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The Star Newspaper Interview & Feature

The Star Newspaper Interview & Feature

September 19, 2013 /
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Newspaper Interview
Thank you to all my friends, fans, readers, visitors, relatives, and families, for reading September 11, 2013, The Star Daily about the newspaper interview and feature! It is a huge blessing for my family and me to receive your phone calls, comments, and best wishes. Without your support, Craft Passion wouldn’t develop and sustain till today! Thank you very much and we love you all!

Just in case you’ve missed out on the newspaper print of my interview and feature in The Star Daily, below are the scanned copies. Please click the photos to see an enlarged version that will open in a new tab or new window, zoom-in to read. You may read the newspaper interview online content here, and the owl mobile tutorial here and here.

A few weeks ago, my eyes gleamed with surprise when the Craftypedia columnist, Lee Mei Li, contacted me over Craft Passion’s Facebook page about this opportunity. We had a long detailed interview and a morning of a photography session at my new home. On the night just before the publishing day, I could hardly wait until the morning. I was jumping up and down with joy to see them with my half-opened eyes early in the morning, wow… 5 pages and with a small thumb photo on the upper right corner of the main page, I was overjoyed. I didn’t get any hint from Mei Li that it is such a big feature and the write-up is so well presented, thank you Mei Li, you did it again. I am lucky to have this great opportunity knocking on my door, and I truly believe that luck is when preparation meets opportunity.

It was such great exposure to the public in Malaysia about my free craft blog that I have been working on for more than 5 years. With over a million page views a month, approximately only 2% comes from my own country (Americas dominated the biggest percentage, 53%, followed by Europe, 30%, the rest will be Asia and Africa), it shows that I was not well known in my own country. Even out of the 2%, there could be a good large portion of Malaysia visitors who don’t know that I am from the same country they are living in. Thanks to The Star for this great opportunity, now I have more connections with local craft hobbyists.

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