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Sakura Easter Eggs

Sakura Easter Eggs

March 26, 2014 /
easter egg

Being inspired by the cherry blossom (Japenese Sakura) that symbolizes the season of Spring, I hereby combined both eastern and western Spring to DIY Easter Eggs in Sakura theme. They are easy to make and with the little time and effort put in, you will be able to decorate this Easter with the state-of-the-art eggs.

japanese easter egg

Living in a tropical country, we don’t have the chance to reveal the real Japanese Sakura. Instead, we are lucky to have Pink Trumpet trees (Scientific name: Tabebuia rosea, a neotropical tree), they bloom like the cherry blossom in the month of March. It is absolute heaven on earth moment to indulge the mind and soul with this beautiful scenery; imagine…. shades of white, pink and purple under the blue sky! So romantic 😊

sakura easter

Over the years, I have made some Easter projects and I am glad to progress as I continue to create and share. The blue mini bunny sachet next to the Sakura Easter Egg is one of them which I did 3 years ago. For more Easter’s project to make, click here.

flower easter egg

Happy Easter!

easter egg bunny

DIY Easter Eggs

Sakura Easter Eggs

Materials & Tools:
1. Plastic eggs
2. Yarns
3. Flower sequins, pink
4. Quick-dry all-purpose adhesive (clear color), for example, UHUir?t=crafpass 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B009XPOG8A.
5. Marker pen
6. Acrylic paint, metallic bronze, and gold
7. Fine tip brush
8. Tweezers, sharp point
9. Water
10. Newspaper to protect your working table and fabric scraps for cleaning up.

easter eggs material

Gather all the craft supplies you need for this project as listed above.
Wash and dry the plastic eggs to remove any traces of oil and dirt on the surface. If the eggs are made up of 2 parts, split them open so that they are easier to dry.

yarn anchoring

Squeeze some quick-dry all-purpose adhesive at the bottom of the egg. The glue gets tacky and dries up pretty fast, so make sure you work on a small area at a time.
Pinch the yarn end with the tweezers and glue it to the center.

roll yarn

Twist the tweezers to roll up the yarn a little with the yarn still in contact with the glue.

press firm

When the adhesion gets tacky, remove the tweezers and press the yarn with the back of the tweezers so that it is glued properly on the egg.


Wind the yarn around. Watch the alignment closely so that the winding won’t slant to other direction.
Glue and wind the yarn closely. If you find that your alignment is out, adjust it by pushing the yarn at that area with tweezers before the adhesive dries up.
Apply adhesive about 1/4″ high at a time during the winding.

top egg

If your eggs are horizontal-split, glue the top shell to it once you almost finish winding the bottom shell.
Continue with the yarn winding.
As you are working upwards, the yarn tends to deviate further up during the winding. Don’t wind the yarn too hard, the tension should be just nice so that the yarn sits on top of the round just below it.


Cut the yarn as you are reaching the tip of the egg.


Apply glue at the tip of the egg, roll the yarn end with the tweezers and glue it on.
Repeat the winding on the other eggs while waiting for the glue to dry so that it is safe to work on for the next process.

sketch brunches

Sketch out the branches of a tree on the egg, front and back, with a marker pen.


Trace the line with metallic bronze acrylic paint by using a fine tip brush.


Highlight it with metallic gold. Repeat on the other eggs.

sakura easter egg

Pick a flower sequin with tweezers and glue it on the egg. Repeat.
Let the eggs dry completely for a few hours before starting to decorate with them.


Let the Easter Egg hunting begins with a mini bunny sachet next to it.

easter eggs sakura


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