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Pom-Pom Snowman

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This pom-pom snowman is a great Christmas DIY to make for your Christmas decor and embellishment. I embellished it on my daughter’s Christmas Ornament Stocking, which I did at the very last minute just before Christmas. You will see more Christmas ornaments patterns on the stocking tutorial page.

pom pom snowman

This 6″ tall pom-pom snowman is made by using 85cm and 65cm pom-pom makers, off white wool yarn, some felt, googly eyes, pipe cleaner, buttons, and a crochet Santa’s Hat. Upon completion, you may sew the pom-pom snowman onto any fabric background, or simply glue it on the wall or panel for Christmas decorations.

Pom-Pom Snowman

Materials & Tools:

1. 85mm and 65mm pom-pom maker
2. Wool yarn (white)
3. Felt for the scarf, button liner, and snowman backing (red, green, and white)
4. Wiggly eyes, 2 (10 mm diameter)
5. Pipe cleaner (orange)
6. Beads for the buttons and scarf
7. Crochet Santa’s Hat

Dimension: 6″ (H) x 3 1/2″ (W)

Learn basic pom-pom making, here.

Make 2 pom-poms with 85 and 65 makers each. Keep the tying strings, don’t cut them,  trim the pom-pom to 80mm (for the body) and 55mm (head) respectively. Cut 2 round-shaped felts from the white color felt (60mm and 40mm) as the head and body backings of the pom-pom showman respectively. Sew the tying string to the center of the felt. Glue the felt to the pom-pom. Cut an orange pipe cleaner to make the nose and mouth. Glue them in place. Glue the wiggly eyes. Sew button to the green felt, then glue the green felt to the belly. Sew the Christmas hat to the head.

Sew the body to the Christmas stocking, then scarf, and lastly the head. Overlap the scarf and sew it with an embellished bead, then glue it to the body.


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