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Valentine Scrapbooking Display

February 8, 2013 /

washi tape heart valentine scrapbooking

I have some awesome washi tapes and tags from Downtown Tape lying on my desk, so I made a scrapbook project for this upcoming Valentine’s Day. It is so fun and colorful to work with washi tape, basically, this is a fail-proof project. Even kids can do this Valentine Scrapbooking Display for their parents 😉

valentine scrapbooking

Working with washi tape is easy, the tape is tacky and at the same time, it is adjustable. If you stick it in the wrong position, simply lift it up and stick again immediately. No trace of glue line left behind and it won’t hurt your paper as well. The colorful prints and patterns are great for decorations too.

valentine scrapbookinh display

With the template I have prepared for this project (in pdf format), just download it and print it on your plain card-stock and you are good to create a pretty pinkish Valentine’s Scrapbooking Display with the tutorial on next page.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine Scrapbooking Display

1. Shadow Box Photo Frame or any similar display board you like ( I bought mine from Ikea)
2. Valentine Printable artwork (in pdf format)
3. Card Stocks
4. Washi Tapes and tag (I got mine from Downtown Tape)
5. Stamps and ink pad
6. Jute string

1. Color printer
2. Scissors
3. Craft glue

materialGather all the materials and tools as listed above.
Download and print out the Valentine Printable artwork (in pdf format) I have prepared for you on plain white card stock.

stampsStamp the tag with Love & XOXO, or anything you prefer to symbolize Valentine. Set aside waiting to hang on the garland.

titleCut Out the “February 14th” from the printout.
Attach it on the photo frame card trim with washi tape.

backingCut a pink card stock and place it at the center of the card trim, as the background of the heart.

washi tape garland 1To make the washi flag garland:
Cut a short length, approx. 8″ long of jute string. Wrap washi tape around it, about 3/4″ each color.

washi tape garland 2Trim the torn edges of the washi tape to about 1/2″ length. If you want a longer flag garland, you can trim lesser.

washi tape garland 3Cut a V-shaped from the bottom center of the washi tape to make the flag.

washi tape garland 4Place the garland on the top left corner of the card, secure the jute string by taping the ends on the wrong side.

washi tape heart 1Tape the washi tape on the heart-shaped printout of the pattern. You can go any direction, horizontal, diagonal or vertical.

washi tape heart 2Cut out the hearts.

washi tape heart 3Glue the hearts on the bigger heart follow the picture or you can arrange the way you like.

washi tape bowTo make the washi bow:
1. Fold the washi tape 3 times.
2. Tie a knot
3. Pull it tightly
4. Trim off the extra length.

heart balloonTo make the heart balloon on the card trim: Glue a heart on the card trim, and glue a jute string at the bottom, then glue the washi bow on the jute string.

valentine scrapebookHang the love tag on the flag garland to complete the Valentine Scrapbooking display.
Hang it up on a wall as a photo frame, sit on the shelf as a Valentine display, or you can even use it to serve treat to your loved ones.
Happy Valentine’s Day!


valentine scrapbooking


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Robert Moore

Monday 11th of January 2021

Love it


Saturday 9th of February 2013

So cute ! Happy Valentine's day