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Couching On Flower Applique

Couching On Flower Applique

June 26, 2010 /
Couching Flower Applique

I have been fancied about couching stitch in embroidery recently, so I designed this Couching Flower Applique embroidery to try it out.

All I can say that this stitch is super easy to sew and the laid work across the edge of the Couching Flower Applique is awesome. Just look at my first try and I believed you will agree with me  😉  I have made this Couching Flower Applique embroidery pattern available for free download here, try it out!!!

If you have noted that I have been slow in posting for this week, well, I have a piece of good news to announce… I am learning basic Adobe Illustrator…. which means that you will see more electronically drawn patterns in Craft Passion from now. This is my first Illustrator pattern, apart from those I have drawn with Autocad. Finally, those ugly hand sketches are “diminishing” from here!

By the way, this embroidery work will be on my Trifold Wallet Pattern & Tutorial. Check it out when I update my blog again. If you are afraid of missing it out? Do the following:

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Let’s see how I embroidery this couching stitch on my flower pattern 🙂

Couching Flower Applique


Material needed:
1. Embroidery hoop, at least 5″ diameter.
2. Cotton or linen, at least 7″ square.
3. Fabric for applique, at least 3″ square.
4. Embroidery needle with long eye (to cater 6 strands embroidery floss).
5. Embroidery needle or normal sewing needle (for 2 strands embroidery floss).
6. Heatnbond-Lite iron adhesive interfacing for the flower applique.
7. Transfer pencil or tracing carbon with blunt point pen.
8. Embroidery flosses of your choice.

Embroidary Flower Free Pattern

If you haven’t done so, download the embroidery pattern by clicking the picture.

Embroidery Couching On Flower

Trace the pattern and transfer it to your fabric, either using a transfer pen or the conventional carbon tracing. If you use a transfer pen, remember to print the pattern in “mirror” mode.
Trace the flower applique on the heantnbond-lite, cut it out and stick it on the applique fabric of your choice, follow the instruction on the package, a different brand of heat and bond might have a different way of doing it. Cut it out from the fabric, place and press it on the embroidery fabric.
Use 6 strands of embroidery floss of your choice and pass it through the long eye embroidery needle, and 2 strands to a normal sewing needle.

Embroidery Couching On Flower

A closer look on the stitches.
Sew the 2 x 6 strands floss (laid thread) from the back of the fabric and at the edge of the flower.
Sew the 2 strands (fastening stitch) floss 1/8″ from the starting point of the laid thread.
Sew the fastening stitch back to the bottom of the fabric to fasten the laid thread. The fastening stitch must be straight across the laid thread to produce a better couching effect.

Embroidery Couching On Flower

Up again at 1/8″ apart from the first fastening stitch. Repeat until the laid work along the edge is completed.

Embroidery Couching On Flower

Sew the laid thread back to the bottom from the starting point to finish off the work.

Embroidery Couching On Flower

Repeat the steps for the outer edge of the flower.
To ensure the couching work looks good, make a fastening stitch on every inner corner of the petals and make sure all the fastening stitches are equally distributed across the laid thread with an approximate 1/8″ pitch.

Embroidery Couching On Flower

A closer look with a slanted angle. If you like to spice up the flower, you can try silk thread or even yarn for the laid thread and use a different color for the fastening stitch.

Embroidery Couching On Flower

Finish off the rest of the embroidery stitches with 3-4 strands embroidery floss, eg. daisy chain stitch, branch stitch, and french knot.


Simply love the Trifold Wallet with the Couching Flower Applique embroidery on it!

floral trifold wallet 8


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