption is good enough for you to read through, pause the video if you think I go too fast.

how to needle felt bird

I love to craft while listening to my favorite songs, on the radio, or sometimes watching TV. But with this craft, I won’t recommend you to watch TV while doing needle felting. You need full concentration when you are needle felting, this is to make sure your needle is poking in the right place and not on your fingers or other places.

Also, the needle is quite sharp and easy to break if bent, so be sure you know where it goes – straight to the point. You can poke in & out at any angle as long as the tip doesn’t bow or bend as you are piercing into your piece. Here are the 5 Common Needle Felting Mistakes that you can avoid:

  • Not Felting on a Cushion 
  • Stabbing the Felting needle deep into the Wool
  • Using the Wrong Size Felting Needle
  • Felting with the Wrong Wool
  • Breaking Felting Needles
how to make felted bird

So….. have you gotten your needle felting tools and materials ready? Let’s go to the tutorial and have fun piercing the eggs!!!

Want more needle felting patterns & tutorials for beginners? You can purchase some easy to needle felting kits from Woolbuddy to begin your needle felting journey. These kits are beginners level:

Happy Needle Felting!


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how to felt bird

Needle Felted Little Birds Pattern & Tutorial

Yield: Needle Felted Birds
Active Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 15 minutes
Difficulty: Avid Beginner
Estimated Cost: $2 - $5

Look, what have I made from the plain felted Easter eggs? I have turned them into needle felted little birds 🐦🐦 and some other cuties. Hope this will get you into the mood for spring and Easter.

Enjoy felting them!


  • Felted Easter Eggs
  • Wool – the same color as the egg, a small amount
  • Wool – black, tiny amount (you can use black felt too)
  • Felt – red, approx. 1/4″ x 1/2″
  • Felt – pink, approx. 2″x 1″


  • Felting needle – small
  • Felting sponge/foam block
  • Scissors


  1. Prepare and get ready all the tools and materials needed as listed above.
    The grey sponge underneath the table is the foam block for needle felting. It is needed to prevent the needle from breaking when it pierce into it.felted birdies supplies
  2. Cut the pink felt into half. Fold 1 piece into half and cut out a heart shape. Repeat the same to cut out another heart.
    Place the heart-shaped felt onto the egg with the bottom of the heart pointing to the bottom of the egg. Needle felt it in place.
    Repeat the same to the other heart onto the other side of the egg.needle felted birds
  3. To make the beak, fold the red felt into a triangle by inverting the top 2 corners in then fold it into half.
    Lightly pierce with the needle to hold the shape. Your needle will pierce into the sponge.felt beak
  4. Attach the red beak onto the bottom of the egg to resemble the little birdie.felt bird beak
  5. Split the black wool into 2 small equal parts. Needle felt each onto the face of the birdies. Just do swallow jab for the eyes as you don’t want the black wool to get too deep into the face.needle felted birds
  6. Finally, to make the tail, simply roll some wool on the needle (the part that has barbs). Slide the needle up and down to tangle the wool and bind them together. Be careful when you do this and don’t get your finger into the needle.
    As long as your fingers are kept away from the tip of the needle, it is safe to do this. Just in case you don’t like this method, you can always replace this process with the wet felting method. Simply shape the wool into tail shape with water and soup. Wait for it to dry before continuing the next step.needle felted birds
  7. Position the tail onto the birdie, needle felt to attach it in place.
    ~Done!~needle felted birds

how to needle felt bird


When doing needle felting, pierce your needle straight into the object (don’t bend the needle) to avoid the needle from breaking.

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Wednesday 30th of April 2014

Thank you for this needle felted chick. So cute.


Friday 24th of January 2014

I have tried wool felting but every time I do my needle breaks right away. I've spend too much on needles without getting hardly any felting done. Any suggestions. I'm using the foam type of block to felt into not the brush kind Does it make a difference what surface you put under your work?

Craft Passion

Friday 24th of January 2014

There are many possibility like the size of your needle, the angle when you poke the wool roving, how hard your poke your needle etc.... I broke my needle once too because I poked it too hard, I bent the needle and broke it. I am using foam block.

Crystal From Sew Creative Blog

Friday 22nd of March 2013

These are so cute. I need to buy some wool roving and try making my own. I just pinned the project. I can't wait to try them.


Wednesday 26th of September 2012

Awwww..... that's sooooo cute!!


Thursday 23rd of August 2012

These are just too cute! I haven't done needle felting before but I am excited to try it out! I want to make a few of these for my daughter's room. Thanks so much for sharing. I featured this over on my blog :)

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