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Crochet Hair Scrunchie Pattern

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Looking for a hair band that always seem to go missing? Or are you bored of the basic solid color elastic hair tie? If so, this free crochet scrunchie pattern is the perfect project for you! This crochet project is an easy, quick project and it makes great gifts for little girls or anyone with long hair. Feel free to subscribe to my newsletter for more free tutorials and sneak peeks into my new projects such as crochet stuffed animalshome décorgarments and many more!

crochet hair scrunchie pattern


This free pattern is one of the easiest patterns I have ever written. It is suitable for absolute beginners to make crochet hair scrunchies. It is also a great way to use up those leftover yarn. In fact, this gave me an idea to make my own scrunchies. As I was doing some housekeeping in my craft room in the past few days, I found so much yarn of various different colors from my previous knitting and crocheting projects. I thought to myself: ‘what am I going to do with them, I can’t just throw them away?’ This tiny bit of yarn was not enough to knit into garments, blankets nor a bag. 

crochet pretty hair scrunchies

Hence, I went on social media in search of good ideas for small projects to utilize these yarn. I stumbled upon several free crochet scrunchie patterns and decided to give it a go. In a matter of minutes, I successfully completed one crocheted scrunchie. I showed it to my daughter and she was thrilled and immediately claimed ownership of the scrunchie haha! So, I sat down with more rubber band to make more scrunchies. I had a lot of fun constructing this simple project and it didn’t even consume a lot of time. If you’re looking for an easy peasy hair elastic scrunchy pattern, this is it!


As easy as this written pattern may sound, having the basic crochet stitches down is certainly going to be helpful! But do not worry if you’re an absolute beginner as I have got you covered with my guide to crochet for beginners. This guide covers all things crochet, from different yarn, and crochet hook size to free crochet patterns and my favorite ways to practice crocheting. For the visual learners out there, here is a video tutorial from a fellow Youtuber. 

hair scrunchies pattern

Now, let’s start with the basic terms such as single crochet stitches, double crochet stitches, first stitch, slip knot, slip stitch (sl st), back loop, long tail, treble crochet and so much more. In addition, you should also be aware that there are differences between UK and US crochet terminology. I am using US terms in this easy crochet scrunchie pattern. The techniques I used in this tutorial are double crochet and slip stitches to join up the chains. 

In this pattern (scroll down for the step-by-step photos), I started the process by making a knot at the center of the hair tie with the chosen yarn. Following that, I crocheted 6 chains around it. I then did a double crochet onto the rubber band and crocheted another 3 chains. These steps are repeated over and over again until I reached the end of the round. After that, I joined the end to the 3rd chains of the start point with slip stitches, bind off and then hide the yarn-end for a completed look. You may also use a yarn needle to sew in the ends as suggested by other free patterns online.


scroll ⬇️ for the scrunchie crochet pattern

crochet scrunchie pattern

This simple crochet hair scrunchie is a great pattern to start with. However, if you are feeling more adventurous, you may change it up with a different crochet scrunchies pattern. There is a variety of free pattern link or pdf pattern to choose from online such as crochet facebook page or crochet blogs.

Some examples of other types of crochet scrunchies are bulky scrunchies, velvet hair scrunchie, cotton crochet hair tie, spiral hdc scrunchie, faux fur crochet scrunchie and that’s not all. If you do construct every scrunchie pattern on the Internet, I am sure you will have a fantastic stash of colorful scrunchies in no time. These scrunchies are great for personal use to tie up a messy bun or for a friend to tie a simple ponytail. Hence, there is truly no such thing as too many scrunchies!

DIY hair scrunchie


You only need 3 things to start crocheting a scrunchie. They are yarn, a crochet hook and an elastic band. You may use cotton yarn, worsted weight yarn, bernat velvet yarn, faux fur yarn or any type of little yarn you have in your craft room. As for the crochet hook, some yarns call for size J (6 mm hook) while I used a smaller hook of 3.5 mm in this tutorial. Switch up the type of yarn to use, depending on the end result you are trying to achieve. Use a thicker yarn if you would like a chunkier hair scrunchie or a thinner yarn for a more delicate look. 

furry hair scrunchies

How To Crochet A Hair Scrunchie – Step By Step

hair scrunchies

Step1: Tie a knot onto the rubber hairband.

hair scrunchies

Step2: Crochet 6 chains.

hair scrunchies

Step3: Double crochet onto the rubber hairband.

hair scrunchie crochet pattern

Step4: Crochet another 3 chains.

Repeat Step 3 and 4 until you fill-up the whole ring of the rubber hairband. Join the end to the 3rd chains of the start point with slip stitches, bind off and hide the yarn-end, and you are done 🙂 Pretty simple, right!
Hope you enjoy crochet it and match it with your knitted or crocheted work.

hair scrunchies crochet pattern

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Sunday 5th of November 2017

Beautiful scrunchies! What size hook do you use and what yarn are you using? I particularly like the white fuzzy one and the blue with green dots in it. Thank you so much for sharing :)

Craft Passion

Monday 6th of November 2017

I used various yarn with matching hook size that recommended on the label of the yarn. The gold crochet hook is 3.5mm hook.


Sunday 5th of November 2017

I would like to make some for my granddaughter. They are very pretty :) Can you tell me what size hook you used and what type of yarn you used?

Thanks so much



Monday 16th of March 2015

Love these scrunchies! I have a ton of hair ties laying around that I don't wear because the color is weird so now I can make scrunchies from them! Took me barely any time to make one and was so easy, thank you so much :)

Craft Passion

Tuesday 17th of March 2015

Awesome, Korryn, that goes with the name "Simple Hairband" :)


Thursday 25th of December 2014


Is this pattern available on Ravelry? Thanks!

Craft Passion

Thursday 25th of December 2014

I just published it in Ravelry but the details are still pointing back to this page. Please click page 2 to get the photo tutorial and written pattern.


Thursday 18th of September 2014

I cannot bring up directions to make this simple hairband. I only get follow rows 3&4, I don't get the beginning of the instructions. help! thank you

Craft Passion

Thursday 25th of September 2014

Hi Linda, I have made all the pictures visible so you don't have to flip through the album.