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DIY Captain America’s Shield – Toy Version

DIY Captain America’s Shield – Toy Version

June 28, 2015 /
Toy Captain America's shield

A few weeks ago I posted a blog post of a group of sock monkeys in the July 4th theme that consists of Captain America Sock Monkey, Mabel Sock Monkey, and Amery Sock Monkey. The blog post also consists of the information about the socks and the tutorial I used to make them. I have promised to show you how to make Captain America’s Shield in the toy version and here it is the quick and easy tutorial on how to DIY it, even kids can make it under the supervision of an adult.

The shield is about 4 5/8″ in diameter and 3/8″ in-depth, with a handle to hold on. It is made from the base of a plastic bottle/container and some felt. If you need a bigger version for the kids to hold in the coming Halloween, make it with a bigger size of a container.

How to make toy captain america's shield

I always wanted to complete the Captain America Sock Monkey with his indestructible armor and I am happy that he has got one with him now. If you have other Captain America toy that needs to pair it with his great defensive and offensive piece of equipment, this could be the DIY Captain America’s shield tutorial for it.

Besides using felt, you may even spray painted it, or glue it with colored papers or other mediums. Just do it the way you think it is the best suit for you.

Please click the second page to get the full tutorial together with a printable pdf template of the shield.

DIY toy captain america's shield

DIY Captain America’s Shield – Toy Version

Dimension: 4 5/8″ diameter x 3/8″

Materials & Tools:
1. Plastic bottle of 4 1/2″ diameter, you may use other sizes to make a larger or smaller shield
2. Red Felt – 18 1/2″ x 14″
3. White Felt – 6″ x 6″
4. Blue Felt – 2 1/2″
5. Drawing Compass
6. Marker
7. Scissors
8. Craft knife
9. Quick Dry Adhesive, I used UHU
Note: If your plastic bottle is of a different size, please adjust the measurement to suit it.

shield template

Download the shield pdf template and print it out without any scaling. The diameter of the circles are stated in the template, you may measure it to confirm that you are printing it in the unscaled setting. If your bottle is of a different size, either enlarge or reduce the percentage of scaling, of the templates accordingly or create new sizes from the template.

DIY toy Captain America's shield materials

Gather all the materials and tools as listed above. Cut the felt according to the template, a.k.a to the following dimension:
Red – 5 1/2″ circle, 4 1/4″ circle, 2 7/8″ circle, 4 1/2″ x 1″ rectangle
White – 3 3/4″ circle, 2″ star
Blue – 2 1/8″ circle

mark bottle

Place the marker on the table and hold it. Bring the plastic bottle to touch the tip of the marker. Turn the bottle so that the stationery marker will mark a circle line on the bottle.

cut bottle

Cut on the marking line with a craft knife.

red felt

Align the 5 1/2″ red circle felt to the bottom of the bottle (hence the shield), glue it with the quick-dry adhesive.

wrap edge

Fold in the edge and glue them nicely.


Glue the 4 1/4″ red circle felt on the back of the shield. Make sure the edges are nicely glued down.


Glue the 4 1/2″ x 1″ red rectangle felt on the inside of the shield as shown in the picture. This is the shield’s handle.

red white blue felt

Stack the 3 3/4″ white circle felt on the front of the shield and glue it down. Make sure the edges have enough adhesive to seal the edge completely onto the shield.

captain america's shield

Follow by the rest of the felt pieces as shown in the picture. Glue them one after one.

DIY captain america's shield

Slot the hand of the soft toy, sock monkey in this case, into the handle and armed it up.

captain america's shield how to make


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