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41 Free Apron Sewing Patterns

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Are you going to sew yourself an apron that is both functional and comfortable? We’ve got a variety of free apron patterns for you! Here is our collection of apron sewing patterns, which includes bib aprons, cross-back and waist aprons, and aprons for children and adults.

We even have the sewing patterns of aprons for men, women, and children, allowing everyone in the family to become a chef!

The difficulty of these free apron patterns ranges from easy to intermediate, so even beginners will have no trouble following along.

Are you going to sew yourself an apron that is both functional and comfortable? We've got a variety of free apron patterns for you! Here is our collection of apron sewing patterns, which includes bib aprons, cross-back and waist aprons, and aprons for children and adults.

What Is An Apron?

An apron is a protective garment that covers your front to protect your clothes from stains or spills. This simple piece of clothing could be worn while:

  • Preparing a family meal.
  • Having a heartwarming baking session with the kids.
  • Grilling up a storm at the barbecue.
  • Performing simple housework.
  • Doing outdoor gardening.
  • Painting and making repairs.
  • DIY and crafting.
  • As part of a uniform.
  • Adapt the pattern and sew it into an apron dress.

The majority of aprons are designed to be worn over the head and adjusted with waist ties. These are typically equipped with front pockets or a pouch for easy access to the utensils required for the job. As you tend to your lush garden, you could simply carry your gardening supplies in your newly sewn waxed waist apron! Or take a pen from your apron pouch to jot down orders in a busy diner!

Types Of Aprons

Undoubtedly, aprons come in a wide variety of styles and materials. Each was designed to address a specific need. Here is a brief overview of each type of apron to help you choose which style to sew!

  • Bib Apron

The most common type is a bib apron, which covers your front and extends from your chest to your mid-thighs. It has adjustable neck and waist ties, as well as storage pockets.

  • Cross-Back Apron

A cross-back apron functions similarly to a bib apron, with the exception that its fabric straps cross over your back, reducing pressure on your neck. Some of these do not include waist ties, so all you have to do is slip it on, and you’re ready to go!

  • Pinafore Apron

A pinafore is similar to a bid apron, but a pinafore apron is typically more feminine and vintage-inspired in style. The pinafore can be used as an apron or as a decorative garment.

  • Cobbler Apron / Smock Apron

A cobbler apron is a type of apron that covers your entire front and back and provides full coverage for your upper body. It usually has ties or buttons on the sides or back to keep the apron in place.

  • Waist Apron

A waist apron or a half apron starts from the waist to the mid-thigh, so it doesn’t provide full body coverage. It’s worn for slightly more vigorous activities because it allows for more ease of movement.

The Best Fabric For Sewing An Apron

Before you start working on these amazing apron patterns, here’s a short guide on what fabrics to pick for sewing that apron!

Cotton fabrics and muslin are easy to work with and breathable if you plan to sew yourself a cute apron for more laid-back tasks such as cooking or baking in your home kitchen. It’s lightweight and easier to decorate or customize with fascinating details and embellishments!

However, if you’d like something more durable and protective from lethal spills, you could opt for heavy-weight fabrics such as canvas, denim, coated fabrics, or poly-blend fabrics. These options offer the right amount of sturdiness without compromising the aesthetic appeal of the apron, and they tend to be more long-lasting. Canvas and linen are also thick enough to offer heat protection if you’re more likely to work with sparks or fire.

Additionally, the thread count is one of the factors you should consider before constructing a cute apron with one of these apron patterns!

What You Should Know Before You Begin

If you’re a beginner at sewing, it would be helpful to get a basic understanding of certain types of stitches and some sewing terminology before you sew your very own apron. Some of the patterns here include sewing tutorials, so choose one that you feel comfortable with.

In addition, you should ensure that you have all of the necessary tools, including a sewing machine! If you don’t already have one, check out our recommendations for Sewing Machine for Beginners – Tips for Choosing the Best, where we explain the structure, the various types of sewing machines, and the factors you should consider before making your purchase.

Of course, there are some things that a sewing machine simply cannot do. Sewing a buttonhole and mending a ripped seam, for instance! Some of these patterns may require you to hand-sew, eg.  sew a button onto the apron; therefore, we recommend you read our simple yet comprehensive guide on How To Hand Sew! This could help you familiarize yourself with a variety of hand-sewing stitches and tools as you progress through your sewing journey!

What you may need:

  • One to two yards of one or more types of fabric
  • Rotary cutter and Mat/ Scissors
  • Thread
  • Iron and Ironing Board
  • Sewing machine
  • Sewing pattern
  • Pins
  • Measuring tape

How To Sew An Apron With Apron Patterns

  1. Read through the sewing guide thoroughly and make sure you comprehend the steps well.
  2. Prepare all the supplies needed as indicated in the guide. Prepare more fabric than is asked for in case something goes wrong, and you need a spare.
  3. Ensure that your printer is set to No scaling/ Actual size before printing out the apron sewing pattern and assembling the pattern. 
  4. Wash and iron your fabrics. The main reasons for washing your fabric before using it are to preshrink it, test its colorfastness, and remove any chemicals. Read more on how to pre-wash your fabric.
  5. Follow the instruction closely to cut the fabric pieces according to the apron sewing pattern and stitch them up.

What’s Next:

  • Start sewing and share your completed DIY apron on Facebook and/or Instagram. Remember to tag us @craftpassion so that we can see them.
  • Pin it to Pinterest for a future To-Sew List.
  • Share with your sewing groups for a sew-along event.
  • Browse more free sewing patterns to make, especially the oven mitten, pot holder, and trivet, where you can sew them up as a set.

41 Free Apron Patterns For You To Sew

Here’s our collection of free apron patterns sorted into their types and functions to ease your process of selecting the perfect apron.

Cross-Back Apron Patterns

Cross-back aprons are great options for those who value comfort over appearance. It's just so easy to wear and it accommodates all body types! You don't have to worry about any straps getting in the way of your work.

Apron Patterns for Men/ Unisex Apron Patterns

If your hubby does the cooking in the house or frequently helps out in the kitchen, maybe you could sew him an apron as a gift! These apron patterns range from minimalistic to unique so be sure to check them out!

Waist Apron Patterns / Half Apron Patterns

Waist aprons allow for ease of leg movement if you need to hurry your way through the task. It's perfect for anyone dealing with spills that occur below the torso.

Apron Patterns for Children

If you'd like to make a special something for your child or younger sibling, why not sew them an apron? This could motivate them to assist you at home, whether it's tidying up the room or whipping up your next meal!

Quick and Easy Apron Patterns

Sometimes, huge projects can be quite arduous and time-consuming. Hence, breeze through your next project with these straightforward apron patterns!

Smock Apron/ Cobbler's Apron Pattern

If a regular apron isn't enough coverage for you, a smock or cobbler's apron should do the work! It not only covers more of your front, but it also shields your back from any mess. They also have waist ties on the sides rather than the back for ease of wear.

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