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Macaron Coin Purse

Macaron Coin Purse

January 15, 2012 /

sew cute macaron coin purse

Just can’t help not sewing these sweet little Macaron Coin Purses when one of Craft Passion’s Facebook fans showed them to me. Thanks to XYZZhandmade for her inspiring handmade and some tutorial links in Japanese, this, this, this, and this. No, I can’t read Japanese but I can guess from the pictures how to sew it. Here is the English version of the tutorial on how to sew this macaron coin purse where I have added more details in the sewing.

The space inside the coin purse is quite limited but good enough to place some small jewelry like ear rings, rings; maybe to keep some small coins, folded money; a place to keep a small piece of note that wrote your shopping list and reminder, etc. Or, simply use it as a key chain or hanging ornament. Or, turn it into something enormously cute, like this.

little zipper macaron purse

I have tried both nylon and metal zipper, each gave a different feel and effect on the macaron coin purse. Nylon zipper is easy to sew since you can just cut the zipper to the correct length. Zipping and unzipping is easier on nylon zipper too. Aesthetic-wise, I like metal zippers though it requires more works to do. If you find zipping on a metal zipper is craggy due to the small circular shape, rub the zipper’s teeth with some wax or candle, then zip and unzip a few times, you will find zipping is smoother after the waxing.

macaron coin purse 3

mini coin purse

Macaron Coin Purse

Finished Dimension:
1 3/4″ (Dia.) x 1 1/4″ (H)

to make 1
1. Cover Button, diameter 1 1/2″ (38mm) – 2 pairs.
2. Fabric – Polka-dot, 5 1/2″ x 3″
3. Fabric – lining, 5 1/2″ x 3″
4. Fabric – zipper seam binder, 1 1/2″ x 1 1/2″
5. Batting – 4″ x 2″
6. Zipper – 5″ ( I used 6″ metal zipper and shortened in to 5″ by using this tutorial)
7. Card stock (for tracing) – 2 3/4″ circle and 2″ circle
8. Ribbon – 3/8″ x 2″

1. Sewing kits
2. Pencil and/or fabric marker
3. Wire cutter
4. Scissors
5. Tacky Glue / Mod Podge / Fabric glue


macaron purse materialsGet ready all the materials and tools needed to sew a macaron coin purse.


zipper 3Sew to join the zipper tape together above the top stops.
Fold the ribbon into half and sew it on the bottom stop with ends facing zipper end.


zipper 4Fold the zipper right side together and sew to join it into a ring.


zipper binding 1Trim the zipper ends to 1/2″ seam allowance from the stops.
Fold the 1 1/2″ square fabric into half then fold a seam allowance of 1/4″.


zipper binding 2Encase the seam allowance and bind it by sewing the fabric onto it.


zipper binding 3Bend the binder to the bottom stop side and sew it on the zipper.


zipper binding 4Turn to the right side and this is how your zipper is going to look like.


zipper circleMake small running stitches along the edges of the zipper. Pull to gather.
Repeat on the other side.
Set aside.


back plateCut away the button studs from the back plates. Be careful and point the stud away from you and /or anyone while cutting it. This little tiny metal can really shoot far.
Set aside.


cut fabricsTrace circles to the fabrics with pencil or fabric marker.
2 3/4″ circle on main polka-dot fabric and lining fabric, cut 2 from each fabric.
2″ circle on batting, cut 2.


cover buttonApply a thin layer of glue on the cover and attach it to the batting.
Make 2.
Let dry or until safe to work on it.


cover button 1Make small running stitches along the edge of the fabric. Place the cover onto the fabric.


cover button 2Pull the thread and gather the fabric onto the cover snugly. Knot the thread.


zipper buttonRepeat the same to another cover and 2 back plates.


cover button 3Use an erasable fabric marker to plot a circle along the back of the cover. The line should be on top of the metal edge of the cover.


sew zipperSlip stitch the cover to the zipper, about 3/16″ from the center line of the zipper.
The further you sew from the zipper, the bigger the coin purse space is.


sew macaronCompleted 1 cover, repeat the same to the other side.


sew macaron 2Turn to the inside, place the back plate on and slip stitch it to the zipper.
Repeat the same on the other plate.


sew macaron coin purseA completed macaron coin purse. The storage space is quite small, good for keeping ring, and bracelet. Or, merely use it as a key chain or hanging ornament.
If you can find a small circle mirror of about 1″ to 1 1/4″, glue it on the back plate and turn this macaron coin purse into a small cosmetic mirror.


sew macaron coin purse 2View from the bottom stop of the macaron coin purse.


sew macaron coin purse 3Another view when the coin purse is placed vertically.
Have a nice day & happy sewing 🙂


macaron coin purse 3

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