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Heart Shaped Chocolate

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I made some Heart Shaped Chocolate with the same patriotic theme, wrap them, and put them into the patchwork drawstring goody bag to celebrate the National day.

Heart Shaped Chocolate

I have sweet tooth since young, I love sweets and I extremely love chocolates. But, due to weight management and health, I would only let myself eat sweet things occasionally… Recent research shown that chocolate is actually good for our heart if eaten moderately, it is just the sugar content that makes it unhealthy. Well apart from the research, at least, I know that eating chocolate makes me happy and I believe many of you feel the same too 🙂

Red Yellow Blue White Heart Chocolate

Heart-Shaped Chocolate

Serving: about 20 chocolate hearts

7-ounce milk chocolate
2 ounce mixed roasted nuts and dried berries (I used pistachio nuts and dried cherries)
Heart-shaped mold
3.5-ounces white chocolate
Oil-based coloring (red, blue, yellow)
Plastic piping or pastry bag, 3 pcs (for each color except white)

Double boil1 the milk chocolate until it is melt
Mix in roasted nuts and dried berries
Stir well and remove from heat
Scoop the chocolate into the heart shape mold
Knock the mold on the table until the chocolate is level and no traces of bubble
Keep in freezer for about 15 minutes

Melt white chocolate with double boil method
Split into 4 portions
Drip 1 or 2 drops of each coloring into the white chocolate respectively
Mix well and put them into piping bag respectively
Cut a small hole on the piping bag’s corner

Take out the chocolate from the freezer
Turn and lightly knock the mold, the chocolates should come out very easily
Pipe the colored white chocolate onto them
Put back into the refrigerator for the white chocolate to set.

Wrap the chocolate hearts while it is still cold and hard. Keep them in cool dry place, away from sunlight and heat.

Make sure everything is dry and clean.
Chocolate must be in room temperature before double-boiling to melt it.
Don’t freeze the chocolate too long, otherwise, it will sweat excessively under warm weather.
1. Double boil means you put the chocolate in a steel pot, then place the pot with chocolate into another pot of boiling water. Make sure the water level of the boiling water is not too high, just enough to transfer boiling water heat (212 °F / 100 °C) to the steel pot to melt the chocolate.

Chocolate Ingredient Recipe
Heart Shaped Chocolate

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