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How To Make: Chick Pom Pom

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What will you make with all the colorful pompoms that are easily found in your craft room? Since Easter is just around the corner, I decided to make some easy Easter crafts. Here is the tutorial on how to make the super-easy Chick Pom Pom, so easy that kids can do it too.

pom pom chicks

The chick pom pom is so easy to make, that even older kids can do it. Just glue up with all-purpose adhesive to the pom-pom and attach the chick’s features. Be it just a basic pom-pom chick for Easter decor, or, you can develop it into accessories. I showed 2 examples, a mobile phone charm, and a pencil topper.

easy pom-pom chicks

I am sure teenage kids will love to have this pom-pom chick mobile phone charm and younger kids will love to bring the pencil topper to school during the Easter season.

I got the idea of making chick pom pom for Easter while shopping at Daiso, a Japanese dollar shop. I stumbled upon these colorful pom-poms, packed in plastic bags and hang on the display rack, too colorful and too beautiful to resist buying.

pom pom chick charm

What’s Next

Happy DIY!

diy chick pencil topper

How To Make: Chick Pom Pom

Make: 1

1. Pom Pom – Medium size, any color
2. Felt scrap
3. Black beads – 2, small
Option Materials:
4. Mobile phone strap (to make a mobile phone charm)
5. Pipe Cleaner (to make pencil topper)

1. All-purpose quick dry adhesive
2. Scissors
3. Tweezers

pom pom chick materials

Gather all the materials and tools needed as mentioned above.

chick pom pom

Apply some glue to the top of the pom-pom.

chick pom pom

Attach another pom-pom on the first pom-pom, hold in position until the glue is tacky and hold them in place (about 1 minute).
Set aside and let it dry further until it is safe to touch again about 10 minutes.

chick features

Cut the features from felt while the pom poms are drying; fold the felt and cut into a triangle for the beak, “D” for wings.
Glue a narrow strip on the ring of the mobile strap if you wish to make a mobile phone charm.

insert bead eye

Pick a place to glue the bead on the pom-pom.
Brush away the fur with your fingers and glue a bead there to form the eye.
Repeat the same to the other eye and the beak of the chick.
Glue the wings on its body too.
Finally, if you want the pom-pom chick to become a mobile phone charm, attach the mobile strap on its head.

pom pom chick keychain

Pom Pom Chick Pencil Topper

wind pipe cleaner

To make the basic pom-pom chick become a pencil topper, just twist a pipe cleaner onto a pencil.

chick pom pom

Remove from pencil and apply glue to one of its ends.

chick pom pom

Insert the glue end and glue the pipe cleaner to the bottom of the pom-pom chick. Set it aside to dry completely.
Optional: Add a jingle bell to the pencil topper to let it jingle while writing.

pom pom chick pencil topper

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Sunday 11th of March 2012

How to make 'pom pom' if i couldn' buy them?


Monday 20th of February 2012

This is so cute..I love the sweet chick :) its making is also easy! thanks for sharing with us :)