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How to Crochet a Blanket (20+ Free & Easy Patterns)

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Scarves and coasters are among the most straightforward projects for beginner crocheters. But if you’re ready to take on a larger crochet project, learn how to crochet a blanket! One of the wonders of crochet is that you can create big items like a crochet blanket with only a few easy stitches. Most beginner crochet blanket projects have a repetitive pattern without complicated terms and techniques.

how to crochet a blanket


A crocheted blanket is also referred to as an afghan blanket or a throw. Something smaller than a king or queen-sized blanket, typically used on a couch or as a decorative item. Using a simple pattern, you can customize your first blanket with different colors and textures. You can also easily alter the blanket size to your liking by changing the number of starting chain stitches according to the amount of pattern repetition.

To start, all you need is a pattern, which can be found in crochet books or online; some come with a fee, and some are free. If you need help selecting a free crochet pattern, check out our list at the end of this guide. Next, gather all the necessary supplies, and off you go!


Understanding how to crochet a blanket is simple, but choosing the right yarn and crochet hook with so many options in the market might be confusing. Just remember, the type of yarn depends on what the blanket is used for and the kind of texture you’re going for. If you want a thin summer blanket, you will go for a DK weight yarn in cotton or linen. They’re great for creating a lacy crochet afghan blanket that is breathable and lightweight. On the other hand, if you’re making a blanket for the winter, you’d want a thick and durable material. Worsted weight yarn or chunky yarn in wool, acrylic, or chenille make some of the softest and warmest blankets. 

As for the crochet hook, the two main aspects to look out for are the hook’s material and the hook size. You should pair bulky yarns with a large crochet hook and light yarns with a small hook. For a crochet afghan blanket, it is best to use an aluminum hook with a size of 5 mm/H or above. A tool that is smooth, sturdy, and not too big or small to grip. Apart from a crochet hook and skeins of yarn, having a yarn needle, measuring tape, stitch markers, and scissors are also helpful.

Keep in mind that some countries use a different labeling system for crochet hooks. Like yarns, it’s essential to check and convert the hook sizes accordingly so that your project doesn’t look different from what you anticipated.

how to crochet beginner blanket


You must first learn the fundamentals if you’re new to crochet. Please read our detailed guide to crochet for beginners, where we talk about the nitty-gritty of mastering the art of crochet. Getting the basics down on how to make a crochet blanket isn’t that difficult once you understand the concept. Meanwhile, here are some tips you may find convenient before crocheting a cozy blanket.

–   Changing yarn colors

Not all crochet afghan blanket patterns call for a color change, but it adds style to your piece. This technique may sound intimidating, but it’s a basic technique all beginners should learn. Click the link to learn how to change yarn colors in crochet. After mastering the skills, you will be able to create colorwork pieces for many crochet afghan patterns.

–   Basic Crochet Stitches

Most afghan blankets can be accomplished using only one or two simple crochet stitches, but some might require more than two different crochet stitches. Here are the basic crochet stitches that are commonly found in crochet blanket patterns.

Knowing these stitches is essential for beginners as it can get you through any easy crochet blanket pattern.

–   Common Blanket Stitch Patterns

Stitch patterns are made up of a combination of crochet stitches that will determine what your fabric will look like. You can produce bumpy, lacy, striped, or braided textures by repeating a series of stitches in rows. The most popular stitch patterns for a crochet blanket include:

They all comprise simple stitches that create intricate designs that are a joy to work up.

A crochet afghan blanket can be very flexible. You can either follow the written instructions down to T or change the design by downsizing, upsizing, or adding color. The countless color combinations and various stitch patterns allow you to crochet unique and beautiful blankets. It’ll make a perfect gift and also great for personal use.


Here is a collection of free crochet blanket patterns for beginner to advanced-level crocheters. For your convenience, we’ve listed the skill level, the yarn weight used, and some key stitches required for each design. You can find the crochet pattern with the written instructions and view the complete list of crochet stitches by clicking on the links.

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning how to crochet a blanket for a beginner. You can finally go shopping for some hooks and yarns for your first project. Happy Crocheting!

Free Crochet Blanket Patterns

Apart from granny squares or other motif patterns, most crochet afghans begin with a foundation row of chain stitches. Abbreviations (in US terms): Single crochet (sc), Half double crochet (hdc), Double crochet (dc), Treble crochet (tr), Double crochet two together (dc2tog).

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