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How To Sew Sock Skeleton Doll

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This is the cutest sock skeleton doll couple I have ever seen. You can make yours with the details sewing free pattern and tutorial.

sock skeleton

I think this is the most spooky cute handmade I have ever made … ha ha ha… Even I feel eerie watching them sitting there… Welcome the Mr. & Mrs. Sock Skeleton!!! Let them startle your guests when they come for trick or treating!!! You might be interested in making the pom-pom pumpkin and the pom-pom spider from pom-pom as well and set them up on the corner of your doorstep, and


sew skeleton doll

I was searching for Halloween decoration ideas when I stumbled upon Martha Stewart’s website and found the basic sock skeleton (aka the Mr. Sock Skeleton), I love the idea, and it seems pretty easy to sew too. After seeing Brenda’s guest tutorial on the sock cat stuffed animal, I always wanted to sew a sock doll. This sock skeleton is the perfect one for me to try out at this moment in preparing for the upcoming Halloween. Besides, we have more Halloween Crafts that you can DIY. Click the link to the how-to make.

How To Sew Skeleton Doll

scroll ⬇️ to get the free printable templates, pattern & tutorial

skeleton doll sewing pattern

So, there I was, cast my first trial. It was really an easy-peasy job. I got it done pretty fast even though it was just my first try (the video on Martha’s site was really awesome, thanks to Martha!!!). I was overjoyed and couldn’t wait to share it, so I took a quick photo and shared it on my Facebook page. On the very first glimpse, I can feel that Mr. Sock Skeleton was so lonely sitting on the ladder by himself… oh poor guy… that’s where I got the idea to make a companion for him, Mrs. Sock Skeleton 🙂 Get the tutorial and how to …

stuffed skeleton sewing pattern

By the way, before jumping to the how-to, I have a story to tell…. There was an eerie thing during the process of sewing Mrs. Sock Skeleton… no, no, she didn’t stand up, walk or dance in the middle of the night when I left her in my craft room, LOL!!! Do you think she looks similar to the late “King Of Pop” who debuted his famous moonwalk dance? No? imagine again if her hair is black…. eweee… I intended to sew her black hair, but I changed it to orangy brown because it really chilled me out, also, I don’t want her to look like my favorite pop idol, he is an “HE” not a “SHE”!

halloween doll sewing pattern


How To Sew Sock Skeleton Doll

How To Sew Sock Skeleton Doll

Yield: Stuffed Sock Skeleton Doll
Active Time: 4 hours
Total Time: 4 hours
Difficulty: Avid Beginner/Intermediate
Estimated Cost: $5 - $10

I think this is the most spooky cute handmade I have ever made … ha ha ha… Even I feel eerie watching them sitting there… Welcome the Mr. & Mrs. Sock Skeleton!!! Let them startle your guests when they come for trick or treating!!!

Enjoy sewing them!


Main Body

  • A pair of plain White Athletic Sock
  • Black felt
  • White buttons, 4 holes (about 1/2″, 2 pcs.)
  • Black buttons, 4 holes (smaller than white, 2 pcs.)
  • Embroidery Floss, black and red
  • Poly-fill or kapok


  • Brown yarn
  • Cardboard (8″ x 6″)
  • Masking tape
  • Tracing (thin) paper


  • Fat Eighth Fabric
  • Ribbon
  • 1/4″ elastic band


  • Sewing Machine
  • Coordinating color sewing threads
  • Sewing and tapestry needles
  • Shear
  • Pins
  • Ruler & pencil
  • Fabric marker


More Details On How To Sew
Sock Skeleton Doll

  1. Read and get the instruction & printout of sewing the male skeleton from Martha Stewart's website.I followed everything told in the instructions for Mr. Skeleton, but alter a little for Mrs. Skeleton's body.Prepare the above materials and tools.
    Update 2021: The original article linked above was removed, luckily I found the pattern template, click the link to get it. You can watch the video to find out how to make it.Sock Skeleton DIY 1
  2. Follow the instruction to sew the body, legs, and arms of the skeleton. Remember to turn the socks inside out and sew on the wrong side.Sock Skeleton DIY 2
  3. Cut along the cutting lines for the body and limbs. Turn the socks right side out. For the body, turn it right-side-out from the small hole between the body and the upper legs. Turn slowly and don’t overstretch the sock’s knits at the opening.
    Stuff with poly-fill or kapok until firm. Stitch up all openings.
    Set aside.Sock Skeleton DIY 3
  4. Cut cardboard to 8″ x 6″, mark the center line and 4″ width lines.Sock Skeleton DIY 4
  5. Tuck the yarn near the centerline with masking tape. Wind along the 8″ length until you are satisfied with the hair thickness for your Mrs. Skeleton. I made about 3-4 layers of windings. Tuck the yarn end and cut. This is the back of the cardboard with windings of yarns.Sock Skeleton DIY 5
  6. Turn to front. Slide a small piece of tracing paper between the yarns and the cardboard.
    Place the masking tape on top of them, press to make the yarns stick to it. Make sure the yarn didn’t go beyond the 4″ limit.Sock Skeleton 6
  7. Turn to the back and cut the yarn apart at the centerline. Take the cardboard away. Smooth out the hair which is still sandwich between the masking tape and tracing paper.Sock Skeleton DIY 7
  8. Use the closest thread color to the hair, machine sew along the centerline with small stitch length. I used slightly less than 1 (out of 4) on my Singer sewing machine.Sock Skeleton DIY 8
  9. Carefully tear away the masking tape. Do it slowly to avoid tearing away and spoiling the yarn.
    Rip away the tracing paper too.Sock Skeleton DIY 9
  10. Now you have the half-done body and the hair. Cut 2 circles (slightly bigger than the white button) from the black felt.
    Use a few strands of white threads, wrap a few rounds and strangle on the neckline of the doll, tie firmly. Hey! she has a head now 🙂 Sew the limbs to the body.Sew Sock Skeleton
  11. Sew the black felt circles to the face with blanket stitch, then stack the combi of the white and black button and sew onto it. Sew the eyelashes.
    Make a stitch on one side of the cheek, penetrate the needle from the cheek into the head to the other side of the cheek, pull, and tug to create a deep “dimple” on the cheek. Repeat the same to the other cheek.
    Sew the lips with red embroidery floss (6 strands) from dimple to dimple. Dab a small dot of glue to set the placement of the lip’s shape.
    Sew ribs as per instruction in Martha’s site.Sew Skeleton Doll
  12. Fold a small portion (about 1/2″) of the hair inwards in order to make the forehead hair a little thicker.
    Place the hair on the doll head.
    Pin it in place.Sew Doll Hair
  13. Sew with backstitches along the machine-sewn line with the same yarn.Sew Doll Hair
  14. This is how it looks after finish sewing the hair to the head.Sew Doll Hair
  15. Tuck a few stitches near the ear area to hold some of the hair in place to the side.
    Brush some red/pink blush on her cheek.Sew Doll Hair
  16. Almost done! Just need to sew a dress for her to wear, she can’t go naked, right?Sew Sock Skeleton Doll
  17. Cut 4 triangles. Place 2 pieces right side together, sew the 2 slant sides, turn right side out from the base. Press. Fold the base seam allowances into the triangle and top-stitch around. Repeat the same for another triangle.
    Cut 2 lengths of 8″ (shoulder straps) and 1 length of 10″ (under-bust strap) ribbon. Sew the triangles to the shoulder and under-bust straps respectively.
    Cut a 4″ x 18″ rectangle fabric for the skirt. Join at the 4″ edge. Fold 1/4″ at the bottom hem and sew. Fold 1/2″ top hem and sew, leave a 1″ opening for elastic band entry. Join the band and close the opening.Sew Sock Doll With Dress
  18. Put on the dress and if you can find some spider buttons, sew them onto her tummy and thigh. I just love her spider tattoo!Spider Embellishment

Hi!!! Mrs. Skeleton!!!Sew Lady Sock Skeleton Doll Complete With Dress

sock skeleton


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Thursday 26th of May 2022

Thank you ! Thank you! I have been searching for this sock skeleton template for so long. The original link was broken and couldn't find it on martha stewart blog either.

Mary Reigel

Tuesday 7th of September 2021

The link for pattern is not working :(

Craft Passion

Sunday 19th of September 2021

Ah, the link to the referral website has moved the article away. I have updated the new link and a video to the how to make.

Rhonda Allen

Monday 6th of September 2021

I cannot find the Mr. Skeleton sock instructions on Martha Stewart's website. I did a search on her site but nothing available. Is there any way to get the skeleton pattern to cut from the socks?

Craft Passion

Sunday 19th of September 2021

She removed or move the article and the link didn't work anymore. I have updated the new link and a video to the how to make.

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Sunday 31st of July 2016

How can you make it without a sewing machine?

Craft Passion

Wednesday 3rd of August 2016

Yes, you may sew it with handsewing.

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