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Hexagon Basket Sewing Pattern

Hexagon Basket Sewing Pattern

January 25, 2011 /
hexagon basket pattern

Chinese New Year (CNY) is just around the corner, I am spring cleaning and decorating my house during the weekends. I need a new basket this year so I made this – Hexagon Basket which is “flatten-able”. Simply tie it up to construct a steady hexagon basket. It is easy to stow away when not in use, just untie the cords or ribbons to flatten and it won’t take up much storage space.

hexagon basket

Last weekend, hubby took out a huge box of last year’s CNY ornaments and decorations, including this, this, and this I made last year (click the links for tutorials and patterns). My son found his king crown – a large treat holder I sewed last year, I used it to put mandarin oranges. He refused to let me use it this year “This is MINE!!!!”, holding his crown behind his back while running away from me… he is being a classic “terrible 2” toddler… he wants to be in total control!!!!

Mandarin Oranges Basket

The Hexagon Basket is made of silk and satin for oriental tradition deco but it could be for any occasion with different color scheme and fabric. If you are not fancy about the oriental look of the hexagon Basket, just adapt the pattern to suit the occasion you are celebrating, for example, red/green for Christmas, orange/black for Halloween, white for a wedding, etc….


Hexagon Basket Sewing Pattern

Difficulty level: Basic
Time required: Approx 2 hours.

1. Silk, 15″ x 15″
2. Satin lining, 15″ x 15″
3. Thick cardboard (about 1mm thickness), 15″ x 15″
4. Batting (low loft), 15″ x 15″
5. Cords (72″) or ribbons (72″) or china knots & loops (6 pairs)
6. Rick racks (optional)

1. Sewing machine
2. Heavy sewing needle that can handle thick material
3. Scissors for fabric and cardboard
4. Drawing Compass
5. Pencil (sharpened)
6. Ruler
7. Right angle ruler
8. 3M Spray Adhesiveir?t=crafpass 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B00HSCNM4O or equivalent
9. Fabric glue or hot glue
10. Matching sewing thread
11. Pins

 flattenable hexagon basket drawing

Download the instruction on how to draw the hexagon cardboard. It is basically derived from 2 hexagons (4″ & 6″) with the same center point. For detail on how to draw a basic hexagon with a step-by-step photo, click here.
If you have a wide printer, you can simply double the size of the pdf document and print it out.

material to make basket

Cut cardboard by following the outer pink line of the drawing. Use cardboard as pattern reference, cut batting, cut silk and satin (with 3/4″ to 1″ seam allowance).
1. Cardboard
2. Silk
3. Sating lining
4. Batting
5. Cord

Basket with lining

Mark the cardboard outline on the wrong side of the satin lining & silk.
Trim off the diamond shapes (between the flaps) from the cardboard. To prevent the sharp edges from spoiling the dedicated satin, smooth out all corners by trimming them round.

3M spray adhesive

Spray adhesive on the batting and cardboard (follow the instruction on the can). It is sticky and tacky, so be careful when handling it.
Position the batting (with adhesive side down) on the wrong side of the silk. Due to the slipperiness of the silk material, align the corners and outline before press the batting to the silk by hand.
Repeat the same to cardboard and satin.
Glide your hand across the right side of the satin and silk to smooth out the adhesive and get rid of any bubbles captured within.

4 fold

Place some fabric glue near the edges of the cardboard flaps. Fold the seam allowance and stick to the cardboard and batting for both satin and silk.

5 silk

Secure the adhesion with pins on silk since it is a little difficult to set in place.

6 stack

Spray adhesive to the wrong side of the satin set. With the adhesive side down and the wrong side facing each other, position the satin on top of the silk set.

7 pin

Adjust the corners so that both layers are aligned. Pin it to secure.

8 cord

Cut cord or ribbon to 6″ length, 12 pieces. Insert the cord between the silk and satin with 1″ depth at the vertical edge of the cardboard. Repeat all 12 cords.

9 sew

Sew near edges around the basket to stitch up both layers.

10 top stitch 1

Topstitch around the cardboard. Note that the vertical lines are next to the cardboard and not on the cardboard.

chinese hexagon basket

Topstitch the smaller hexagon inside the basket, slowly to prevent needle breakage.
After finish sewing through the cardboard, the sewing machine’s needle is more or less damaged. Dispose of it correctly.

ric rac

Glue rick rack to the edges with fabric glue as optional decoration. Set aside to let it dry.

Flattenable basket

Bend the flaps and fold over to form the sides of the basket.
Tie the cords or ribbons to entrench it.
The Hexagon Basket is ready to be used.

Mandarin Oranges Basket


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