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55 Beautiful and Free Embroidery Patterns

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Interested in embroidery but need somewhere to start? You may have some prior knowledge of embroidery stitches and are ready to take on more complex patterns. Look no further because we have you covered. We have compiled an array of free embroidery designs and embroidery patterns that might pique your interest with only a very simple few tools needed. With just a needle and various embroidery threads in several color choices, you’ll definitely immerse yourself in this wonderful hobby. Grab your tools and a cup of warm coffee, and sit back and relax as we introduce you to 55 free embroidery patterns and designs to choose from.

Enhance your embroidery skill with these free hand embroidery patterns. Beautiful designs from florals, animals to landscapes. Perfect for beginners to pro alike.

Did you know? Hand embroidery is an age-old art that dates back thousands of years in many cultures, as it was a sign of wealth and fortune. In the old days, royalty would wear embroidered garments to display their financial status and power. As time flew, embroidery was integrated with technology, and people would use machinery to craft different embroidery patterns on a piece of fabric to vamp up their look. However, embroidery today also acts as a simple crafting hobby, a gift to your loved ones, and a way to spice up the decor in your home. 

Although it may sound complex, fret not! Embroidery is as easy as it gets. With a few tutorials and step-by-step instructions, you too, can learn to implement many embroidery stitches into your design! Some of these stitches range from straight stitching, running stitching, split stitching, and many more!

So, if you’re wondering, “Where do I start?” or “How to embroider?” here is a list of FAQs to get you all set and ready to go! But, if you already have the hang of it and want to get inspired by various free embroidery designs, look no further and dive into the 55 curated lists of embroidery designs and patterns below! 

FAQs On How To Embroider

1. What materials do I need for hand embroidery? 

Usually, you can find pre-packed embroidery sets in the store that include everything you need. However, if they are unavailable, you can find these items instead! For hand embroidery, these essential tools include:

– Embroidery hoops
– Embroidery needles
– Embroidery floss or thread
– Clean fabric with no patterns
– A design in mind

These tools are inexpensive and can be easily acquired in your local crafting stores or online. Additionally, if you would like to prep yourself with more supplies, you could opt for embroidery scissors, fabric markers, and stabilizers. However, these supplies vary depending on the specific embroidery patterns you require. 

2. What fabric suits best for embroidery?

The simple answer would be:

– Cotton 
– Linen

These fabric options are seamless and provide beginner-level embroidery skills as the fabric offers a tight weave, providing a stable base for your stitches. If you are intermediate or advanced at embroidery, you could also experiment with denim or felt fabric instead! 

3. How do I use an embroidery hoop?

The purpose of an embroidery hoop is to help stabilize your stitchings. It consists of two round frames, one bigger than the other to use it. These hoops go hand in hand as they keep the fabric tight. To use it, simply take apart the two hoops, place your desired fabric on the smaller hoop, and push the larger hoop over it. Then, twist the screw at the top of the larger hoop to secure your fabric into place. 

4. How do I transfer a design I want onto the fabric before embroidering?

You can find these items at home if you are new to embroidery! All you will need is a pencil and an eraser. However, sometimes, you need to correct your embroidery patterns and want to change your pattern design. So, these are the tools we would recommend: 

– Water-soluble fabric markers
– Transfer paper

With these tools, your pattern would easily transfer onto your fabric. 

5. Are embroidery flosses different from regular threads?

Yes, they are! Embroidery floss is a thread that is put together with multiple strands that you can separate, and it is thicker than your usual sewing threads. Embroidery floss also comes in various colors, thicknesses, and textures to fit the fabric that you are using. 

6. What type of embroidery needle do I need?

Embroidery needles vary in many ways. In other words, depending on the type of embroidery you are going for, that specific needle would suit your needs. Typically, beginners would opt for basic embroidery needles that come in different sizes. They have a pointy tip with a middle-sized hole, which makes it easy for all-round embroidery on different fabrics. But, if you are interested in learning more about the various needles embroidery has to offer, here is a list of embroidery needles used for various embroidery styles: 

– Crewel Needles
– Tapestry Needles
– Chenille Needles
– Milliner’s Needles
– Ballpoint Needles
– Beading Needles
– Quilting Needles
– Sashiko Needles

7. What are the basic hand embroidery stitches?

Here are some of the basic hand embroidery stitches that beginners and seasoned embroiderers often use:
– Running Stitch
– Backstitch
– Split Stitch
– Stem Stitch
– French Knot
– Satin Stitch
– Chain Stitch
– Lazy Daisy Stitch
– Blanket Stitch
– Feather Stitch
Check out our 33 Useful Embroidery Stitches, for more. These stitches form the foundation of hand embroidery and can be mixed and matched or modified to create a wide range of patterns and textures.

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55 Beautiful and Free Embroidery Patterns

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