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DIY Pom-Pom Pumpkin

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It’s only ten days until Halloween!!! Because I still can’t shake my pom-pom obsession, I decided to make a pom-pom pumpkin in the shape of Jack O’Lantern. Learn how to make a pom-pom pumpkin and turn it into a Halloween pumpkin jack ‘o lantern by adding black spooky eyes and a mouth.

pom pom pumpkin

I love Halloween, though it is not commonly celebrated here (except those costume parties organized meant for adults) but I have experienced it once during my short-term stay in the UK, and that gave me a wonderful memory.

Seeing children dressed up in cute and spooky Halloween costumes, holding a Halloween basket, walking from door to door shouting “Treat or Trick” and they get treats in return, this is cute 🙂

how to make a pumpkin pom pom

I would love to carve a real pumpkin with spooky expression, place a tea light in it and put it outside my front door but I am in Malaysia… I can’t find this type of pumpkin which is so orangie, big and beautiful, even if there is, the price must be sky-high. All we have here is Kabocha Pumpkin, which has a green blotchy skin that is hard and mmmm… “ugly” but tastes great in cooking.

So, no real pumpkin for me, nevermind! With pom-pom, I can make a small Halloween Pom Pom Pumpkin decoration in just 30 minutes. The step is pretty simple.

Pom-Pom Pumpkin


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pom pom pumpkin

DIY Pom-Pom Pumpkin - How To

Yield: 45mm Pom-Pom Pumpkin
Active Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes
Difficulty: Avid Beginner
Estimated Cost: $1 - $5

10 days to Halloween!!! My pom-pom fever hasn’t subsided so I made this Jack O’ Lantern pom-pom pumpkin!

Enjoy making them!


  • Orange and brown color yarns
  • Tacky craft glue
  • Black felt (cut into the facial features of a Jack O’ Lantern)


  • 45mm pom-pom maker
  • Oval-shaped template for trimming the pom-pom into pumpkin-shaped
  • A pair of thumb-pins
  • A pair of sharp scissors


  1. Pom-Pom PumpkinGather all the needed materials and tools as listed above.

  2. Pom-Pom PumpkinWind the arm of the pom-pom maker with 2 – 3 layers of orange yarn.

  3. Pom-Pom PumpkinChange yarn to brown color and wind a layer of brown yarn.

  4. Pom-Pom Pumpkin3 layers of orange yarn, 1 layer brown, and 3 layers orange again.

  5. Pom-Pom PumpkinCut the yarn across and you will see the stripes of brown yarn in between the orange. If you want to know more about the basic of making pom-pom using the pom-pom maker, click here.

  6. Pom-Pom PumpkinThis is pom-pom pumpkin before trimming take place.
    You can see the brown stripes run from top to bottom of the pumpkin.
    You can tie an additional string on the pom-pom if you plan to hang it.

  7. Pom-Pom PumpkinPosition the pumpkin template on both sides to trim the pom-pom into a pumpkin shape. Read more about trimming a pom-pom fast and easy here if you don’t know how to do it.

  8. Pom-Pom PumpkinTrim the pom-pom close to the template. Slightly under-trim is better than over-trim. Do the same on the other side, 90 deg to the left or right.

  9. Pom-Pom PumpkinYou can see the brown stripes more clearly now.

  10. Pom-Pom PumpkinI prefer to apply some fabric glue on the tied string so that the pom-pom’s shape is “fixed”. Make sure that the fabric glue gets into the inside of the center.

  11. Pom-Pom PumpkinTrim lightly on your pom-pom pumpkin to make it look neat if necessary. Remember to fluff the pom-pom often enough to get the “hiding” yarn out and trim it.

  12. Pom-Pom PumpkinLastly, attach the facial features onto the pom-pom with fabric glue. Remember to spread a thick and generous amount (but not overflow) of fabric glue onto the wrong side of the felt, and wait for 5 -10 minutes until it is tacky before mounting them onto the pom-pom.

Here there is, a Jack O’ Lantern, the Pom Pom Pumpkin!

What’s coming up next? Still a pom-pom project…. it is a black widow spider for Halloween. 🙂 Stay tuned!

Pom-Pom Pumpkin


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~ Junkyard Jennifer

Friday 29th of October 2010

I love this idea! I featured it on my blog today.

~ Jennifer

rosemeire garcia

Friday 17th of September 2010

I´m from brasil, I love your pom-poms, thank you. kisses and by byin brasil tchau!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Monday 30th of November 2009

Love the pom-pom crafts. Thank you!


Wednesday 21st of October 2009

I love your creativity in making Jack O'Lantern using pom-pom. Btw, your first photo is simply stunning!

Craft Passion

Thursday 22nd of October 2009

Thank you. I just love to create :)

carrie mcveigh-crow

Wednesday 21st of October 2009

I love these, you can make Santa Claus or snowmn figure by using 3 stacked up on each other. I love your imagination.

Craft Passion

Thursday 22nd of October 2009

Yes, snowman in on my list :) Watch out for the Christmas pom pom project coming up soon.

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