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New Plan For Turtle Pattern

New Plan For Turtle Pattern

April 1, 2010 /
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small turtle pincushion

Still, remember this turtle pincushion that I designed and made in March 2009? Now, I have a new plan for it!!!

For over the past 6 months, I have received about 100 requests (via email and comment) for this Turtle Pincushion’s pattern [Updated with pattern link]. The request came in since I put up a “pattern available by request” update at that post in July 2009. I have sent them all out directly to the requester’s mailboxes till recently before I was being attacked by the deadly virus and caused a deadly crash to my laptop.

Due to that crash, I have lost most of the requestors’ emails and all my records went haywire. If you wrote to me and I haven’t replied with the pattern, I am sorry…. As an apology, I intend to make a step by step tutorial of how to sew it, and I will enlarge the size and add extra features. See the photo above, those white bits at the background is the paper pattern I have expanded, go guess how big it will be 🙂 Together with the tutorial, I will make the pattern available for free download. Till then, please be patient and enjoy my other tutorial and free pattern while I get it blewwwwww up. Do either 1 or all of the followings and updates from Craft Passion will be sent to your screen directly, giving you peace of mind for not missing anything out:

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What’d others made with the free pattern I sent to them?
So far, 2 lovely sewers, Jessica and Lisa, came back with the turtles they sewn…. thank both of them for sharing their fantastic works, hey, it proves that my free pattern and written instructions work well even without a step by step photo tutorial!!!

Jessica and Lisa have been creative to modify it a little on my pattern. Jessica sewed the whole shell together with the flippers, head, and tail, while Lisa modified the body of my sea turtle to a garden turtle… both are so cute!!!

If you have sewed one with my pattern and yet to send me the photos of your work, please do so, I will put it up here to share and link back to you if you have a craft blog.


Jessica’s Turtle

small turtle pincushion

Lisa’s Garden Turtle

small turtle pincushion
Feb 2010 pics 014
Feb 2010 pics 015


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