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DIY Snowman Ornament

DIY Snowman Ornament

December 15, 2010 /

DIY snowman

10 days to go… I am counting down for Christmas and singing this all day long ~~  I’m dreaming of a white Christmas, Just like the ones I….. ~~ The Christmas spirit is getting higher each and every day and I am still making Christmas Craft add into my Christmas decorations. This time it is a snowman where I was inspired by this one that I saw in Singapore.

styrofoam snowman

There is no white Christmas in Malaysia, in reality, I can’t build snowman provided I travel few thousand miles northbound. Well, to quench my thirst for having snow for Christmas, I made a styrofoam snowman instead.

snowman ornament

This is a quick craft and it is suitable for kids with a little help and guidance from an adult.

snowman ornaments


Snowman Ornament

Finished dimension: Approx. 3 1/4″ (H) x 2″ (W)

1. Polyfoam or polystyrene or Styrofoam ball – approx dia. 1″
2. Polyfoam or polystyrene or Styrofoam ball – approx dia. 2″
3. Red felt
4. White yarn
5. Beads, sequins, and/or button for embellishment
6. Pearl white glitters

1. Scissor
2. Craft Knife
3. Craft glue
4. Hot glue gun
5. Small brush
6. Floral wire
7. Pencil or pen
8. Clothes clip (optional) if you want to bend the hat.
9. Pointy tweezers.


snowman ornament DIY 2Preheat your hot glue gun so that it is ready when you need to use it.
To make the snowman stand-able, cut a small portion from the 2″ polyfoam with a craft knife to create a flat base.
If your kids are too small to handle the cutting, please help them to do it.


snowman ornament DIY 3Place the small polyfoam ball on the top of the base, find the correct position so that they are straight, mark.
With help from an adult, apply a dot of hot glue on the marking and quickly attach the small ball onto it, hold a few seconds till the glue is set.


snowman ornament DIY 4Insert a floral wire into the polyfoam ball assembly, preferably into the head of the snowman.
Brush a layer of craft glue and sprinkle the pearl white glitter to all over snowman except the base.
Set aside for the glue to dry.


Red Snowman DIY1While waiting for the glue to dry and glitter to set, prepare the red felt for scarf and hat.
Cut half circle of 3″ diameter for the hat and 6″ x 1/2″ for a scarf.
I also glittered a 1/4″ bead for the hat.


Red Snowman DIY5When the snowman is about half dry (best is to wait till it is completely dry, the time needed depends on the viscosity of the craft glue you use), carefully roll the 1/2 circle (with curve side down) onto the head of the snowman, measure the hat size. Mark on the felt.
Apply glue on the overlapping area.


Red Snowman DIY6Overlap the 1/2 circle to make a cone hat for the snowman. Set aside for it to dry or at least until it gets tacky.


Red Snowman DIY7Apply glue on the internal edge of the hat and glue the hat to the snowman’s head.


How to make snowman ornamentNext, glue the white yarn on the edge of the hat.
If you want to bend the hat, apply glue at the back of the hat, around the center of the height. Bend the hat and secure its position with a clothes clip (as shown in the next picture).


How to make snowman ornamentGlue all the facial features and embellishments to the snowman with craft glue.
Glue the glittered 1/4″ bead to the tip of the hat with hot glue.
Tweezers are handy when handling all these small parts, but be careful when kids are involving.


How to make snowman ornamentCarefully roll the scarf onto the neck of the snowman. Twist the scarf a little so that it fits better on the snowman.
Apply glue to secure it.
Set aside overnight to let it dry completely.


snowman ornament


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