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Captain America Sock Monkey

Captain America Sock Monkey

Captain America Sock Monkey

Captain America Sock Monkey and its teammates

I can’t help myself without showing what I sewed a while ago for the upcoming July 4th celebration… the Captain America Sock Monkey and its teammates. I also sewed another 2 sock penguins with red white blue socks, you can view a group picture of them by scrolling down below. In order to complete the Captain America Sock Monkey, I made a Captain America Shield as well for the monkey and I will share the tutorial soon.

Sewing sock monkey and sock penguin are not as difficult as you may think. Lots of readers who had tried out the tutorial told me and showed me their sock monkeys. I must admit that some of them really did a fantastic job and I am happy that they showed me. I hope to see more pictures coming in. If you haven’t shown me yours, please do submit it through the contact form. And, if you haven’t started sewing yours, please get the tutorial by clicking the following:

Tutorial of Sock Monkey

Tutorial of Sock Penguin

More Tutorial for other Sock Animals

Scroll down to view the socks I used to sew them. You can buy the socks from your local shop if you are able to find them, otherwise, you can buy them here.

july 4 sock monkey

The American Flag theme of red-white-blue with stars is always something that I want to make and craft with. When I first saw the socks of American Flag theme, the Captain America Sock Monkey immediately jump into my mind. It was like a real sock monkey that sewed out of the socks that appear in front of me, perhaps I was watching the replay of the Avengers with my kids that moment.

July 4th sock animals

While making the Captain America Sock Monkey and its teammates, I was searching high and low for the right size of Captain America Shield to pair with the monkey. After confirmed that my efforts were to no avail, I decided to make it myself with a plastic container and felts. I will share with you a tutorial very soon on how to make the Captain America Shield of about 4 1/2″ in diameter [Update: Click here to get the tutorial on making the shield.].

captain america sock monkey
captain america sock monkey

Sock source

american star sock monkey

Sock source

american themed sock monkey

Sock source

americana sock penguin

Sock source

usa flag sock penguin

Sock source

Wish you all my American friends and readers an early July 4th Holiday and celebration!!!


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