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Locker Hook Tutorial: Chinese New Year Ornament

Locker Hook Tutorial: Chinese New Year Ornament

February 14, 2010 /
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Let’s get into the tutorial on how to make this auspicious Chinese New Year ornament decoration for the Chinese New Year.

恭喜发财, 迎春接福, 新年快乐, 万事如意! 恭贺全球华人庆丰年! These are the common words that we wish each other during Chinese New Year. Hopping best wishes will bring good wealth, happiness, good luck, auspicious, prosperity, good health during the early spring of each year.

春 – spring, 福 – prosperity are the most conventional character found in Chinese New Year decoration, which means 迎春接福 – Auspicious.

diy chinese new year ornament

Locker Hook Tutorial:

Chinese New Year Ornament

The materials you need (for 1 ornament):
1. Hooking rug canvas, 34 x 34 squares
2. Red ribbon, 25.4mm or 1″ width, 20 meter
3. Yellow ribbon, 25.4mm or 1″ width, 10 meters each
4. Locker Hook or crochet hook & disposable chopstick
5. Tapestry needle
6. Thick cardboard 4 x 4 cm or 1″ x 1″, 2
7. China knots or Chinese knots decorations, 1
8. Chinese red dangle fringe, 1
9. Stiffest interfacing 25 x 25 or 10″ x 10″, 2
10. Fabric 25 x 25 cm or 10″ x 10″, 2

Download the Chinese character pattern here,
春, Spring character
福, Prosperity character

locker hook chinese ornament

Get ready all materials for the locker hook character of 春 & 福. You can get the 3 parts of locker hooking’s tutorials in the following link:
Basic preparation, locker hooking, and finishing touch
Measure the back of the completed locker hook work, cut 2 interfacings (for each locker hook) with 25mm (1″) smaller and 12.5mm (1/2″) smaller than the actual measurement respectively.
Iron the smallest interfacing to the back of the locker hook work, and biggest to the wrong side of the fabric (I used red Chinese silk but you can use other fabric if you can’t find silk). Cut the fabric with 1/4″ seam allowance, fold the seam allowances, and iron to set them. Set aside.
Prepare the yellow ring ornament as shown below.

Locker Hook CNY WIP2

Draw a 38mm (1.5″) diameter circle on thick cardboard, and a smaller circle 18mm (3/4″) inside it. Cut out the circle to become a ring.
Sew the yellow ribbon as shown. It is similar to blanket stitches, where you insert the needle into the loop before pulling the ribbon.

Locker Hook CNY WIP4

Insert the ribbon to the first stitch of the ribbon when coming to the end.

Locker Hook CNY WIP5

Hide the ribbon end in the loops.  Trim the extra length.

Locker Hook CNY WIP7

Tie the ring to the Chinese knots and sew the end to the locker hook work.
If you can’t find the Chinese Knots in the shop in your area, this is the video you can follow to make one but it is a smaller version.
Do the same to the diagonal corner but this time the ring is paired with the dangling fringe.

Locker Hook CNY WIP8

Sew the fabric backing to the locker hook work by using slip stitch.
The Chinese new year ornament is done!

chinese new year ornaments

Hang it on the wall, pussy willows, cherry blossom, lime tree, or bamboo tree to add some Chinese New Year atmospheres in your house.


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