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Refurbish Old Christmas Ornaments

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December is here!!! Christmas is just 25 days away, don’t get panic! If you haven’t had time or being thrifty to go for Christmas Tree ornament shopping, maybe this is a great tutorial for you…. turn your old ornaments to one as good as new 🙂

refurbish old christmas ornaments

We did not follow the tradition, we didn’t have a Thanksgiving meal, we didn’t do any thanksgiving activity, definitely no black Friday and no cyber Monday. Instead, I spent my day with my kids decorating a Christmas tree. I am thrifty and sentimental in certain things, my faux 5′ Christmas tree is as old as my seven-year-old daughter, same as the majority of the hanging ornaments. I found many ornaments that became tarnished and spoiled after many years of reuse. Looking at how badly those ornaments have discolored and worn out, it’s time to give them an uplift. Of course, not all can be refurbished, I still have to throw away some broken pieces and add in some new ones, but at least I can keep it to a minimum.

As an example, I glittered an old candy cane to make it as good as new or even better and prettier.

glittered candy cane

Refurbish Old Christmas Ornaments

Recycle Old Christmas Ornament

To be precise on the material for this example, I used:
1. Old plastic candy cane ornaments
2. Pearl white glitter
3. Craft glue
4. Red 1/4″ Ribbon
5. Gold hanging string
Tips: line your table with old newspaper to make cleaning easier after glittering.

Refurbish Old Christmas Ornament

Take out the damaged red plastic strip and hanging string from the candy cane.
Make sure the bare plastic candy cane is free from grease.
Brush a layer of craft glue to the candy cane.
Sprinkle the pearl white glitters onto the candy cane evenly.
Wait until it’s dry.
Apply a few drops of craft glue onto the wrong side of the red 1/4″ ribbon.
Wrap the ribbon around the candy cane.
Set aside until the glue dries.

Refurbish old Christmas ornament, candy cane

With this method, you have got a new glittered candy cane for your Christmas tree, doesn’t it look better than the original one 🙂
You can try on other ornaments as well, I made another one with my discolored and oxidized jingle bell ornament.

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Alice (bits of taste)

Thursday 2nd of December 2010

what a good idea to recycle! I shall try it.