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Manek Purse & Shoes

Manek Purse & Shoes

February 6, 2009 /
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beaded shoes & purse

I made a set of Beaded Purse & Shoes in modern Nyonya style. It took me weeks to complete them but it is worth the time spent. The beaded purse is in kisslock closure and in the size of a clutch. The beaded purse goes perfectly with the kasut manek I did weeks ago.

The time I took to complete this purse was greater than the shoes. It took me about 3 weeks to complete it. Just imagine sewing tiny beads one by one to the cross-stitch canvas, and there are thousands of them.

beaded shoes & purse

In order to make the purse look more girlie, I added some yo-yo flowers onto it. The yo-yo flowers are made by using Quick Yo-Yo Maker-Flower 1-3/8″Quick Yo-Yo Maker-Flower 1-3/8. These Yo-yo flowers are easy to make, just follow the instructions which come with the tool. Basically, it consists of two pieces of plastic parts, a tray, and a disc. Fit the disc into the tray, sandwiching a piece of fabric between the two pieces. Sew according to the instruction, remove the tray and disc, pull the string, and gather up the fabric to form a flower, tie the string and stitch into the bag. That’s it, pretty easy to make a beautiful flower in just a couple of minutes. Maybe I should demonstrate it in my future tutorial section.


The method to make the leaf is even easier than the flower, just fold a round piece of fabric into quarter fold and stitch the end side of it, pull the string and gather the fabric, taadaa… a leaf is formed.

Upon finishing all parts for the purse, it is time to join them up to assemble a cute purse. I did mention the method to make a Frame Clutch Handbag in my previous post, please click here to go there.

I hope the instructions aren’t too confusing. Please leave some comments and questions should you have any, I would love to share as much as possible. I hope I have inspired my readers to get into crafting!!!

I developed a step by step tutorial for manek shoes beading:


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