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/Needle Felting/Wet Felting Easter Eggs [with video]

Wet Felting Easter Eggs [with video]

Wet Felting Easter Eggs [with video]

February 29, 2012 /

felt egg
Frankly, I have been busy with wool felting recently, be it wet felting or needle felting, this craft is absolutely addictive. I will be showing some felting tutorials as I go with it and hope to share some easy-to-make felting projects soon. If you haven’t tried felting before, get yourself some wool and a felting needle from a craft shop, trust me, you are going to love it.

There is a short video clip at the end of the page to show you how to do wet felting. I demo the technique with quill size Easter Eggs, just in time for the upcoming Easter decoration and celebration. Feel free to adapt this method to make a felt ball and many other projects as long as it can be done practically, such as felt cover over an object, etc…. more to show later.

wet felting egg

I have edited the video so that it plays a little faster while I roll the wool, so please don’t think that I am a bionic woman though I always dream to be one (by the way, I was born in the 70’s and Bionic Woman was one of my favorites TV series, oh… and not forgetting Six Million Dollar Man too) ;-). I have made a few video tutorials previously but this is the first time where I narrated it with my own voice. I was laughing out loud with tears in my eyes yesterday when I played it back, please pardon my Asian accent which sounds a little funny but I truly hope that you can understand what I was trying to tell you 😅 . Don’t say I didn’t warn you, if you think you can’t take my voice and English, please switch off your speaker, there is a subtitle in the video, so you are not missing anything out. Or, if you think you need something to laugh out loud now, go ahead with the speaker on 🤣

As usual, I included the step-by-step photos and instructions below in case you find it useful to have some still images to refer to.

[Remark: curious about the cute little pom-pom chicks in the photo, you can make it with this tutorial, it is an easy project that kids can make too.]

Watch the  “How-To-Make” video tutorial:

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Wet Felting Easter Eggs

Make: 8
Materials & Supplies:
1. Wool, 20 g
2. Dishwashing Detergent
3. Hot / Warm water (safe to touch)
4. Coldwater
5. 2 Big Bowls


wet felting suppliesGather and prepare all the supplies needed as listed above.
Make sure the hot water is safe to touch with your hands and don’t get yourself burn.


woolsEqually divide your wool to about 2-3 gram each. I started with 20 gram then split them by half 3 times to get a total of 8 small wool piles. This method will ensure you to have equal size of eggs.
If you have an accurate scale that can weight light item, by all means, use it.


wet felting egg 3Loosen up the wool into a thin flat piece.


wet felting egg 4Fold the wool into a ball shape to roundest possible.


wet felting egg 5Dip some dish detergent on your palm and add some warm water to lather, roll the wool ball to get it lather with foam.
You don’t need a lot of dish drop, just enough to form a foam and smooth to roll the wool ball.


wet felting egg 6Lightly roll the wool ball with your palms. Don’t insert any pressure on it or else it will create unsightly crack lines to the egg.


wet felting egg 7Add more warm water as your roll and occasionally dip it into cold water.
You will find that as you roll, the wool ball begins to shrink and become smaller and denser.
Add some dish detergent if required after your foam being wash away from the warm and cold water.
You may press a little to the rolling gradually as the ball becomes dense.
This process might take up to 3 minutes, be patient and don’t try to press the ball.


small denseThe felt ball is done once the ball is quite hard and compact. You can stop here if you are making felt ball.


shape eggTo shape the felt ball into egg shape, simply rub one side of the ball with horizontal stroke to taper off. If you can’t figure out this step, watching the video will give you a good hint.
Rinse it and leave it on a kitchen towel to dry for at least 1 day.


easter eggs wet felting 2


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