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Fish Coin Purse

Fish Coin Purse

January 16, 2009 /
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fish coin purse

I think little girls will like this fish coin purse, even I can’t take my hands off it ha ha ha… If you wish to have one, please let me know.

This is a little time-consuming to do as I have to sew more than usual.

Even though I have used contrasting fabrics, I still have to use complementing prints otherwise this fish coin purse would look too weird!!!

In my previous post I mentioned how to make frame clutch gamaguchi purses, the method of making the purse is similar. Maybe you need to hand sew a little more in purses as the pieces are smaller in comparison.


I developed a very comprehensive tutorial on how to sew a frame clutch gamaguchi coin purse, feel free to try it out!!!!

Click here to get Free Patterns and Tutorial To make your own purse and bags.


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