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How To Style With Crochet Hair Scrunchies

September 6, 2009 /
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crochet hair band

For those out there with long hair like me who get bored with monotonous hair style, now I have this to share with you!!!! How to style your long pretty hair into something fresh with your own handmade – Crochet Hairband/Scrunchies (click the link to get the pattern for free). Oopppssss, now I am even getting into hairstyling these accessories~ 😄

crochet hair band

I have been keeping long hair for many years. Due to the humid and warm climate here in Malaysia, I  sometimes think that it would be more comfortable to keep it short. Of course, I hold back this decision whenever that “short-hair-evil-thoughts” strike 😆 and just simply tie them up with anything I can grab; a rubber band, a clip, sometimes even with a pen or a chop-stick if I couldn’t find any appropriate hair accessory in hand!!!!

hairband hair style

Special thanks to the beautiful model, Nicole, for the crochet hairband and hair style demo.

Not forgetting to thank the Hair Stylist at Hair Impression, Penang (now, H.I Signature Salon & Academy) for the wonderful hairstyling jobs.

hairband hair style


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Cassia's Chronicles

Saturday 19th of September 2009

I LOVE crafts and just discovered your new website! Like it so far!

How To Style Long Hair

Wednesday 9th of September 2009

Long hairstyles have long been a favorite of the young-at-heart as well the jet-set and glamour girls. Whether curly or straight or layered into a shag haircut.


Tuesday 8th of September 2009

You are making me jealous as I dun keep any long hair even on my wedding. I am sure you are not only pretty but also elegant if you are the model. ;)