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Sock Turkey Stuffed Animal Sewing Pattern

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It’s turkey time! Yes, with Thanksgiving coming up really soon, Mr. Gobble, the sock turkey stuffed animal, says hello to Craft Passion fans, followers, readers, and visitors. This is the time of the year when the turkey theme is literally everywhere, including on social media.

how to sew sock turkey stuffed animal

I want to join everyone in decorating your surroundings with a turkey idea, so I have a free turkey sewing pattern here to share with you. I hope this can help you to sew your very own DIY turkey stuffed animal. It also makes for a cool fall gift idea. Need to know where to buy the socks and materials? Everything, including the free sewing pattern (in PDF), can be found in the instruction section.

Gobble… Gobble… Gobble…

that’s how Sock Turkey Mr Gobble got his name…

thanksgiving turkey decorations

Mr. Gobble the sock turkey stands at 10” tall and is a cool guy who struts around confidently on his two skinny feet. His head bobs as he walks, bobbity-bob, bobbity-bob, making him look like a comical school principal.

He looks stern and unfriendly, but in reality, Mr. Gobble is a happy-go-lucky turkey who likes to get to know everyone in his neighborhood.

He often surprises everyone with his loud cackle of laughter at a joke he thinks is funny. It’s so loud that the little chicks nearby sometimes run for cover. When that happens, the mother hens give Mr. Gobble a frown and shake their heads at him.

Just because he is such a friendly man, they’re never angry with him for long, and soon, the chicks come out and play around him like normal.

Sock Turkey Stuffed Animal

scroll ⬇️ to get the free sewing pattern & tutorial

turkey doll

Mr. Gobble isn’t always walking around the coop, though. On his lazy days, he likes to sit down in his favorite corner, pecking on some corn. He can actually do that for hours on end, especially on Sunday afternoons when most of the community is snoozing and it is quiet.

The coop community often has visitors, and they include other turkeys from over the hills, so Mr. Gobble the sock turkey is never lonely.

Of all the days in the year, his birthday is always the most fun – he is so well-loved all over that everyone gathers around him to sing him his birthday song and then spend the day with him.

sew turkey from socks

Sewing this sock turkey toy can be a load of fun, especially if you have a sewing partner to do it with.

Even if you have never sewn any sock animals before, you can always learn how to sew one, and Mr. Gobble the sock turkey is a fun one to do as a Thanksgiving gift idea.

Turkey is also a popular autumn harvest symbol, so make one sock turkey (or three!) and include them in your gift basket to the family.

Mr. Gobble the sock turkey makes a great plushie because, with some support on his back, he can actually stand on his own.

The legs are filled with densely rolled-up batting, but you can always add some wire for better support. If you do, make sure the wire is properly sealed up, so it doesn’t stick out from the sock later.

thanksgiving sewing project

You can also make Mr. Gobble sit comfortably. All he needs is a good prop, and he will be sitting nicely down.

This sock turkey stuffed animal has domed button eyes, but you can also use felt.

Felt can also be used for the white of the eyes and the snood (the wobbly skin above his beak).

I upcycled the unused elastic ribbing of the socks used to make Mr Gobble – instead of throwing them away, I used them to make his wattle, the flapping chin.

I also included a free turkey sewing pattern for the top hat (also made from felt) of the sock turkey.

turkey tail sew from toe socks

Loving its colorful tail

And have you seen Mr. Gobble’s colorful tail? It’s made from a pair of toe socks! Yes, colorful rainbow-striped toe socks are perfect for the sock turkey. Look at Mr. Gobble, he looks so happy and proud to boppity-bob around with his colorful tail.

Not all of the toe socks were used on his tail, some were also used to make the legs and beak. Mr. Gobble the sock turkey, has big feet so the wider base helps him stand more steadily. They’re similar to Tweety Bird’s except for one thing; Tweety has got two toes while Mr. Gobble has got three!

turkey feet

Personalized your sock turkey

Do you know why this DIY turkey stuffed animal makes a great gift idea? That’s because you can actually make a personal message on him.

For Mr. Gobble, you can use an iron-on decal (which is what I used, cut from Brother’s ScanNCut machine). Mine says “Happy Autumn” but you can always write other messages such as “I Luv U”, “Happy Family”, “Happy Thanksgiving”, or even someone’s name.

Another way you can personalize your sock turkey toy is to hang a small card around his neck. And you can use Mr. Gobble and a bunch of his turkey friends as table placement cardholders, which can double up as souvenirs during your Thanksgiving dinner party.

If you are good at crocheting, you can always pair up your sock turkey animals with these crochet turkey coasters and crochet turkey amigurumi.

sock turkey

Share this sock turkey sewing pattern with a sewing friend. You can both enjoy sewing him together!

sew turkey from sock


Sock Turkey sewing pattern

Hot To Sew Sock Turkey Stuffed Animal

Yield: 10" Tall Stuffed Turkey
Active Time: 4 hours
Total Time: 4 hours
Difficulty: Avid Beginner/Intermediate
Estimated Cost: $3 - $10

It’s turkey time! Yes, with Thanksgiving coming up really soon, Mr. Gobble, the sock turkey stuffed animal, says hello to Craft Passion fans, followers, readers, and visitors. This is the time of the year when the turkey theme is literally everywhere, including on social media.

I hope this free sock turkey sewing pattern can help you to sew your very own turkey stuffed animal. I have everything covered here, everything, including the free sewing pattern (in PDF). Download and print it separately.

Enjoy sewing!



  • Sewing machine. You can also hand-sew if you prefer.
  • Long sewing needle (about 2″) and pins
  • Erasable fabric marker
  • White chalk pencil or white color pencil with a soft tip
  • Scissors
  • Blunt point tweezers or an awl
  • Ruler
  • Printer


  1. Preparation:
    Gather the materials and tools needed to sew the sock turkey. Always pre-washed your socks before sewing them. Turn sock right side in and iron.
    Download the pdf template and print it on a thick plain paper. Cut the templates out.
    Sock Turkey materials

  2. Trace Templates:
    Trace the top hat, eye, and snood templates on the felts.
    Add 1/4″ seam allowance for the top hat template as shown in the picture.
    Snood and Eye don;t requirement extra seam allowance.
    Cut them out.
    Set aside.
    turkey stuffed animal

  3. Sew Turkey Tail:
    Cut the toe sock horizontally approximately 4″ from the tip of the big toe.
    Cut away the elastic band of the sock.
    Turn the bottom part of the toe sock inside out, align the stripes and pin. Place feet, leg, and beak template on the sock and trace.
    Repeat the same on the other sock but leaving out the beak template.
    turkey stuffed animal

    1. Draw lines as shown in the picture on both side and both pair of the tailpiece.
    2. Stuff the tailpiece with Poly-fill stuffing material, stuff all the toe pockets first followed by the feet part. Make sure it is stuffed evenly by rolling and massaging the stuffing.
    3. Sew around the raw edges with running stitch, pull to gather the opening.
    4. Push the raw edges into the tailpiece to hide, pull the thread to seal the closing better. Knot.
    turkey stuffed animal

    1. Sew running stitch between the 2 sides of the tailpiece. Make sure the needle goes in straight and comes out from the other side. Keep the running stitch distance constant.
    2. Pull the thread tightly after you have done the running stitches to the other end. You will see the stippled thread line.
    3. Sew the running stitch back to where it comes from to cover the dashes and make it a complete indent line.
    4. Sew the other 3 lines that separate the toe. Sewing the tailpiece into 5 sections first in order to make sure the stuffing is evenly spread within the 5 toes.
    turkey stuffed animal

    Sew the center lines of the toe sections in the same way as above. This will give the tail a more defined look of a feather.
    Repeat the sewing on the other piece of tail to make it a pair of tails.
    Set aside.
    turkey stuffed animal

  4. Sew Tukey Legs:
    1. Sew the feet, leg, and beak as shown in yellow lines, stretch the sock a little while sewing so that the sewing line can be stretched during stuffing. Sew the other piece (without the beak) the same way.
    2. Cut out all pieces with about 1/4″ seam allowance. Turn them right side out.
    3. Stuff the feet pieces with Poly-fill stuffing material, sew the opening in one line using a ladder stitch.
    4. Push the raw edges into the sock and pull the thread to give a neat seam.
    5. Draw 2 lines as shown in the picture.
    6. Sew the lines just like the way you sew the tail, to create 2 straight dented lines on the foot.
    Repeat the same to the other foot. Set aside.
    turkey stuffed animal

    Fold the roll the cotton batting tightly to about 2 1/2″ long and 1/2″ in diameter as shown in the picture.
    Sew to secure the batting in a cylinder shape. Cut away the uneven edge to make it to about 2″ to 2 1/4″ long.
    Make 2.
    turkey stuffed animal

    1. Sew a few stitches to connect the edge of batting to the seam allowance of the leg piece. Insert the batting into the sock and roll the sock to turn it right side out.
    2. Mark a 1/2″ dia circle at the feet as shown in the picture.
    3. Sew to attach the leg to the foot by using a ladder stitch, catch some batting in between the stitches so that the batting can sit better inside the tube leg. Push in the raw edges before pulling the thread to tighten up the stitches.
    4. Repeat the same to the other foot.
    turkey stuffed animal

    A pair of tails and feet. Set aside and waiting for assembly.
    sock turkey colorful tail and legs

  5. Sew Turkey Body:
    1. Turn the dark brown sock inside out and flatten, align the color border if your sock has a color section like mine, pin. Place sock turkey templates on the sock and trace with a white chalk pencil.
    2. Sew the tracing lines (as indicated in yellow) but leave about 3/8″ opening at the bottom of the wings.
    3. Cut the pieces out with about 1/4″ seam allowance. Cut 1/2″ from the heel part.
    4. Turn all pieces right side out. Use a pair blunt point tweezers to turn the small pieces.
    turkey stuffed animal

    1. Stuff the sock turkey body with Poly-fill stuffing material.
    2. Concentrate the stuffing on the head and neck first.
    3. Stuff until the turkey body is full and firm.
    4. Close the opening by sewing it in one line using a ladder stitch. Pull the thread to seal the opening, knot, hide the knot and cut the thread.
    5. Bottom view of the sock turkey body.
    6. Side view of the turkey body.
    turkey stuffed animal

    Front view of the sock turkey body with a big rear end.
    If you want to have a big tummy turkey, then you may use the back as the front.
    turkey stuffed animal

  6. Sew Turkey Face:
    1. Place the white of the eye on the face of the turkey. Sew the domed button eye to the white of the eye, sew a few stitches to secure it.
    2. Pull the needle out from the back of the head, pull tight so that the shank of the button set into the head and not hanging loosely. Then go in again at the same point where it came out.
    3. Pull the needle out from the other eye, sew another domed button eye. Repeat 3 to set the button eye into the head.
    4. Completed both eyes.
    turkey stuffed animal

    1. Stuff and position the beak onto the face, pin.
    2. Sew to attach the beak by using a ladder stitch.
    3. Push in the raw edges before pulling the thread to tighten the stitches.
    4. Place the snood on the beak, sew it with red thread to secure its position.
    Sock Turkey head

  7. Assembly Sock Turkey:
    Attach Wings

    Stuff the wings with Poly-fill stuffing material, sew to close the opening with ladder stitch.
    Sew to attach the wing to the turkey body as shown in the picture.
    turkey stuffed animal

    Attach Tail
    1. Place the tails next to each other as shown in the picture. Stitch them together where they touch each other (about 1″ long).
    2. Full tail.
    3. Place and position the tail on the back of the turkey, pin. Sew around the external with hidden stitches.
    4. Sew the inside of the tail and pull the thread to tighten the stitches to complete the attachment.
    turkey stuffed animal

    Attach Legs
    1. The sock turkey is so happy that it has a beautiful and colorful tail. Next, we are going to give it a pair of bigfoot legs.
    2. Turn the turkey upside down. Mark 2 circle of 1/2″ as shown in the picture.
    3. Place the leg on the marking and stitch around with ladder stitch, catch some batting between the stitches. Push the raw edges into the leg before tightening up the stitches.
    4. Repeat to the sew the other leg. The turkey is now pretty happy with its colorful legs as well.
    The basic sock turkey stuffed animal is done and we just need to do some final touches to bring it to live.
    turkey stuffed animal

  8. Final Touches:
    Give the sock turkey the wattle.
    1 & 2. Cut the ribbing of the sock to about 2″ long.
    3 & 4. Sew the raw edges together to form a collar.
    turkey stuffed animal

    Put the collar on the neck of the sock turkey to resemble the wattle of the turkey.
    turkey stuffed animal

    Optional message on the belly.
    1. If you have an iron-on decal or able to cut your own “Happy Autumn” decal, clean up the unwanted white vinyl by peeling them off with a pair of tweezers.
    2. A clean “Happy Autumn” iron-on decal is really to be transferred to the belly of the sock turkey.
    3. Heat up your iron to medium heat (dry and no steam) or as stated in the iron-on material instruction. Use the iron to pre-heat the belly area of the turkey for about 10 to 15 seconds. Place the iron-on decal on the belly of the sock turkey. Press with medium pressure the iron to adhere the decal for 20 seconds on each section. Make sure to iron all the words.
    4. Remove the protective plastic after it has cool down.
    turkey stuffed animal

  9. Make A Top Hat:
    1. Get ready the top hat materials that you have prepared previously.
    2. Roll the hat until the edge meets the seam line. Sew with black color thread.
    3. Remember to clip notches on the seam allowance on the hat top.
    4. Insert the notches into the hat and sew around.
    turkey stuffed animal

    1. Feed the belt through the buckle as shown in the picture.
    2. Stitch the other end of the belt on the hat, about 1/4″ from the bottom edge of the hat. Make a few brief stitches until where the buckle is going to set on.
    3. Overlap the belt and make some small stitches to secure.
    4. Use the buckle to hide the stitches away.
    5. Attach the brim to the hat by sewing them together.
    6. A completed top hat for the turkey.
    Sock Turkey hat

Ta-daaa! Mr. Gobble is now ready to welcome the autumn season and Thanksgiving into your home. If you’ve tried this, show me your sock turkeys. I can’t wait to see how they look!  
Sock Turkey doll


Sock Quality: Socks will be stretched after they are stuffed so thick socks that are close-knit make better quality sock turkey toys.
Seam Allowance: give yourself approximately 1/8” or 1/4” (you need bigger seam allowance for loose-knit and thinner sock materials because they can be ripped off easily)
Tip: always massage the stuffing to loosen out lumps. Long tubular parts should be rolled with both hands so any lumps will be smooth, and help to make the parts longer and firmer.

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Esther Herndon

Wednesday 8th of June 2022

Can I make this without toe socks? I’m making a present and can’t get them to deliver in time

Craft Passion

Wednesday 15th of June 2022

The toe sock is a great material for the tail. If you can't find a toe sock, you can always modify the pattern by creating your own turkey tail.

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