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Crochet Mini Tote Pattern

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Get the free pattern to make a sweet mini tote bag that is ideal for decorating, dressing up dolls, stuffed animals, amigurumi toys, and other similar uses.

mini tote crochet pattern

Carry forward from the mini straw sun hat crochet pattern that I have shared recently, here is the mini tote crochet pattern that I promised to post. With these 2 patterns, now you can make a set of a mini crochet sun hat and crochet tote for your doll or decorations.

Update: Due to popular demand, this mini tote is now available in full human size. Click the link to get the free crochet pattern for the 19″ x 11.5″ straw bag.

mini straw tote for doll crochet pattern

Mini Tote Crochet Pattern

scroll ⬇️ to get the free pattern & tutorial

The mini crochet tote is about 4.5″ wide and 4.5″ tall, crocheted with Raffia yarn and with a 3.0 mm crochet hook. The raffia yarn I used was a leftover from my previous raffia crochet pattern. Since the mini straw tote is small in size, it doesn’t require a lot of yarn to make. If you do not have raffia yarn, you may use other yarn to crochet it.

Different weights of yarn will give you a different size of tote. If you want it to be smaller, you may use lighter yarn weight, for example, baby yarn, fine yarn, fingering yarn, lace thread, and 1-ply to 4-ply yarn. If you want it to be larger, you may use bulkier yarn, for example, worsted DK, Chunky, Roving, 8-ply, and above. In the event that you are using a different yarn from the pattern, remember to choose the correct crochet hook to make this mini straw tote.

mini raffia straw tote for doll

Similar to the mini sun hat, the mini straw tote is quick to crochet by using a variation of “single crochet stitch” to make the horizontal in-line “V” design. This beautiful stitch is called “single crochet at the horizontal bar or the 3rd loop”. Read further to get the tutorial on how it is crochet.  

Besides making it for dolls and as decorations, use a bulkier yarn and a bigger hook to make the mini straw tote slightly bigger and turn it into a mini gift bag. The gift bag is perfect as a door gift that fills with product samples during a new product launch or, as event souvenirs for weddings, gathering, and party, etc. If you need something quick to make as a gift, perhaps this mini straw tote and sun hat could be the right choice for you.

Enjoy your yarn and hook session!


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mini crochet tote bag

Mini Straw Tote Crochet Pattern

Yield: 4.5" Width 4.5" Height 2" Depth
Active Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes
Difficulty: Avid Beginner with knowledge on the basic crochet stitches calls in the pattern
Estimated Cost: N/A

Free crochet pattern of cute mini straw tote, perfect for dolls, stuffed animals, amigurumi toy, ornaments, decorations, etc.


  • Stashed Raffia Yarn or Acrylic Yarn
  • Decorative Button


  • 3.0 mm crochet hook
  • Darning needle
  • Scissors


  1. Crochet all parts by following the crochet patterns stated below. 
  2. Sew the closure loop at the mid-part of the tote edge.
  3. Then sew a button on the opposite side of the loop.
  4. Sew the handle to the tote at about 12 stitches apart. Repeat the same to the other handle.
  5. Weave in all yarn ends.


ch: chain
mr: magic ring or magic circle
sc: single crochet
hb: horizontal bar (refer to the tutorial picture below)
sl st: slip stitch
inc: 2sc increase


crochet mini straw tote

Tote Body [1]

With Khaki Yarn:

Round 1: sc 6 in mr. {6}
Round 2: [inc hb] 6 times. {12}
Round 3: [sc hb, inc hb] 6 times. {18}
Round 4: [inc hb, sc hb 2] 6 times. {24}
Round 5: [sc hb 3, inc hb] 6 times. {30}
Round 6: sc hb around. {30}
Round 7: sc hb 2, [inc hb, sc hb 4] 5 times, inc hb, sc hb 2. {36}
Round 8: sc hb around. {36}
Round 9: [sc hb 5, inc hb] 6 times. {42}
Round 10: sc hb around. {42}
Round 11: sc hb 3, [inc hb, sc hb 6] 5 times, inc hb, sc hb 3. {48}
Round 12: sc hb around. {48}
Round 13: sl st hb around. {48}
Fasten and hide yarn ends.

Closure Loop [2]

ch16, sl st in the second st from hook, sl st in next 14 sts.

Fasten and leave a long tail for sewing.

Handles (Make 2) [3]

ch33, 2dc in the 4th st from the hook, ch2, sl st in the same stitch, sl st in the next 29 sts, (sl st, 2dc) in the last st, ch 2, sl st in the same stitch to complete the strap

Fasten and leave a long tail for sewing.

More Details on how to crochet the Mini Straw Tote

How To Crochet Horizontal Bar

variation single crochetAs the crochet pattern is calling for a variation of single crochet stitch: single crochet at a horizontal bar or 3rd loop (sc hb), here is the detail on how to crochet it.

This is the front side of the “sc hb” single crochet stitch variation.

mini toteThis is the back.

If you compare it to normal single crochet, you may notice the difference as this variation has no horizontal bar (round 1 and 2) at the back of the crochet piece.

mini toteIn a normal single crochet stitch, we insert our hook under the 2 loops (the V) on the top of the last round. However, for this horizontal bar variation, we insert the hook into the horizontal bar or the 3rd loop at the back of the crochet piece (as shown in the picture). By doing this, we push the 2 top loops to the front and that’s where the “knit-like-V” forms.

mini toteAnother view of where to insert the hook.

It is just like how you do the single crochet stitch just that you are drawing yarn over from the horizontal bar or the 3rd loop at the back of the crochet piece.

When the pattern called for an increase, just make 2 single crochet stitches into the same horizontal bar.

If you have difficulty understanding this explanation, search “single crochet in 3rd loop” on Youtube for a video.

crochet mini straw toteCrochet all parts by following the crochet patterns stated below.

crochet straw basketSew the closure loop at the mid part of the tote edge.

Then sew a button on the opposite side of the loop.

mini straw tote crochet patternSew handle to the tote at about 12 stitches apart.

Repeat the same to the other handle.

Weave in all yarn ends to complete the mini straw tote.

Let's Play Dressing Up

Your doll will appreciate your effort to make a beautiful mini straw tote to match with their dressing up party.

Make up a set of these cute mini straw tote and sun hat… My next plan for these two patterns will be to make a bigger version for humans

doll straw bag sunhat


Depending on the speed and hours you are spending on the project, the total time needed is only an approximation.

Get the full article at

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