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Easy Sock Pig Pattern

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2019 is the year of the Pig in the Chinese zodiac, so here’s a quick and easy sock pig sewing craft for you to whip up. With the Lunar New Year and Valentine’s Day around the corner, this is the perfect time to get into this unique sock animal design. This sock pig, called Oink Oink, measures about 6” in height and is so versatile and can be a huggable stuffed pig sock toy, pig-themed decoration, or pig key chain ornament. Whichever you choose, it will be a lovely gift to make for any occasion. With some adult supervision, this stuffed pig pattern is easy enough even for children to try. 

sock pig

Easy Sock Pig Pattern

scroll ⬇️ to get the DIY pattern & tutorial 

All you need for this sock pig toy is one ladies sock (yes, you only need one sock! A stray sock in pink will be great), some pink felt and stuffing materials, and glue. To see exactly what you need, scroll down to the free pig sewing pattern section below.

Download the printable pig template, cut, and trace the pattern out on your felt for a more accurate design outline. To stick them to your sock pig, you can either glue or hand sew them on. Note that sewing on the felt pieces often lasts longer than using glue.

Sock pig Oink Oink always has a contented look on its face. Its half-closed eyes give it a permanent satisfied expression that can brighten up your days when you look at it. And with the coming Lunar New Year signaling a long year of prosperity for the sock craft family, Oink Oink has a real reason to look self-satisfied indeed. 

sock pig

People often think pigs are dirty animals but they’re actually mistaken. Just like any other pet, pigs are dirty only when their owners are! So if you keep your pigs clean, they will be clean too. 

Sock pig Oink Oink is super clean because its owner, Peppa, makes cleanliness and neatness a priority. Its home is cleaned and dusted off every speck of dust every day and the sock pig itself is dusted and cleaned too. Everything is kept spick and span, so the home smells so nice and fresh every day. Windows are open to allow fresh air in and because there is an open meadow outside, there is always the smell of daffodils in the air. 

Once a day, Peppa takes her stuffed pig out for a walk around the neighborhood. Always holding it close to her chest, they both enjoy long walks while looking at pretty shop windows and enjoying the sweet smells of freshly-baked cookies and dumplings when they walk past the stall. Sometimes, they get really lucky and the stall owners would have extras for them to taste for free. Oh, those are always so tasty! 

sock pig

Another thing Peppa enjoys with her stuffed pig soft toy is chatting with people they meet along the way. One person sock pig Oink Oink looks forward to meeting is Drake the sock dragon. He is an adorable little guy with a spiky tail and potbelly and is a really comical character as he waddles down the street. No one can resist giving him a hug and if you want to find out why he’s so huggable, try the free sewing pattern here

With Valentine’s Day coming up soon, learn to DIY from this stuffed pig pattern and send it to the people you love to show how much they mean to you. It’s not that difficult, and all you need is one sock! 

sock pig

Sock pig Oink Oink feels so loved by its owner and all her friends. When they come over, they sit together in the craft room and learn together how to sew sock animals. Peppa loves to do that because she wants her sock pig to have friends just like her. That makes Oink Oink feel so grateful to have such a good owner who understands how important it is to have good company. 

“There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved.”

– George Sand

Enjoy sewing sock pig Oink Oink. Get together with some craft-loving friends and enjoy sewing it together. 

Sock Pig Sewing Pattern

Sock Pig Sewing Pattern

Yield: 6" Stuffed Pig
Active Time: 1 hour
Total Time: 1 hour
Difficulty: Avid Beginner
Estimated Cost: $1 - $5

This cute little sock pig named Oink Oink is about 6 inches tall. Made from a lady-size single sock, pink felts, and stuffing materials.

For your convenience, we have prepared the downloadable templates. Just print them out and trace the templates on the felt. A quick-dry adhesive is used to glue all the felt pieces for a quick craft, however, you may choose to hand sew them for a longer-lasting stuffed pig toy to keep.

Enjoy sewing them!

Download and print separately TEMPLATE PATTERN.


  • Sock, ankle length or crew length, 1 piece. (I used lady size sock)
  • Pink felt – Lighter Pink 4.5″ x 4″, Darker Pink 2″ x 1.5″
  • Poly-fill stuffing material
  • Stuffing beads or beans (optional)
  • Sewing thread
  • Googly eyes (optional)
  • Sock Pig Pattern Template



  1. Download the templates and print them out on a card stock without scaling the size. If you are not sure if you have printed it correctly, please check the 2" scale on the template page.
    If your sock is smaller, you may want to scale it down to suit the finished sock pig's size.stuffed pig template
  2. Gather the materials and tools needed to sew the sock pig.
    You may choose to use an ankle-length sock, or a crew-length sock to make it. Indeed, a stray single sock that lost its partner will be perfect for upcycling the lonely piece into this cute sock pig.
    Cut the sock as shown in the picture. We just need the foot part.
    You may use googly eyes if you prefer.sock pig
  3. Trace the templates on the pink felts with a fabric marker. The darker pink felt is for the smaller snout, and the rest is on the light pink felt.
    Rub some water to erase the marking if necessary. Set aside to let it dry.sock pig
  4. Sew running stitches around the raw edge of the sock opening.
    Stuff the sock densely with poly stuffing material followed by some stuffing beads.
    The stuffing beads weigh down the sock pig so that it can stand better. It is optional.sock pig

    Add some more poly stuffing material before pulling the thread to close the opening. The additional poly stuffing is used to prevent the beads from falling out from the small opening.sock pig

    Push in the raw edges before fully tighten and close the opening. Make 2 more rounds of running stitches at the same place, pull the thread tight to seal the gap better.sock pig
  5. Massage the stuffed sock to smooth out any lumps.
    Shape it into a round and longish shape as shown in the picture.sock pig
  6. Glue the smaller snout to the bigger piece.sock pig
  7. Overlap the bottom of the earpiece a little, glue.sock pig
  8. Arrange all the felt pieces on the body, position and glue them accordingly.
    You may hand stitch them if you wish to make it a stuffed toy.sock pig
  9. In order to make the ears pointing to the side at an angle, glue the side edge a little as shown in the picture.sock pig
  10. Add some details to the sock pig with a black fine marker and a blusher for a finishing touch.sock pig

Hello, I am Oink Oink Pig. How are you doing today? Hope you have a great day and making some nice crafts.
Someone told me that I look like my owner, the Peppa Pig! sock piggy


HOW TO SECURE THE KNOT: Secure the knot by inserting the needle between the 2 knot sewing
The knot is locked with the sock and it won’t slip away through the knits when you pull the thread during knot sewing

WHY DO WE HAVE TO HAND DRAWN PATTERN? Not all socks are the same size, so I can’t provide a standard printable template for this sock animal. The best way to proceed is to sketch out the sewing line by referring to the pictures. 

DOLL SIZES: For different sizes of sock animals, use different sizes of socks.

SOCK CHOICE: Socks will be stretched after they are stuffed so thick socks that are close-knit make better quality sock sheep toys. 

SEAM ALLOWANCE: Approximately 1/8” or 1/4”.
You need a bigger seam allowance for loose-knit and thinner sock materials because they can be ripped off easily

STUFFING: always massage the stuffing to loosen out lumps. Long tubular parts should be rolled with both hands so any lumps will be smooth, and help to make the parts longer and firmer.

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Saturday 15th of May 2021

I Love Hanmade Items

Annie Cho

Sunday 1st of December 2019

Can you do more of these kind of sock plushies? Also what kind of sewing thread do you use? Advice on doing a running stitch on the sock plush? I have trouble closing the stitch all the way...

Craft Passion

Sunday 15th of December 2019

I used 2 strands or more of polyester thread for sewing. To close an opening with running stitch, you will need to make more than 1 round of running stitches. Sew longer running stitches on the first round, pull to close, however, it usually won't close the hole completely. Followed by a round of shorter running stitches just on the gathers of the first round, pull tightly to close. If it still can't close, repeat again.


Tuesday 5th of March 2019

Thank you for sharing Sock Pig tutorial. I am a housewife and I love to do DIY crafts in my free time. Definitely this will be my next task to make this Easy Sock Pig ;)

Aleksandra Strzelecka

Tuesday 5th of February 2019

This pig is so sweet. Great tutorial! Thank you so much. I am here, with you since you have published pattern how to crochet basket with rope. Amazing. Send you my greetings, Ola

Craft Passion

Saturday 9th of February 2019

Happy to know you have been with me since then. Thank you and happy making my crafts :)

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