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Easy Flower Brooch Crochet Pattern

Easy Flower Brooch Crochet Pattern

February 25, 2012 /
crochet flower

If you like the simple hairband crochet pattern I did, you probably are going to like this crochet pattern of an easy flower brooch. It is a quick crochet project that you can do while watching your favorite TV program or while your baby is having a nap. At best if you have some leftover yarns to de-stash or making a brooch to go with your knitting and crochet piece.

crochet flower brooch

You might have seen this flower brooch which appeared in one my knitting patterns & tutorials end of last year, I pinned it on the simple slouchy beanie hat my daughter is wearing. You could make some to embellish whatever and where ever you like, bag, scarf, hat, hairband, clothes, shoes, even on gift packaging, etc….. since it is simple and quick to make.

beanie hat with simple crochet flower brooch

Easy Flower Brooch Crochet Pattern

Difficulty Level: Beginner – must know how to crochet ch, sc & slst.
Gauge/tension: Not important.

Materials & Tools:
1. Stash Yarns (Worsted to bulky weight)
2. Pom-poms (medium or small)
3. Crochet Hook, 5mm or as recommended by yarn’s label
4. Scissors
5. Brooch pins
6. All-purpose adhesive (quick-dry), UHU, or Hot glue gun

ch = chain
sc = single crochet
st = stitch
slst = slip stitch
sl knot = slip knot
fo = fasten off

Crochet Pattern:
Being with a sl knot
R1 – ch10, slst to first ch to form a ring.
R2 – *ch8, sc onto ring, repeat * 12 times, fo.

For double layers flower:
Crochet another flower slightly bigger than the first one.
Being with a sl knot
R1 – ch10, slst to first ch to form a ring.
R2 – *ch10, sc into ring, repeat * 12 times, fo.

Note: You can combine a few strands of lighter yarn to make them into medium worsted weight.

crochet flower brooch tool material

Get ready all the tools and materials mentioned above.
If you choose to use small pom-poms, glue 3 together.

ch 10

Begin with a slip knot. Round 1: crochet 10 chain stitches.
Note: I used 2 strands of yarn to make the yarn weight bulkier.

sl st into ring

Slip stitch to first ch to form a ring.

ch 8 sc into ring

Round 2: Crochet 8 chain stitches then single crochet to the ring.

repeat 12 times

Repeat 12 times to make 12 loops of flower petals.


Bring yarn to the back and fasten off.

apply glue

Apply all-purpose adhesive to the ring area.

attach pom pom

Attach pom-pom to the ring area. Push the pom-pom slightly into the ring hole so that they can secure firmly.


Apply glue at the back, gather yarn ends and glue them down. Apply more glue on top of them.

attach brooch pin

Attach brooch pin and hold it for a few minutes or until it is securely attached there.
Done! Fast and easy, right?
If you wish to make double layer flower, repeat the crochet pattern above but add 2 more chains for the petals, so, instead of 8 chains, make it to 10 chains.
Glue 2 layers together, then glue pom-pom and brooch to the top and bottom of the flower.

crochet flower brooch


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