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Girl’s Bedroom Decorations

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As promised in my New Home design article, here are some Girl’s Room Ideas inspired by my daughter’s bedroom.

The big tree wall decal with shelves, the flying butterflies on the wall, the picture frames above the bed’s headboard and the empty space that connects her bed to the study table, and so on are the main highlights of these girl’s room ideas…. not to mention the “Secret Garden” quilt blanket I designed and sewed for her a few months ago. I’m hoping to cover everything in this post.

girl's room ideas

Early this year, while looking for design ideas for my new home, I came across a Pinterest pin of this adorable tree wall decal that allows some shelves to be installed on the tree branches. I fell in love at first sight and decided to look for a way to purchase one for my daughter’s room. 

I did a quick image search on Google, and that’s how I found Simple Shapes. I was so excited when the Shelving Tree wall decal arrived weeks later that I wanted it up right away. My daughter’s room wouldn’t be ready for another few weeks. I did it after the room was ready, all by myself.

Wall Decal Installation


First things first, you need to choose the paint color for the room’s walls and then choose a color that contrasts with that paint for the wall decal. In most cases, a darker wall color paired with a white decal would be the optimal combination.

Because I prefer a matte orange color that is complementary to the Secret Garden quilt that I have worked on, I chose the San Remo shade from ICI Dulux (17125).

Just before applying the decal, you should wipe the wall down to ensure that it is clean and free of oil and dust.


The decal is supplied in sheet form; cut them out according to the instructions.
You can view Simple Shapes’ YouTube video on how to install a wall decal.

Install the optional shelving on the branches (up to 3), with a maximum width of 24″ after they have all been installed (including the treehouse and birds).


Here are the progress photos of the tree decal installation.

Other Wall Decorations


Making Memories sold ready-cut paper reverie butterflies in three color themes: Sienne, Brun Antique, and Metallique. The butterflies come in three sizes and 60 pieces per pack, but I didn’t use them all.

I believe Making Memories has discontinued this product, so now is a good time to stock up on whatever is on clearance. If you can’t find it, please buy it somewhere else or make your own butterflies.

Fold the butterfly along the centerline, then stick it to the wall with a small piece of thick double-sided tape. Create a flying pathway by putting more butterflies at the bottom of the wall, gradually reducing the number and narrowing the width as you move up.

girl room design

In addition to these girls’ room ideas, you could use Ikea photo frames to hang some flower photos above the bed’s headboard. I also purchased the flower postcard from Ikea. Another great way to replace the flower postcard is to make fabric applique flowers from the quilt design and frame them.


We live in a condominium, so we’ll need a lot of storage space to keep everything.

girl room wardrobe

This full-height wardrobe with a bookcase is ideal for my daughter. Half of it was for her clothes, half for her books, and so on.

The wardrobe has two windowpane doors; if we get tired of the “see-through” door, we can simply cover it with door window curtains, a fantastic future DIY project:)

I also intended to purchase or make some baskets for her to place between the shelves.

Other Decorations

In the space between the bed and the study table, I placed a rug and an upright standing Ikea MALA whiteboard / black chalkboard for her to write or draw on.

girl room design idea

The Heart Chenille Valentine Pillow on the floor was made by me for Valentine’s Day last year. Perhaps adding a beanbag would be a good place for her to sit and read.

The Austrian blind is a green sheer layered with a roller blind behind it to block out the sun’s rays.
I also hung my latest creation, the Owl Baby Mobile, next to her bed (not shown in the picture).
The swivel chair, Jules, is from Ikea. I changed the castors to match the hardwood floor.

That’s all for the girls’ room ideas, and there are still plenty of DIY ideas for this room. I will do it one at a time and hope to update you as soon as I have done anything here.

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Monday 15th of February 2016

Lovely, perfect for our future foster daughters room. Thanks!


Friday 25th of July 2014

The room is beautiful! Would you share with us where you got the butterflies? Thanks

Craft Passion

Friday 25th of July 2014

As mentioned above, the butterflies are from Making Memories but I think they could have been discontinued from the market.


Friday 27th of December 2013

it's so nice & cool, i wish i had a room like that. thanks for sharing:)


Tuesday 10th of December 2013

nice idea...really love it... thx for sharing ^^

Bali wholesale

Tuesday 8th of October 2013

Nice idea. Very decorative and girly. I think my daughter will love this kind of design. I will implement your design as close as your design. Thank you for your nice idea.