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43 Free Baby Quilt Patterns For Newborns

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Welcome back, all quilters! Today, we are introducing a bunch of free and cuddly baby quilt patterns to try out! Whether you’re looking to snuggle up and welcome your newborn baby girl or boy, our array of free baby quilt patterns will inspire you to create wonderful and soft crib quilts for your little ones to enjoy. Buckle up those creative caps because we are starting a new venture fit for the tiniest tots and their snuggly dreams! 

From playful and simple heart-shaped designs to cute and charming cartoon characters, the options for baby quilt patterns are as endless as your kid’s imagination! The curated list covers many patterns that are perfect for any baby looking for a warm hug, just like Mom and Dad’s. 

Get inspired to quilt free baby quilt patterns here! From pink and cute designs for baby girls, to cartoon characters and blue patterns for baby boys.

The magic of baby quilts comes from the fun of piecing together fabric to quilt colorful designs filled with stars, moons, and adorable animals, all made together with love. But wait, there’s more! These patterns can be used directly, or you can customize them however you like! For example, you can swap the quilt blocks from the free patterns into other designs. Take our Free Quilt Block Patterns as inspiration for this! They are perfect for both beginners and experienced quilters alike. 

So, there you have it! Grab ready supplies, fabric, and baby quilt patterns, and begin quilting away to welcome your adorable infants. Because every stitch is a hug, every patch a smile, and every finished quilt a masterpiece made with love. 

But before we jump right in, if you’re a beginner and need some general guidance for the preparations and the right supplies needed, head over to our Frequently Asked Questions to clear any doubts and queries. Check out the step-by-step instructions below to get the gist of how to make a baby quilt. However, if you’re an advanced-level quilter, feel free to dive straight into the list to begin your projects. Happy quilting, everyone! 

FAQs On Baby Quilt Patterns

1. What supplies do I need to make baby quilts?

Generally, you don’t really need many materials to make baby-size quilts. However, some special tools used for quilting are handy but can be expensive. All these tools and materials can be bought from local quilter shops or purchased online. If you’re a beginner who is seriously into quilting, you might want to consider these: 

– Quilting Fabric of choice
– Batting

– Rotary Cutter
– Quilt Ruler
– Sewing Machine
– Cutting Mat
– Iron or steam iron
– Pins and binding clips (optional but helpful)

2. What fabric is suitable for making baby quilts?

Opt for fabrics that are safe for babies. Quilting-grade cotton is the ultimate go-to fabric that is perfectly safe for your little ones! Cotton is very light, breathable, soft, warm, and absorbent, making it the perfect texture for your baby’s skin. 

Though less common, wool is another great option if you are opting for a warmer quilt. It is a good-quality fabric with benefits similar to cotton ones. However, if you’re looking for something very high-end and of fantastic quality, you can also use cashmere. It’s very soft and gentle on delicate skin. 

3. How do I choose the right baby quilt size? 

There are a few baby quilt sizes that you can select from. Here are some useful sizes:

New Born Square Quilt – 36″ x 36″
Baby Square Quilt – 48″ x 48″
Baby Rectangular Quilt – 36″ x 48″
Crib-size Quilt – 36″ x 52″
Playmat: 40″ x 60″
Lap: 45″ x 65″

However, it also depends on the baby quilt patterns, as the sizing may differ and vary according to each design. 

4. What are the general steps to making a baby quilt?

Once you have selected your patterns, you are going to do as follows:

Step 1: Select the fabrics needed for your quilt. If you’re a beginner looking for a faster baby quilting project, you can use store-bought pre-cut strips of fabric. Check out our article on Jelly Roll Strips to learn more about it. 
Step 2: Next, cut your fabric up and sew them back together. This is where you need to consult the pattern’s requirements for assembling the pieces of fabric to form a complete quilt. 
Step 3: Sandwiching. No, not to eat, but to sandwich your quilt top, the batting, and the backing. This is where the sewing machine comes in handy again, quilting the pieces seamlessly. 
Step 4: For the final step to complete the quilt, trim the edges of the layers straight and bind the quilt. And you’re done! Pretty easy, right?

5. How do I wash my baby quilts?

Washing your baby’s quilts requires proper care. Here is what you will do to avoid unnecessary stretching, dirty water stains, damage to fabric and color, and more.

Water source: First, ensure the water source is clean to avoid staining your quilts from dirty water.
Detergent: It is recommended to use a mild and gentle detergent with natural ingredients that are suitable for wool and baby’s wear.
Handwash: You can handwash your quilts in a basin of room-temperature water. Next, soak your quilt thoroughly in soapy water and cover the quilt with a towel on top to submerge it. Soak it in for at least an hour, then rinse and squeeze out the water. Then, roll the quilt in a dry towel to soak up all the excess water and repeat this step till it’s almost dry.
Machine Wash: If you opt to machine wash your baby quilt, always use a gentle cycle with cold water.
Drying: Finally, you can either lay your quilt flat under the sun to eliminate stretching, air dry it indoors with a flat drying rack, or use a tumble dryer with a low-heat setting.

What’s Next?

43 Free Baby Quilt Patterns for Newborns

Get excited, as you will be amazed by the array of free baby quilt patterns to try over the weekend! Full of tutorials and easy-to-grasp instructions, you’ll be quilting a baby-sized quilt for your newborns or as a baby shower gift in no time! 

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